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Tomorrow C. Monet returns with Breaking Dawn, book one of her new series Love Under New Management and we have one more sneak peek to share with you!



Dawn Theron is a self-made woman with the confidence of a thousand women dwelling and flowing through her veins. Being the owner of the hottest strip club isn’t easy when you have men coming attempting to tarnish something they didn’t create. While running her business, she is also tasked with raising her son. She’s focused on getting everything she wanted. Love is around the corner waiting to knock on her door, but she doesn’t plan on answering. 

Andre Caine has his eyes set on Dawn’s business but isn’t prepared for the fight ahead. Walking in he thinks this will be an easy move until he meets Dawn face to face. She’s unfiltered and not afraid to let him know who’s the boss. He’s now tasked with keeping it strictly business or fighting a love like he’s never imagined. 

Both Dawn and Andre are unsure where this meeting will go but one thing for sure is he plans to break Dawn down either to love her or take her business. The choice is hers. Will Dawn let her guard down? Will Andre back off when he finally gets to know her?

This is the first part of the three-book series Love Under New Management. This will be a standalone series.


What’s wrong? I can see it in your face.”

Rubbing my head again and I decided it was best to be honest with her. Whatever she came with I would deal with because I deserved it. Khia should have never ever been brought to my real home. A home that I purchased and didn’t have any plans on leaving.

“Khia at the house acting and shit,” I admitted. Seeing her fall back in laughter irritated me more. There wasn’t a damn thing funny about what I said. Her and Ry with all the laughs and jokes wasn’t cool. My head was starting to hurt thinking of how I could have handled this better. Khia thought this was about Dawn but it was on the way before. She just refused to see her own fault in this.

“Ooo, he said a cuss word.”

“My bad, little man,” I replied ruffling his head. Moochie was something else and I was already enjoying being in both him and his mother’s company. Watching him play put so much in perspective for me. This was the beautiful cycle of life and I couldn’t wait for my own transformation into fatherhood.

“Don’t pay him any mind or her. Do you need to go handle that?”

“Ry said she got it, but I know this is just the beginning of the crazy mess. What’s fucking with me is that I thought I handled it the only way to handle it. I told her the truth. How does the truth backfire?”

“Andre, you need to face this head on. Your truth isn’t going to be her truth. Admit your faults and handle it before the crazy mess continues. Because you shouldn’t have been messing with them Waffle House hoes and cheap ass freaks, to begin with,” she joked.

“Ain’t nothing wrong with the freaky freaks,” I replied.

“For real, if you need to leave we can link up some other time.”

“I just got your attention and I will not lose it. Let’s just pray she doesn’t Left Eye my shit. Moochie, go play so I can talk to your momma.”

As Moochie ran off I turned to look at a vibrant Dawn. The sun did her miracles every time it landed on her soft face. Being around her felt safe and sure. She was transforming me into a better version of myself. For so long I created this persona, moving with scattered pieces and giving only what I felt was necessary. She wasn’t having it and it was motivating. Dawn was requiring pieces and parts of me I only hoped would be used.

“Dawn, I know I’ve said it before, but I want to remind you that I’m really feeling you. We been kicking it and it’s been cool, but I think we should think of more. Like a title. What do you say?”

“As much as I wished this wasn’t happening, I have to admit that I’ve been thinking the same thing. You are funny, present, and open, it would be crazy to say no to you. You’ve been nothing but persistent. But Andre, I ain’t Khia and I won’t play so nice with my heart being fucked with. Understood?”

“You don’t have anything to worry about and I know I can’t just say that, but I am fully prepared to show you that this heart is only searching for more of yours,” I explained. Watching her smile reach the heavens caused mine to match hers. The smile plastered on her face would cause her back teeth to ache if I kept it up. That’s exactly what I wanted.


Hope you’re ready to 1-click tomorrow!



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