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First…Happy Easter! Hope everyone enjoyed or still is enjoying their time with family and friends!

Being that it is Sunday we have three samples of the next set of releases coming your way!

First-4/25-Fight or Flight: A Twisted Love Story-Lashae Latimore



All Paris has ever wanted is to be loved unconditionally.

Her young years spent in foster care, she’s spent more years than she cares to remember fighting just to survive. Her tenacity pushed her to pursue a different life for herself and her young son, but the long hours spent caring for others as a nurse has begun to take a toll on her.

After a particularly long night, she falls asleep behind the wheel, causing a devastating collision and a young woman is left clinging to life. Fearful of what the consequences could mean for her child, Paris flees the scene, only to discover that the accident wasn’t the worst-case scenario.

Now she’s at the center of a moral dilemma that will test her sense of destiny, her willingness to come clean, and in an unexpected twist, test her heart. Has Paris’ quest for a life filled with love and compassion turned into her worst nightmare, or has fate set her up to find love in the most unexpected place?


Cain and T. Kay were standing a few feet away, but I could still hear the things that were being said.

“Yo, I don’t know you, my dude. I’m sure you mean well, but I could give a fuck about what you talking right now. This is between me and Paris. So, you might as well walk yo’ ass back over to your car.”

Cain was still collected when he responded. “See, that’s where you’re wrong. I told you that Paris is a friend of mine, so imagine how I feel pulling up and seeing you screaming. People evolve, times change, and relationships end…but one thing that is for sure is that I always bet on you. You will always be the prototype. You waiving your fingers like a bitch. You disrespecting my friends, so you’re disrespecting me and that means it’s between all of us now, fam.”

Cain was now smiling. T. Kay damn near jumped out his skin.

“Fuck you say to me, nigga? I don’t know what the fuck you think this is…”

“I think this is a dead conversation. I’m going to walk over there and check on my friend, and you’re gonna take your temper and be on your way. That way, you can avoid pissin’ me off.” Cain’s smile faded as he said his last sentence

“Oh! I see what this is! You fuckin this motherfucka? This is the freak of the week paying your bills now? You got yourself some tough dick and now you’re tough?”

Cain continued walking away from T. Kay without acknowledging his hateful rant but T. Kay was known to pluck a nerve or two. Then he started to walk up behind Cain.

Second-4/26-The Muse Next Door-Shenaé Hailey



Audre Lorde Berry found inspiration in everything and everyone. Always carrying her poetry book, diary, and camera, Audre challenged herself to find the beauty of one thing daily. When her new neighbor moves in… she’s sure the God of Creativity has smiled down on her.

Everything about Qasim Houston screams at Audre’s creativity. From his handsome face to his perfectly chiseled frame, Audre is sure Qasim is the perfect muse. She finds herself painting him, photographing him, even dreaming about him. But what happens when the perfect muse of her dreams becomes a nightmare?


It was hard — loving a man that the world had deemed unlovable. There was no question about it; I’d become the protector of his heart. The maintainer of his peace. But as I stared into the barrel of his gun, I couldn’t help but question… who the f*k was going to come and rescue me?

One month and one week earlier…

He was talking so much he hadn’t even realized I stopped listening. But that’s how my Uncle Bart was. Once he started talking about something he was passionate about it was hard to shut him up, and I couldn’t think of anything he was more passionate about than his brother, my father, Nate Berry. Their bond was one I’d both admired and envied as an only child until my father was murdered. But I guess even in his death he was still with my uncle. Still with us all.

“Okay, Uncle Bart. I need to tend to my flowers now,” I repeated yet again, hoping this time he’d listen to me.

“You say what now?”

With a smile, I put my water pot next to my bed of mixed flowers. The roses, sunflowers, and purple lilies had become my pride and joy this year.

“I said I need to tend to my flowers, Uncle Bart. I’ll call you later, okay?”

“No you won’t, but that’s okay. I’ll see you Sunday for dinner.”

“Yes, sir.”

“From the ocean…”

That always made me a little teary eyed. My father and I would say we loved each other from the sun to the moon. I’d missed him so much one day I ended up going to get a tattoo of the sun, moon, and stars that covered my entire back. Now, my uncle told me he loved me from the moon and I would always reply with…

“To the desert.”

It wasn’t the same as my father’s love, but his gesture and unconditional love reminded me on a daily basis that even though my father was gone, I wasn’t alone.

I disconnected the call and looked down at my flowers, deciding to take a few pictures of them before I watered them. Truthfully they didn’t need much water, I was just using that as an excuse to get off the phone.

My camera was already wrapped around my neck, so I tucked my phone into my pocket and lifted the strap from around me. As I snapped my pictures, I found myself becoming more and more relaxed and at peace. I know the saying… men are stimulated by what they see and women are stimulated by what they hear… but I was for sure stimulated by things that were visually pleasing.

I enjoyed finding beauty in all things.

And people.

My roaming eye has been the source of quite a few issues in past relationships. While I’ve never been a cheater, I do have a habit of window shopping. You know, looking at men that I have absolutely no intentions of ever talking to or being with. But what can I say? If I see a beautiful man I have to admire him. I’m the same way with women, which is why I couldn’t understand why…

Honk! Honk! Hooonnnk!

Shifting my gaze towards the sound of the intrusively loud horn, my eyes squinted at the sight of the moving truck. Since no one lived at the house next to mine, I parked my pickup truck in the driveway. I started to take my time walking over to the truck since they wanted to be an asshole resting on their horn, but I walked over at my usual pace anyway.

The driver waited until I was at the door to ask, “You know whose truck this is?”

I looked from his half bald sweaty head to his beet red cheeks. It was hot outside and his air clearly wasn’t working. I didn’t blame him for being a little irritable, but that still didn’t stop me from saying…

“Hello, how are you?”

It took him a second to catch on, but he did eventually.

“I’m hot and ready to drop off this load. How are you?”

“I’m fine, thank you. Give me a second to grab my keys and I’ll move my truck.”

“That’s your truck?” He asked the back of me as I walked away.

“Yep,” I tossed over my shoulder with a small smile.

I made my way through my bright green grass and into my home. Normally I’d take the time to appreciate the little things about my decor that I loved, but I headed straight for the kitchen this time. After grabbing the key to the truck, I snagged a few paper cups and the pitcher of lemonade I’d made out of the refrigerator.

Back outside, I headed back next door, stopping at the sight of the chocolate treat that had parked behind the moving truck and was standing next to it. I watched as he smiled, bobbing his head up and down at whatever the man in the drivers seat was saying. Baldy said something about me and pointed my way, causing the chocolate cutie to look in my direction. The moment his eyes settled on mine my entire body locked. There was no way in hell I’d survive him being my new next door neighbor.

Third-4/27-Love Knockout-Aubreé Pynn



Give me your heart so I can take it.

I will never give it back. I will never give it back.

Roman is facing his mistake head first. Wren has to be his.

With family issues stirring, Roman takes a hard look in the mirror and examines his flaws. He is hell bent on getting back in Wren’s good graces and reclaiming his spot in her heart. But first, he must revisit the place where he first became a man to understand the next step of his journey.

Wren is learning how to be alone but her heart won’t let go of the imprint Roman left behind. Leaning on her girls and her family, Wren learns an important lesson in forgiving everyone involved in breaking her heart, including Roman.

Will Roman manage to fight his way back into Wren’s heart round after round or will it be a love knockout before the bell for the twelfth round can ring?


Wren Franklin

Wren stood in the middle of Kwame’s guest bedroom and sighed to herself after tucking her hair behind her ears. There was a reason she avoided Roman like the plaque. She wasn’t fully over him. He’d find every chance he had to bombard her with reasons why they needed to be together or statements she knew he would later flake on. All in all, she was tired. She wanted something new to distract her from that old thing.

Roman may have had her heart but his lease was up, and it was time to give it back.

A soft knock on the door prompted her to wipe her tears and straighten up her demeanor.

Brielle stepped in and smiled. “Are you okay?”

Wren forced a smile and laughed her encounter with Roman off as if it were nothing and he was nothing to her. “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? It’s just beer, the cleaners can get it out.”

“Wren,” Brielle hummed looking over her. “You know if you don’t deal with this now, you’re evidently going to break.”

“What is there to deal with, Bri? It’s done. There isn’t any going back. I’m moving forward. If I don’t then I’m stuck.”


“But nothing, Roman had his time. Times up. Wren needs love too, and she’s going to get it.”


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