Hey, reader!

Tomorrow India Norfleet returns with Breathless Surrender and we have one more sneak peek to share with you!



With no other feeling as exciting as that first soul shaking thrust, the act deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. Allow your body to unwind, relax and completely wallow in the gloriously sweet collision of deep strokes and breathless surrender until you can no longer deny the delectable sexual stirring within you that refuses to let you do anything but succumb to elation so great, your mind won’t be able to register anything else. Breathless Surrender will force you to give in to all those tongue loving freaky, hidden desires and naughty guilty pleasures, both of the orally lickable and penetrating varies. The succulent words weaved between this kinky treasure will screw with your mind so hard and deep, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever managed to live life without it.


Dive In

The passion we carried between us was uncontrollable and unrelentingly tasty.

His hugs rushed physical lightning bolt c*t bursting vibrations through me.

The long, slow grind of his d*k trapped me in a permanent state of horniness.

He pounded my p*y so fucking deep ripples of pleasure tickled my c*t and teased my wetness.

The effect he had on my body scared and enraptured me.

He knew more about what made me cum more than every man before him plus myself.

He uplifts me and he fucks me midair often.

I shamelessly spread myself open for him.

He grins and licks his lips as he dives in.


So hope you’re ready to 1-click and dive in tomorrow!




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