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Can you believe that May is next week?! I’m shocked too, BUT excited because BLP is starting May off right! There are quite a few releases coming your way over the next few weeks and here’s a sweet first look into the next two.

First-5/1-If Only For A Little While-S. Reverifonlyforalittlewhile.jpeg


In this untraditional story of love and the search for freedom, you will meet two sets of friends that learn the true lesson of, “You don’t realize you’re missing something until it hits you.”

Blair is your typical sweetheart. She loves hard and fights harder when she finds her boyfriend of two years in a compromising position. Blair doesn’t know what to do to pick up the pieces of her now shattered love life. With a girls’ trip on the horizon, her best friend Blake makes her promise to not focus on the past but to embrace the present. Little did Blake know, but she would be forced to take her own advice when she encounters the crazy yet charming Langston.

On a trip to take his mind off his failed relationship and unfortunate reality, Kofi had no intentions of getting close to someone new. That was until he met the beauty in the yellow dress. Little did he know she was the key he needed to heal and be set free from his past.

Take this journey with these four strangers as they take a chance on each other and gain a sense of peace and freedom that they’ve never had.


“Sis, I just want you to know I got your back through whatever.” Blake grabbed my hand and looked down at me.

“I know, and you know I got yours.”

“Good because the way Cris left out of here and the way he was raised as a bitch, the cops might come looking.”

My head popped off her shoulder and turned towards her. She had this nonchalant look on her face like what she said wasn’t crazy as hell. I started to ask her what she did, but the less I knew the better. Shaking my head at her, I got off the floor and headed towards my closet. Pulling my suitcase that was half packed out, I tossed it on the bed.

Turning back to look at Blake, she had her phone in her hands. When she looked up and smiled, I knew we were on the same page. Forget leaving tomorrow night like I planned, I needed to get out now.  Plus, going to Miami early wouldn’t hurt us.

“Our flight leaves in two hours.”

Second-5/6-Let Love Come Through-C.Monetletlovecomethrough


“Can I admit I’ve always found love useless?”

The force of one door closing can cause others to shut and never be opened again. That’s Toni Angelo’s story and she’s staying true to it. At the tender age of sixteen, Toni forms the conclusion that love is useless, irresponsible, and meaningless. That door has closed and if it’s not about money, she’s deemed it unimportant, a joke.

Eskovan Bayer is the exact opposite. He’s running head first towards love with open arms. Growing up with an abusive father and absent mother, love wasn’t in the air, and for that reason he craves it and will do anything to have his own piece of what love has to offer. Even if that means he has to chase it.

Esko and Toni may have a lot of things in common but their view of love isn’t one of them. Toni will run and Esko will chase, but will love finally come through? Find out in book 2 of the love under new management series!


Laughing to myself, Andre and Dawn took off to the bathroom. Attempting to sit silently was stressing me out. “So now you against relationships and love?” I asked with attitude attached to each word

“Toni don’t start your bullshit with me. I’m against it because I understand that birds of a feather flock together and I don’t want my boy hurt. I can only imagine that bone em and bail is the motto.”

“Did you just call me a hoe?” I asked ready to fight.

“You said it not me,” he responded as I stood to my feet. He stood to his and across the table we engaged in a war of words. I was hurt and baffled by his response and once again my emotions were on display. 

“Wow, I won’t apologize for my honesty or for doing what I want with my body. When you push out a baby, become a woman or have your heart broken by a man then you can tell me how to move. Until then stand the fuck down and enjoy the bone.” 

“Believe me I tried to stand down, but you are like a poisonous vine that stays on the skin no matter how many times you wash it. Maybe I’m wrong for thinking that means something. Maybe it’s foolish of me to want to be wrapped in and a part of the vine no matter what could happen. And I won’t apologize for that. You got me fucked up talking to me like I’m some pet.”

“Esko, you said you understood, and I believed you. Now you expect me to just change who I am for you. So you can have what you want until you don’t want it anymore. I’ve been through that before and I won’t go through it again,” I fussed on the verge of a breakdown. We were getting deep and there was still deeper levels to get to. He had no clue what my life looked like and why I wasn’t for this.


Make sure you stay tuned for more sneak peeks!



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