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Tomorrow Monica Walters returns with her new book Anything and Everything For Love and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



Sometimes, life isn’t fair due to no fault of your own. Keonshay Collins knows that feeling all too well. Being the second born child of eight, she knows that she doesn’t have to experience failure to learn a lesson. Her mother continuously shovels her responsibilities of child rearing onto Keonshay, despite the fact that she’s only a twenty year old college student. Learning to navigate through those difficulties, Keonshay has taken the responsibility to raise her younger siblings, teaching them how to be respectable and responsible. Just when things begin to really fall apart, Keonshay is approached by her crush, who leaves her reeling with emotion. As Kace tries to come on strong, she continues to pull away, embarrassed about her current struggles.

Some people seem to have it all. That is the perception people got when they looked at Kace Moses. He’s good-looking, smart, wealthy, and can shimmy like no other at the Kappa step shows. Following his parents’ guidance has been engrained in him. He knows what he wants out of life but hasn’t quite found who he wanted to be the love of it, until he sees Keonshay. Observing her for months, he decides to approach her. That same day he realizes that he has taken on a lot, but his heart refuses to let him move on without her.

Through life’s challenges, Keon and Kace struggle to conquer every obstacle thrown their way. While in their hearts they feel they would do any and everything for love, will there ever come a time when enough is enough? Will they have the strength to hold on to their destinies or will the love and preservation of others in their lives pull them apart?


She pulled her hand from mine and walked away. Fuck! I only told her because I knew Yamisse was a loud mouth and would probably end up telling her that she told me. I watched her for a moment, then ran to catch up with her. She had tears in her eyes. “Keon.”

She nearly jumped out of her skin. I guess she wasn’t expecting me to run after her. At least she stopped walking. I grabbed her hand and tried to let her see the sincerity in my eyes. “Please. Give me a chance. Let me spend time with you after your class.”

She looked at her feet. “I have to get home.”

“Well, let me bring you home.”


Damn. “Can I at least have your number?”

She handed me her phone and said, “Call yourself.”

I smiled, then looked down at her phone to see four little girls on the background. I called myself and let it go to voicemail, while she watched me with a slight frown. “Yo Kace, this Keon’s number. Don’t fuck it up.”

I ended the call as she tried to stifle a giggle. “I can’t believe you just left yourself a voicemail.”

“Can I walk you to class? You have over thirty minutes to get there.”

“Yeah,” she responded as she blushed.

I grabbed her hand and went back inside to get my backpack. One of my frat brothers saw me and said, “What’s up, frat? That’s you?” he asked, referring to Keon.

“This is Keon. Keon this is Flynn.”

He extended his hand and smiled at her. She hesitantly shook his hand, then said, “Yeah, I’m for him.”

I smiled. I knew she only said that to let Flynn know she was off limits. He was looking her over and I was about to put him in his place until she said that. He nodded his head, then shook my hand. “Holla at’chu later, bruh.”

I grabbed her hand again. “So, you for me?”

“Not really, but I damn sho’ ain’t for him or anybody else around this campus.”


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