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Tomorrow Aubreé Pynn returns with Love Knockout, book 2 of Love, The Series and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



Give me your heart so I can take it.
I will never give it back. I will never give it back.

Roman is facing his mistake head first. Wren has to be his.

With family issues stirring, Roman takes a hard look in the mirror and examines his flaws. He is hell bent on getting back in Wren’s good graces and reclaiming his spot in her heart. But first, he must revisit the place where he first became a man to understand the next step of his journey.

Wren is learning how to be alone but her heart won’t let go of the imprint Roman left behind. Leaning on her girls and her family, Wren learns an important lesson in forgiving everyone involved in breaking her heart, including Roman.

Will Roman manage to fight his way back into Wren’s heart round after round or will it be a love knockout before the bell for the twelfth round can ring?


Roman Daniels

It didn’t matter what he was here to say to her, she wasn’t going to hear any of it. In fact, she started gathering her things as quickly as she could. “Wren.”

“If you aren’t here to by this five-million-dollar house then there is absolutely nothing that we need to talk about.” Her statement was final. She threw her bag over her shoulder and glared at him with her hand on her hip.

“I mean I could. It’s dope.”

“Then cut me a check and get the hell out my face.”

“Is that how you talk to your potential client?” Roman teased but Wren was unresponsive to it. She tried as hard as she could to play dead, dumb, deaf and mute to him. Roman would come back in like a wrecking ball and she didn’t want to feel the pain of losing him again.

“Only that you’re not. A potential pain in my ass yes, client? No. I can’t lock up until you leave so please go.”

Before Roman could walk away, Wren had answered a phone call and strolled out the house waiting for him to leave. What Wren didn’t know was that he had nothing but time and opportunity to get what he wanted back.  She was going to be his again for real, she just didn’t know that. Wren could fight as much as she wanted, she would see.

For the time being Roman backed off and walked to his car. Walking past her, he smirked a devilish smirk that made Wren’s eye twitch. The seed was planted. She would think about him more than she was already.


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