Hey, beloved! Tomorrow’s release is, A Love So Soft by Chelsea Maria! Here’s one final sneak peek before it goes live!


“Are you done pouting?”

He had some nerve to ask me that when he’s been the one giving me one sentence responses. Barely touches my booty when I rub up against him in the middle of the night. Only thing he does is fix my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The powerful force called Roman made me hazy. I closed my eyes several times, and each whiff of him became stronger than the last. Why did he have to smell so good? So intoxicating?

Is that it? Were we too toxic for each other?

Nah. I refused to believe that.

We were the perfect mixture of sweet and spice.

A love so soft that it brought out our spice.

“He actually spoke more than two words. Pigs must be flying,” I sassed refusing to give in to his magnetic pull.

If I turned my head and locked eyes, I’d melt on the floor. Ridiculous how much he made me pine.

His burly chuckle bounced from wall to wall including the walls in my southern region. “Blame yourself.”

That’s the thing. I blamed myself all day and every day. My dreams all together had stopped, which was a first. Couldn’t tell you what I dreamed of because by morning they were a nonexistent memory. Hurting him caused a plethora of events that weren’t in my favor.

Standing from my stool, I finally got the courage to look him in the eye, and boy was he full of shit. He could get flip at the mouth all he wanted, but the eyes never lie. His eyes never lied about how he felt.

That fire burning behind his dark orbs flamed so hotly that it could burn down the entire house. He wanted me just as bad as I wanted him. Today, we were going to burn that ugly heffa named pride and take back what was ours.

“Have a seat.” I pointed to my stool. His bushy brow raised, and his lips pursed together. “Roman, please, have a seat.” This time I made sure to ask in that special voice that got me anything I wanted.

When he pushed off the doorframe, I did a little shimmy on the inside. I still had that special sauce to get his behind moving.

“Drop the pants please.” Oh, yes. I was serious. Not like it made a difference anyway. He wore nothing but grey sweatpants that hung low on his narrow hips. That profound V-cut made my mouth water.

Cool it, Peach. You’ll have enough time to drink from his hose and quench your thirst.

In two seconds flat he stood in front of me naked as the day he was born. Well, I’m sure that left leg hadn’t reached its full length back then, but I surely appreciated his season of puberty.

“You already know how I feel about being the only one in clothes, Georgia.” Why did he have to speak with such hostility? Was he really that mad at me?

Who cares? I had bigger and thicker problems to worry about.


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Love, the authors of BLP!



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Tomorrow S. Rêver returns to close out #BLPMayMadness with Love and War, and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!

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Somebody said everyday was gon’ be sunny skies -Tamar

When Brian first laid eyes on Ayesha he knew that day that she would be his wife. On their wedding day she surprised him with the best news every man wants to hear, but what happens when things beyond our control takes over leaving lives in shambles?

Ayesha was always a strong black queen that took whatever life threw at her, never once breaking her stride, but with back to back tragedies she’s left a shell of herself wondering why God wanted to punish her. Like every marriage, there comes good times and bad times, but what happens when the bad seems to outweigh the good?

Take this journey of Love and War with this couple and find out if what they have is worth fighting for or will the pain and hurt cause them to fall apart.


I could really go for some ice cream right now, oh no an icee.
Rolling over to my side I opened my eyes and saw that it was going on midnight. For some odd reason my body has its own alarm clock always going off at the same time begging me to feed it whatever weird ass craving I had.

I was going on five months pregnant and they got crazier by the day, but no matter what it always revolved around ice cream. Just yesterday I had a pickle and ice cream. Brian looked at me like I was crazy the entire time too.

Tapping Brian trying to get him to wake up, I laid on my side and stared at him until his left eye popped open. Flashing him a smile he rolled over on his other side and pulled the blanket over his head. Scooting closer I rolled over and wrapped my arm around his waist.

“Babe, wake up,” I placed gentle kisses along his back and up his neck. “Babe.”

I felt his body rise and fall before he rolled over onto his back. Wrapping his arm around my body he pulled me into him, kissed my forehead, took a deep breath and drifted back off to sleep.

I couldn’t even be mad at Brian, he had a long day at work. He literally came home, ate, took a shower, and now he’s in the bed knocked out counting sheep.

Knowing Brian normally keeps the fridge stocked with my ever changing cravings I climbed out of bed and headed downstairs. Looking through the freezer I came up empty handed for my Italian ice, but I was lucky enough to find my caramel cone ice cream. Not bothering to grab a bowl I picked up a spoon from the drying rack and made myself comfortable on the couch.

Wrapped up in the fleece blanket my mom bought me I got comfortable. Flipping through Hulu I decided to be weird and watch Law and Order SVU, but I started it from season one. I was so into the t.v. I hadn’t realized I ate the entire pint of ice cream until I was scraping the bottom and putting an empty spoon up to my mouth.

Shaking my head I laughed at my hungry ass, put the container on the coffee table and laid back. I don’t know when I fell asleep, but I woke up to Brian frantically yelling.

“Babe, what’s wrong?”

When I tried to sit up I felt a sharp pain surge through my body halting my movements. Confused, I looked down and couldn’t believe what was happening.

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Tomorrow Aubreé Pynn returns with the conclusion to All to Myself, and we have one final sneak peek left to share with you!

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“Blessed be the Lord that teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight.”

I’m riding – that’s the promise Nina Jefferson made to Shaun that she will never regret. Not taking this promise lightly, Nina has broken down every door associated with him to let everyone know that she is in charge. While taking over the business, she experiences hurdles and an unexpected surprise that changes the course of everything.

While Shaun is away, his biggest worry is Nina’s safety. Doing everything in his power to refuse Nina from taking over the business, he realizes there is no way to stop her. Instead, Shaun beckons the help of Raheem and his lawyers to get him out, somehow, someway. That is the only way he can protect his family.

What Shaun doesn’t know is that he has a ram in the bush. But will it show up too late or right on time? Find out in All to Myself: Love, Power, and Respect.


Nina Jefferson

After a day of sightseeing with Giselle, I sat in the middle of my hotel room and typed out a few more businesses to acquire on my laptop. The goal for the next few months was to get enough so I could quickly flip all this money around as fast as I could. The faint buzz of my phone was distracting me from my task. Without looking at the screen, I ignored the call and zoned back in on my notes. Not even two minutes later the buzzing started again. Groaning to myself, I looked down at the screen to see a number I didn’t know.

Answering it, I was eager to get off the phone and go back to my task of the night. “Who’s this?”

“That’s how you answer the phone for me?” the voice that flooded into my eardrum caused me to freeze. “Nina are you at a loss for words?”

Pulling the phone away from my ear I hung up and tossed it across the bed. Shaun hadn’t bothered calling after ordering me to never come back to see him. Of course, I didn’t listen to him at first so I found myself going back to see him a week later only to find out he blocked my visits. On top of that, he sent all my letters back. I was happy to hear his voice but I was so frustrated with him, I just couldn’t give in and let him flood back. And I couldn’t tell on myself either.

The buzzing started again. I knew that he wasn’t going to stop until I talked to him. Staring at the phone, I grabbed it and answered. “What do you want?”

“Before you start, I know,” he attempted to smooth this over before it started but I wasn’t with the shits tonight.

“You know what Shaun? You blocked me from visiting. You sent my shit back, unopened. What don’t you want me to start? It’s very clear to me that you don’t want shit…so there’s nothing to start,” I fussed swinging my legs off the bed and standing up.

I heard him sigh and I could picture his face tightening up. “That’s not the case, baby. You know that.”

“I don’t. I know what you tell me. And for almost three months you have shut me out.”

“I don’t want you seeing me like this. You don’t deserve any nigga who can’t even protect you. I can’t do shit from behind these walls,” he grunted. “You’re out there running around these streets like El Chapo. I don’t like that shit. It makes me uneasy.”

“I know what I’m doing Shaun,” I defended placing my hand on the small pudge that sat above my waist.

“It is not about whether or not you know what you’re doing. It’s about my job. What I’m supposed to be doing and I can’t do it.”

I shook my head and closed my eyes before releasing a sigh. “I see you weren’t listening to me when I told you that I was going to ride. I meant that shit and that’s what I’m doing. Shaun, you can figure out if you want to take it or leave it. What I won’t be doing is being dismissed by you because you can’t swallow your pride for a few months and let someone else handle shit for you.”

Silence fell between us and I pressed my back against the wall wishing that he was here. “Nina… I want nothing more than to be with you. I mean that shit.”

If you haven’t part one of  All to Myself  download it today!




Hey, beloved! Tomorrow’s release is, When Night Comes by Jess Words! Here’s one final sneak peek before it goes live!



[Teasing is for Lames]

Mystical magical dick.

That just keeps growing!

Every time is like the first.

You know that it hurts!

You know that I like it.

Fuck it, I love it!

Let’s be honest,

I’ll always

play coy about it.

Let you get your joy about it.

Can you go without it?


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The authors of BLP


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Tomorrow Desiree Franices returns with What God Has Joined and we have one final sneak peek to share with you.



She’s learned the lesson the hard way, now what?

Mary was finally able to admit she handles her anger in the worst way possible. And she was finally able to admit to being in love with Darold too. I watched her along with you and enjoyed Myself immensely chuckling at her tremulous road to this discovery. While the scariest part of her journey, admitting there was a problem, is over, the longest part of her journey is just beginning.

Now, she has to implement the lesson.

Tests and obstacles are given, persons from the past decide to make themselves known, and surprises shock not only her but the people around her. We all remember how Mary enjoys those surprises, don’t we? But can she handle them?

Where’s My popcorn? We were just getting to the good part! I can only remember one time My side hurt this much, and I’m pretty sure you remember it too.

Who am I?

Well, let’s just say there was a ram in the bush…

(This is a continuation of Desiree Francies’ debut novel, God’s Hand in Us)


Can we be done with this part already?” Des sighs next to me at the head table. “I’m bored, and this trail mix is terrible.” She frowns at her bowl digging through it. “These raisins look like a nigga’s stretched out nipples, they’re so big.”

What?” Char chokes on her soda.

“I said they look like…”

“I know what you said.” Char covers her eyes with her hands. “Ugh, I can’t un-see it. Lord, take the image out of my brain, please!” She shakes her head back and forth.

“And on that note, I am done with the snack bar.” I push my bowl away. Aunt Vickie brings her own bowl back to our table and sits across from me.

“What’s with the faces?” She asks chomping on peanuts.

“Not even gonna repeat it, Auntie.” I shake my head with a frown. Des rolls her eyes like I’m being dramatic.

“Look, all I’m saying is I can’t take much more of this bougie tea party crap. When do we get to the fun part?” Des asks the table. “I wanna grind on some random stranger and reminisce about the times when I was single and didn’t have a man at home trying me like I’m some kinda sample.”

“Uh oh. What’s going on with you and Jay?” Char asks.

“He acts like I’m supposed to play housewife before I get the wedding. I get it, we’ve already got kids and we’ve been together forever.” She rolls her eyes. “But we’re not married, and he doesn’t get husband perks without being the husband.” She huffs before lifting her cup. “Where’s the liquor?!”

“This is a dry bridal shower, unless you want sparkling apple juice,” I tell her before going back to the subject at hand. “Now just calm down and try to talk to Jay about how you feel.”

“Yeah, dry shower is right,” Des ignores my advice and raises an eyebrow. “Whose idea was that?”

“Chris,” I tell her. “I’m too busy planning a lit wedding reception. I just let her take the reins on all of this. You can tell, the room is covered in pink.” I gesture around me.

“Don’t worry, Des,” Char winks. “I was in charge of the after party.” She grins.

“Which means it’s bout to get real ratchet,” Des grins back offering her plastic cup for a toast.

Indeed it is, I think with a conniving smirk.


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Sample Sunday times 3!

Hey, beloved! This week, we have 3 samples for you!

First up, When Night Comes by our heavy hitting and uniquely creative Jess Words!


Release date – 5/29


Grab your wine and dim the lights.

Join me on this erotic ride of passion and fire.

Let these verses be the lighter.

Between these pages you’ll get higher

Unlock your inner goddess.

Introduce her hidden desires.

When Night Comes is a sultry collection of poetry sure to have you reaching for your wine and your phone. Jess Words offers only one warning: don’t slide between these pages while texting.

Sneak Peek

Excerpt from “Rocket Ship”

“Sunlight streaming through clear glass panes.

Your eyes unflinchingly shut.

Holding soundly to those seeds

as I guide you through the portal

opened between these thighs.

Blast off as I drop it.

Galaxies forming

behind the projection of your eyelids.



Second, A Love So Soft by newly awarded best new author Chelsea Maria!


Release date – 6/1


All it takes is for a hopeless romantic to kiss the wrong toad before she turns away from love.

Georgia King swore she was done with the male species. After surviving the torment of having her heart torn into two, love wasn’t anywhere on the horizon for the sweet, carefree spirit.

But who are we to say when love can come in and out of our lives?

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. What if you’re the photographer and the subject of your art doesn’t even know you exist?
One random day in June.
One smile.
One laugh.

That’s all it took for Roman Felix to fall in love with the wild-haired beauty who didn’t know his name, let alone that he existed. With nothing but a single picture and the sweet melody memory of her laughter, Roman set off on a journey to find the woman who stole his heart without even offering a hello.

With more baggage than a bag lady, Georgia had her fist balled, prepared to fight to keep her heart. However, that meant nothing to young Roman. Determined and driven to make Georgia his, Roman straps up his boots ready to fight back in the name of love.

It’s better to love than to have not loved at all, but is love ever really enough? Is Georgia’s past too much for Roman to deal with it, or is her love just enough for him to destroy it all together?

Sneak Peek

As he stood before me, demanding my attention with his eyes, I fell into his hands…my heart fell into his hands without him even asking. I dreamed of a man to look at me the way he was since I saw the movie Love Jones. I wanted my own Darius to look at me with love, admiration, want, and need. Never did I want a man to obsess over me more than he loved God, but I wanted to come second.

The more his eyes penetrated my soul, the more I weakened. My mother and Yazlyn had long ago became a blur. It was just he and I. Alone and lost in our dimension. A strong game of mind control that had me ready for him to make an honest woman out of me. I wanted to risk it all. Risk getting my heart broken into a thousand pieces with no attempt of being put back together. Risk my sanity to give him my all.

His head descended, and I stopped breathing. I couldn’t. Too afraid of what I might do if he indeed kissed me. Would I lose my mind and climb him in front of the woman who birthed me? Would I melt into his bloodstream to become a part of him?

“You are so beautiful,” Roman whispered before planting a lingering kiss to my cheek.

Eyes closed and smiling, I pined. “Thank you. You are so handsome, Roman. I love burgundy against your skin.” I couldn’t hold it in. I had to tell the truth.

“Are you ready?” He asked running the back of his knuckle along my jaw making me lean into his chest as my knees buckled.

“I’m ready whenever you are.” I surely was ready for whatever he had in store.

Snickering, he glided his hand down my jaw to my collarbone. Making circles that caused my breathing to turn into soft pants. “Open your eyes, Georgia.” On-demand, my eyes opened. The gravel of his voice was liquid gold, and I wanted to be branded with his stamp.

“When we walk out that door I need you to do me one favor. Leave your past, fears, doubts, and whatever else that will stop you from giving me all of you. Just for one night, I need you to trust me with you. I promise I’ll bring you back unscathed. Can you do that for me?” His brawny hand gently pulled the back of nape back until I had no choice but to look him in the eye.

I searched for a sign. Searched for a twinkle of lies and deceit. I found neither. Instead, I found serenity.

“Yes. I trust you to be careful and gentle with me.”

“Good.” Smiling, he kissed my nose and let his hand glide down to the middle of my back. “Let’s go.”


Last, but certainly not least, Mr. B. Love makes his fiction literary debut with Wrong Turn for Love, and you know if he’s the husband of B. Love, he’s coming with straight fire!


Release date – Early June


Merciè, adopted by a mega pastor and his wife, starts a career singing r&b while battling with knowing who she really is because of a desire to want to know who her biological parents are. 

Jackson, a striving yet well-known r&b musician, gains popularity and opportunities that set his life up for pure success. 


Merciè and Jackson both perform at an all-star r&b concert, where they meet and instantly connect. Months later, they get married. Things seem to be going amazing between the two as the months passed, until Jackson comes home early from a gig to find Merciè in bed with his best friend, Fella. 


Hatred rises, fists are thrown, and shots are fired. Will this triangle of emotion cause a range of revenge? Or will karma make its arrival? Find out what happens in this fiction novel when love takes a wrong turn.


Sneak Peek

Jackson arrived at the house, but upon arriving he noticed a Black Challenger RT backed in the driveway blocking his spot. He parked the truck with confusion on his mind as to who car this could belong to.

He unlocks the front door and looks to the left to see no one in the kitchen. Then looks to the right to find no one in the living room area. He takes a few steps in the hallway and hears heavy breathing from the master bedroom. Jackson continued towards the bedroom where the door was slightly cracked. Holding his breath, he began to close his right eye and look through the slightly opened door with his left eye.

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Merciè was lying in bed with her bottom half under the bedspread. She had on a red see through lingerie outfit that Jackson bought her for their one-year anniversary. Thinking that maybe she was simply playing with herself since she thought Jackson was still out of town, Jackson burst through the door.

She jumps and instantly yells, “Bae, what are you doing back home?” But right as Jackson fixed his mouth to answer he noticed a bulge in the covers as if it was another person in the bed. He walks closer to the bed. “Bae, go in the bathroom. I want to surprise you with something,” Mercie pleaded in hopes of detouring Jackson from the bed for a moment.

Jackson didn’t listen. He grabs the bedsheet at the end of the bed and pulls as hard as he can.
A head popped up.

“Are you fucking serious right now?” Jackson seethes in disbelief. “You’re screwing my best friend?” He turns his attention to the man in bed with his wife. “Fella, we’re supposed to be boys and you do something like this?”

Nobody said anything. Jackson took a deep breath, reached down at his waist, and pulled out a black 45 caliber pistol. Cocking it back with one hand, he grabbed his iPhone with the other. After dialing three numbers, Jackson hit the speaker phone button.

“911 do you need police, fire, or ambulance?”

“Send all three!”

“Hello? Sir, are you there?”

It was dead silent for about five seconds, then two shots could be heard in the background. “All officers be advised, shots have been.” After a brief pause, the operator asked, “Sir? Are you still on the line?”

Disconnecting the call, Jackson went to the stop watch on his phone.

“You both have exactly fifteen seconds to get out of my house or the next two shots won’t be warnings, and when the police arrive they will pronounce you both DOA.”

“Bae, I’m so sorry!” Mercié yelled with tears streaming down her face.

Jackson pointed the gun at her with anger in his eyes.

“Bitch, I said get out my house. And don’t touch those keys. I pay the note on that car.”

“But, Jackson!”

Jackson hit the start icon on the stop watch app, and yelled, “Your time starts now!”

Mercié grabbed her purse, running full speed out the door half naked to Fella’s Challenger in the driveway.


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Tomorrow Lex.C. returns with Emancipated by Fate, the highly anticipated conclusion to the Because of Her Series, and we have one final sneak peek left to share with you!



Two hearts. 

One Battle

Apollo Xavier is the man behind the melodies and beats of the songs he makes with his chart topping group, The Camp. Staying grounded with fame, money, and an abundance of women is something he’s prided himself on, along with trying to weather his storms alone. When the past he’s worked so hard to reconstruct begins to deconstruct, he finds himself at the mercy of his soul as the pull of force in the form of curves and a heart of gold finds herself in the middle of his world.

Khalina “Khali” Brackett is a daddy’s girl to the public eye, seemingly bred to live in Khadeem Brackett’s self-centered shadow. Khalina’s heart has been the gift that keeps on giving since the beginning of her time. Ironically, she hasn’t been privy to receiving the love she puts out ever since tragedy deeply rooted the course of her life.

When Khalina’s position to follow her heart and deviate from her father’s plan lands her with the responsibility of maintaining a beautiful building built in the place of ashes, Apollo finds himself trying to alter the fate of the only relationship he’s ever fought for in his life. Find out what happens when fate causes these two souls to collide at what seems like the worst possible time.


Not even I could completely miss her rapid decline. Like myself, I knew he just wanted to hope for the best, instead of fear the worst. Hope driven denial was like a side effect on the label of a pill bottle. It stuck to people who were prescribed the responsibility of loving an addict.

Stepping from the hospital room to give my mind a break from continuously playing on what was in front of me, I shut my eyes, resting my back on the wall. Slow, rhythmic footsteps bounced off my eardrums as they approached, and I tuned into their flow. A coping mechanism I’d learned after battling years of anxiety on my own. You see, there was peace in every room. You just had to zero in on it and stay in that zone.

“Thank you,” Apollo’s deep voice, coated in his uniquely melodic rasp infiltrated my peace zone. I gladly gave way to its access while his sincerity lingered on those two words. Then he spoke again, “How is she?”

After silently savoring his settling sound for a few more seconds, I slowly opened my eyes and his rounded hazel orbs pierced mine. “She’s okay. Stubborn, but I’m sure you already know that.”

“Yeah, but what can I really do, you know? That’s my mama.”

“You can be the you that you’re afraid to let her see, for starters. Being strong for those in need will not bring out their strength. It’s a myth. If she thinks you don’t need her, she’ll act like it.”

Apollo lifted his brows, narrowing the bridge of his nose and scratching at the bottom of his beard. The dark hairs looked so soft and shiny I wanted to touch them in spite of his hard glare. “How you figure I’m not exactly the me she needs to see? As a matter of fact, how the hell do you even figure you really know us to begin with? I’m not afraid of anything but losing her because I wasn’t there, but that really isn’t any of your business to begin with, Brackett.”

Apollo took a step back from me, narrowing his eyelids and I watched them grow cold. Biting down gently on the inside of my cheek, I failed to find a response to his offensiveness. His feelings were just as warranted as mine so seeing as though he obviously felt I’d overstepped, I decided to keep stepping right on out of the hospital.

Realizing I was stranded, I pulled up my Uber app. While waiting, the last person I wanted to talk to at the moment called me. I thought about letting it ring but decided it was no point. It would just keep ringing after today’s events.

“Yes, Dad?”

“Why are you still at the hospital with that woman? Your leasing agent has been blowing my phone up for hours about shit that has nothing to do with me.”

I wanted to tell him I was still here because it was basically his damn fault.

Each book in the Because of Her Series are standalones and can be read in any order. Find them here!



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Tomorrow Skylar Nightingale makes her BLP debut with, Mine Forever! This is one beautiful story that I can’t wait for you to get your hands on! In the meantime here’s one last sneak peek!

Mine Forever


Seventeen-year-old Javon Allen is in love with his best friend, Billie Rose, but she’s dating one of the most popular guys in school. Locked in the dreaded friend-zone, he begins to date someone new in hopes of curing his craving heart.

Then Billie drops a bomb that shatters his world. She’s moving cross-country.  Although devastated, he throws her a surprise going away party, but when Javon buys Billie a diamond bracelet with the help of his mother, his girlfriend throws a tantrum and Billie confides to Javon that her boyfriend broke up with her.

Despite Javon’s girlfriend’s outrage, he keeps in touch with Billie. Then, his girlfriend gives him an ultimatum. He must choose his sprouting relationship or the girl he’s always loved. He makes the obvious choice. Billie. But he discovers that she has found someone new. Now he wonders if he should let go of the girl of his dreams or fight to win to her heart?


She stood, drew me into an embrace, and I got lost in her intoxicating vanilla honey scented hair–closing my eyes. The hug lasted longer than usual. Shivers crept through my body as her warmth surrounded me. I felt the rise and fall of her chest. My heart felt like it was running a marathon. As she continued to hold me, she slowly kissed me on the cheek. That was another thing she had not done since she started dating Darius. She backed away from me. My eyes narrowed.

“Billie?” I was confused. I wanted to know what brought that on.
She shook her head. “I gotta go,” she said, turning and heading toward the door.

“Billie,” I repeated. She stopped–her shoulders slumped slowly. She didn’t turn to face me. I inched toward her, placing my hand on her shoulder.

“Talk to me,” I said.
She turned around with tears in her eyes. We shared so much. Why wouldn’t she let me in? I set my hands on her shoulders. “Just tell me.”

“I can’t,” she wept, wiping her face with the heels of her hands.

“You can tell me anything, Billie.” My stomach dropped with anticipation as I held her hand and strolled over to the couch. “Okay. What is it?”
She blew out a shaky breath. “I’m moving.”

My eyes grew. “What? When? Where?” I hoped it wasn’t too far away from our small suburban town, Simsbury, Connecticut. I held my breath, bracing myself for her response.
“San Diego,” she said.
My world stopped for a moment. I clutched my chest, trying to block the daggers that pierced my heart. Then, I practically jumped to my feet. “California, Billie?” I ran my hand over my hair and paced. How could I function with her in California?

She made my days a little brighter and illuminated my world at night. When I needed someone to talk to she always had a listening ear. No. She couldn’t possibly be leaving me. This was not the way it was supposed to be. She was supposed to be in my life forever. Our time together flickered through my mind: Billie and me learning how to swim together, Billie and me going bike riding, playing in the backyard, the day we met.

As my mind reeled, I looked at Billie who watched me but kept silent through tears. I sat next to her, wrapping my arms around her. She rested her head against my chest and let out audible sobs. I pressed my lips onto the top of her head.

“I’m so sorry. You okay?” I asked.

“No.” She sniffled.

We had to find a way to make our friendship work.

I placed my forehead against hers. “We’re gonna get through this.”


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Hey, reader!

Tomorrow Monica Walters returns with Be Careful What You Wish For, and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



When you’re young, that’s a time to handle business and have fun while doing it. As far as love goes, you can decide on that later. Ashahve Glasper has that figured out too. She knows what she wants out of life in all aspects of it. She’s attending the local university for her chosen career path when she discovers that she knows what she wants out of love as well. There is only one problem; he’s one of her professors. She does everything but tell him when it comes to her infatuation, making her interest in him known. Just when she thinks things are progressing the way she wants them to, yet another man crosses her path. She wonders how she can feel something for two men at once.

Love doesn’t have an age, as long as she’s legal. That’s Elijah Coleman’s standpoint. After having a tumultuous engagement to a woman that he thought was the one, he’s given up on love. That is until Ashahve graces his classroom. Although it had been years since his engagement, he’d never had the desire to move on. Ashahve does something to him, though. Just her aura captures him. Starting a relationship with his student would be against the code of conduct for the university and that is the only thing that is holding him back. Will that be enough to keep his emotions tamed?

Life is hard already, but some circumstances can make it harder. After getting a medical discharge from the military, Omari “Rich” Watson decides to go to school to make something more of his life. He has a daughter to take care of and help raise. After he’s left reeling from the death of his mother, his life seems to be at a standstill and he shuts everyone off from his love, including the mother of his daughter. The only one that can reach his heart is his little angel until he notices Ashahve. A chance encounter at school, gives him an opportunity to shoot his shot and he has no intentions of missing.

So many decisions to be made. This triangle is going to leave someone hurt, but who will it be? Or, will all of them lose?



I began slowly thrusting into her mouth and let my head drop backwards. My nut was rising, having a hard time resisting the urge to paint the walls of her throat in a disorderly fashion. “Oh fuck, Shavi. I’m ‘bout to nut.”

I had to throw that warning out there, just in case she wasn’t a swallower. Judging by the way she kept sucking, like she was thirsty for it, my assumption was that she wanted to swallow every drop. My seed shot from my dick which was firing at all cylinders, diving into her throat. She slowly released it as I watched her, then laid back in my bed, spreading her legs. Looking at the juices coming from her pussy, had me ready for some serious action. I grabbed a condom from my nightstand drawer and strapped up, then leaned over her and kissed her lips. Slowly, I slid my dick inside of her, and her tight wetness put my shit in a choke hold like I’d never felt. “Ahh, fuck!” I yelled.

I couldn’t help but let that shit out. My whole body shivered at how good her shit felt. As I filled her, she arched her back, taking all my shit. “Omariiii… oh God!”

I pulled out and had to do that shit all over again. It felt like that thang gushed all over me. Shit, she was gon’ have my ass sprung. That’s why that nigga was tripping. This was that pure, uncut, expensive shit, that left niggas strung out. I slammed into her and she screamed and scratched my back as I gave her that heavy-weight bout. Lifting her hips from the bed, I watched her damn near pull her hair out.

The way her pussy was swallowing my dick and holding it tight was taking me down quicker than a fresh helium-filled balloon that had been popped. Her moans, screams and scratches were causing me to reciprocate. I was never as vocal as I had been today. Usually, I talked shit, but she had me in here sounding like a bitch. Hovering over her, I slowed my pace and stared into her eyes as I stroked her deep.

She rubbed her hands down the sides of my face and bit her bottom lip. “Damn, your pussy feels good, girl.”

She wrapped her legs around my waist as she said, “And I want ownership of this dick.”

My pace quickened again, and I quit fighting the urge after she screamed and came all over my dick. “Shavi, fuuuuuck!”

I nutted so hard, that shit gave me headache. Lowering my head to her neck, I shivered once again at how good that shit felt. Yeah, hopefully this wouldn’t end here, because she had me… locked and loaded. She kissed my neck and I rolled off her, then watched her ease the condom off my dick. She went into my nightstand drawer and got another one, then sucked me ready. Maaan, listen. I thought she wasn’t ready, but fuck… I was the one that wasn’t ready.

After she strapped me up, she mounted me and rode my shit like a freedom rider whose life was on the line. I held onto her hips and enjoyed ever minute of it, while lifting my hips to match her with my thrusts. Watching her titties bounce and her pulling her hair was the sexiest thing I’d seen in a while. Keeping her eyes closed, she started to squirt, wetting up me and the bed, causing me to nut too soon.


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Tomorrow India T. Norfleet returns with Weekend Lust Binge and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



When what starts out as a weekend getaway to spend with her bestie turns into a full on lust binge, Penelope “Penny” Duncan isn’t surprised to be spinning uncontrollably in sexual turmoil over a man who literally showed her how the right stroke could leave her  in a constant state of uncontrollable euphoric arousal. With her focus now on nothing but the immeasurable pleasure she’d been blessed with, Penelope returns home only to realize that not everything is as it appears and not everyone finds her newfound happiness acceptable…

 From the minute Zamir Majors first caught sight of Penelope, he wanted her and was ready to do whatever was necessary to get her.  It was only a matter of time until he pulled the perfect move to secure her in his arms and his bed. As far as Zamir was concerned, Penelope is already his. It’s not until reality reminds him that not only is his plan dangerously flawed, but Penelope is a once in a lifetime catch, that Zamir is ready to make his move. Unfortunately, unthinkable accusations, seemingly tainted trust, and unforeseen mayhem just might cost Zamir the only the woman who’d ever showed him an untroubled enough view to binge on something much deeper than lust…


“You keep looking me up and down like that though and you gone have a problem on your hands Penny.”
“I highly doubt it. But in the event, I’m mistaken, I know how to handle all my problems extremely well.”
“You ain’t never had a problem like me before Penelope.”
“Maybe you’re right Zamir, but I bet I can still handle you accordingly and with no hands.”
“You should show me sometime.”
“I don’t know Zamir, what if you can’t handle it? After all, I’d hate for you to react prematurely.”
“Penelope, I don’t know what type of man you’re used to but nothing about me or attached to me operates prematurely.”
“Well, until you can prove it Zamir, I’ll keep my suspicions. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m quite famished.”  She smiled as she ran her hand across his arm seductively before easing out of his grasp and catching up to the oblivious hostess.
Their drinks and orders were placed immediately once they were seated.
“You’re a bold woman Penny, among other things.” Zamir observed Penelope in fascinating appreciation. She had his undivided attention and, in more ways, than one.
“You have issues with bold women Zamir? And explain those other things.” Penelope asked with amusement sparkling in her eyes before she severed their heated eye contact between them to take a sip of her ice water.
“Not at all. I’m intrigued by your boldness especially. And stunning, seductive, intriguing, a tease are those other things I was speaking of.” A grin played on Zamir’s lips as flashes of him making Penelope scream his name made his dick jump as if in an attempt to give her a strip tease.
“What makes you think I’m a tease?”
“The way you respond to me Penelope. You’re walking seduction, poetry in human form and all with a level of sexual self-comfort that mirrors my own.”
Penelope was speechless. She hid her shock well but deep down; she was in awe of this handsome stranger. No one had never read her so accurately. The realization made her clit pulsate and pound in her wetness.  Penelope not only had a feeling that this man was sexually dominating in bed, but he could teach her things in and out the bedroom.
 Zamir massaged his goatee with a smirk. He was tickled to the fullest by her speechlessness.
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