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Tomorrow S. Rever returns with If Only For A Little While and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



In this untraditional story of love and the search for freedom, you will meet two sets of friends that learn the true lesson of, “You don’t realize you’re missing something until it hits you.”

Blair is your typical sweetheart. She loves hard and fights harder when she finds her boyfriend of two years in a compromising position. Blair doesn’t know what to do to pick up the pieces of her now shattered love life. With a girls’ trip on the horizon, her best friend Blake makes her promise to not focus on the past but to embrace the present. Little did Blake know, but she would be forced to take her own advice when she encounters the crazy yet charming Langston.

On a trip to take his mind off his failed relationship and unfortunate reality, Kofi had no intentions of getting close to someone new. That was until he met the beauty in the yellow dress. Little did he know she was the key he needed to heal and be set free from his past.

Take this journey with these four strangers as they take a chance on each other and gain a sense of peace and freedom that they’ve never had.


With my hand wrapped around her arm, I closed my eyes as I tried to calm down before I did something crazy. After my sixth time counting from ten I realized that shit wasn’t working. Letting Blake’s arm go, I searched all my cabinets for the biggest bowl I could find. I started to fill it with hot water but then I thought about it, I don’t look good in orange so I went with the alternative.

Filling the bowl up with water and ice I picked it up off the counter and headed upstairs. Kicking the door to the room open, I chucked the contents plus the bowl at them. They both screamed and jumped up gasping for air. I just stared at them trying not to let the hurt reflect on my face.

Never did I expect for my boyfriend of two years to do me like this and with my best friend at that. What makes it worse was the fact that Cris was…….


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