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For this edition of Sample Sunday we have three excerpts of the next few BLP releases coming your way this week!

First-4/18-Breaking Dawn-C.Monet


Dawn Theron is a self-made woman with the confidence of a thousand women dwelling and flowing through her veins. Being the owner of the hottest strip club isn’t easy when you have men coming attempting to tarnish something they didn’t create. While running her business, she is also tasked with raising her son. She’s focused on getting everything she wanted. Love is around the corner waiting to knock on her door, but she doesn’t plan on answering. 

Andre Caine has his eyes set on Dawn’s business but isn’t prepared for the fight ahead. Walking in he thinks this will be an easy move until he meets Dawn face to face. She’s unfiltered and not afraid to let him know who’s the boss. He’s now tasked with keeping it strictly business or fighting a love like he’s never imagined. 

Both Dawn and Andre are unsure where this meeting will go but one thing for sure is he plans to break Dawn down either to love her or take her business. The choice is hers. Will Dawn let her guard down? Will Andre back off when he finally gets to know her?

This is the first part of the three-book series Love Under New Management. This will be a standalone series.


“Thank you for meeting with me. I’m Andre, but the streets call me Caine. Me and my partner here have a proposition,” I started. Her eyes rolled, and I knew this was continuing down the wrong path. She wasn’t relaxing or dropping the front.   

 “What can you offer me that I can’t get for myself? I know you see what I have going on and I don’t need the likes of you propositioning me for shit.”

 “Investment, new customers and protection of course.”

 She began to laugh and look to her friend who was too busy filing her nails as if she wasn’t a part of this meeting. I looked at Dooney and he shrugged. Neither of us could understand what was taking place before us. The second girl didn’t look like she had an attitude, not like Dawn. But it was clear that behind the eye glasses she was not for the bullshit either. 

 “Do I look dumb?” she asked, now sitting behind the desk. Following suit, I took a seat and leaned back.  She thought she was tough, but I knew deep down inside this was all her baby daddy’s doing. He owed me a favor and she was going to honor it whether she agreed or not. 

“Not at all, but I think we could help each other. You got a nice ass place and I want in. I think it would be smart for you to consider.”

“First of all, I respect honesty and cutting to the chase. So let’s do that, you want to wash your money here or shake me down, let’s be real. But let me say this before you continue, Andre. There is absolutely nothing you can do for me. I’m already what you want to be. A nigga will never be able to own me or call the shoots for me.”

“See, you catch on quick, but you are wrong. You are nowhere near where I am. If you were me there would be no way a nigga like me would be able to walk in here and step. Tighten up.”


 “No?” I repeated coming a little closer to the desk.

 “I didn’t stutter, stammer or miss a beat. The answer is NO. You can wash your money every time you come in and make it rain on my girls. I don’t do illegal dealings. And as far as you coming in my shit, it’s nothing. You nor anybody else in this city put fear in my heart. My heart rate hasn’t changed one bit since you walked in. Wanna check?” 

I smiled because I liked her a lot. It was too soon to say I was in love but shit she was a woman after my heart talking like that.  Having someone like her on my team would shake shit up and be beneficial. If only she could tone it down and let me mold her she would be an even better boss than what she was now. I could change her life in the best of ways. 

Second-4/19-Anything and Everything For Love-Monica Walters


Sometimes, life isn’t fair due to no fault of your own. Keonshay Collins knows that feeling all too well. Being the second born child of eight, she knows that she doesn’t have to experience failure to learn a lesson. Her mother continuously shovels her responsibilities of child rearing onto Keonshay, despite the fact that she’s only a twenty year old college student. Learning to navigate through those difficulties, Keonshay has taken the responsibility to raise her younger siblings, teaching them how to be respectable and responsible. Just when things begin to really fall apart, Keonshay is approached by her crush, who leaves her reeling with emotion. As Kace tries to come on strong, she continues to pull away, embarrassed about her current struggles.

Some people seem to have it all. That is the perception people got when they looked at Kace Moses. He’s good-looking, smart, wealthy, and can shimmy like no other at the Kappa step shows. Following his parents’ guidance has been engrained in him. He knows what he wants out of life but hasn’t quite found who he wanted to be the love of it, until he sees Keonshay. Observing her for months, he decides to approach her. That same day he realizes that he has taken on a lot, but his heart refuses to let him move on without her.

Through life’s challenges, Keon and Kace struggle to conquer every obstacle thrown their way. While in their hearts they feel they would do any and everything for love, will there ever come a time when enough is enough? Will they have the strength to hold on to their destinies or will the love and preservation of others in their lives pull them apart?


As if reading my thoughts, he backed under the water and rinsed himself. Watching that water cascade down all that body had me feeling more lust than I had in a long time. I was ready for him to teach me things I didn’t even know I needed to learn. He got out the shower, then helped me out and wrapped me in a towel while he shook his head.

“What’s wrong, Kace?”

“I didn’t wanna cover that body up. Shit.”

“Well, I’ll hurry.”

He smirked, then dried himself off and headed to the bed. Once I finished, I joined him. He was standing next to the bed with the covers pulled back. “Do you have some lotion in your purse?”


I dug through it, then handed him the small bottle. “Lay down, Keon.”

Oh, this was gonna do me in. I kissed his lips, then did as he requested. He squirted lotion in his hands then rubbed his hands together as he licked those thick lips. When his hands touched my feet and legs, the moisture between my legs multiplied itself times ten. Kace had me turn over to my stomach and the way he kneaded my thighs then my ass made me wanna just say stop, let’s get to it. After rubbing my back and shoulders, he went back to my ass. I moaned as I enjoyed the sensuality of it, until I felt his face there. The sharp intake of air nearly choked me.

Third-4/20-Breathless Surrender-India Norfleet


With no other feeling as exciting as that first soul shaking thrust, the act deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. Allow your body to unwind, relax and completely wallow in the gloriously sweet collision of deep strokes and breathless surrender until you can no longer deny the delectable sexual stirring within you that refuses to let you do anything but succumb to elation so great, your mind won’t be able to register anything else. Breathless Surrender will force you to give in to all those tongue loving freaky, hidden desires and naughty guilty pleasures, both of the orally lickable and penetrating varies. The succulent words weaved between this kinky treasure will screw with your mind so hard and deep, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever managed to live life without it.


Mind Fucking

My full lips softened under his.

The gentle persuasion of his kisses had our thighs and hips meeting so much I lost track of how many times our bodies intertwined.

It was damn potent being in his arms.

He took bold possession of me always.

The potential of orgasmic outbursts were endless and seductive heat and lust induced aromas tempted us.

His handsome ass poured sweet nothings upon me and made me want to hand wrap my p*y and deliver it to him for dinner.

He couldn’t get enough of him palming my ass in public.

Sex always began between us long before we ever entered the bedroom.

He’d been mind fucking me for days.

I could still feel his d*k print on my frontal lobe.

I can still taste it as he eased between my lips.


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