Hey, beauty!

Tomorrow Aliada Duncan returns with Gumbo: Potent Poetry and Parables and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



Gumbo: Potent Poetry And Parables invites you into a world of words rippled with poetic passion. Thought provoking and riveting, your reader senses will tingle and come alive with this potent page turner. Tapping into ethereal emotions one word at a time, this collection of poetry is seasoned with the right ingredients. Your mental taste buds will sizzle with these poems and parables. Uncompromised and unusual; spirituality, relationships, erotica, identity, history and stories are bonded together in this body of written artistry. This is a divine manuscript for the mystic mind. A recipe that’s filled with tantalizing twists and tales, you’ll feel this supernatural sensation on the tip of your tongue.


Witches Brew

Palo Santos—Sage


Florida mmiri—Holy mmiri



Hyssop and Cedar

Pyrite, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuu and Moonstones

Dirty hands for my spiritual work

Never alone, the spirits are home

I work my fingers to the bone

Ashes to ashes—

Dust to dust

I demand, I declare

Fire, water, earth, air

The broom—the bell

Closed my eyes—drew my spell

Then, with a smile, the devil said—

“Bitch, you still going to hell.”


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