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Tomorrow Lashae Latimore makes her BLP debut with Fight or Flight: A Twisted Love Story and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



All Paris has ever wanted is to be loved unconditionally. Her young years spent in foster care, she’s spent more years than she cares to remember fighting just to survive. Her tenacity pushed her to pursue a different life for herself and her young son, but the long hours spent caring for others as a nurse has begun to take a toll on her.

After a particularly long night, she falls asleep behind the wheel, causing a devastating collision and a young woman is left clinging to life. Fearful of what the consequences could mean for her child, Paris flees the scene, only to discover that the accident wasn’t the worst-case scenario.

Now she’s at the center of a moral dilemma that will test her sense of destiny, her willingness to come clean, and in an unexpected twist, test her heart. Has Paris’ quest for a life filled with love and compassion turned into her worst nightmare, or has fate set her up to find love in the most unexpected place?


“That’s what a woman should do for a man. Fuck all the cooking and cleaning shit. Bearing my children is a plus, but before all of that…a man should be able to look to his woman to be a muse. To be an inspiration.”

Cain took his thirty second pause and made sure that I could see his face and hear him loud and clear. He laid his words out carefully and spoke slowly while he annunciated every syllable.

“You make me want to be better…the best me that I can be.”

In almost one sweeping motion, Cain put the car in drive and pulled off toward my house. When we arrived in front of my townhome, he placed the car in park, unbuckled his seat belt, and stepped out in the rain. Swiftly, he maneuvered through the rain and made his way around to my door. He opened my car door, unbuckled my seat belt, and taking my hand in his, he pulled me from the car, grabbed my waist and pulled it toward his. Pressing his body tightly against mine Cain gazed at me for an eternity.

Not caring about the rain, or the fact that he was now soaking wet with rain drops pouring from the tip of his nose and my hair, that once lay neatly down my back, was now a huge afro, Cain fixed his lips and kissed me so deep and so long the only option I had left was to return the favor. I wrapped my arms around his neck and submitted to the feelings that I had been trying to contain.

Cain’s lips were so soft, but the energy between us was intense, and as his juicy lips did their work, the throbbing that I was now accustomed to went into overdrive. I could feel things changing down below. I was used to being turned on, and this certainly was not my first kiss, but there was something connected to this feeling. There was a feeling of security. I felt safe within Cain’s embrace, like I was supposed to be there. Like I just… fit.

After a few minutes, Cain pulled his lips from mine and gazed into my eyes. The bulge in his pants was unavoidable and so was the look in his eyes.

“Can I come inside?” Cain asked, his voice was lowered to almost a whisper.


Hope you’re ready to 1-click this beautiful story tomorrow!



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