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Guess what?! #BLPMayMadness continues! With that being said we have three samples of the next set of BLP releases coming your way!

First-5/8-Hidden Treasures by Shajuana McDuffy 



Have you ever battled with low self esteem? Have you ever gone through something so deep that you couldn’t see your way out? Have you ever been told that you were something special? Well, we’re going to get into all of that. It is said that experience is the best teacher. I am a living witness to that. 

Life is full of ups, downs, and bumpy roads. You will just have to go through it with precision. Whether we know it or not, our lives have already been mapped out for us. Our paths have been laid before us. All we have to do is start walking. 

This book gives you a lot of life lessons, experiences, and advice. The intention is to help you and not hinder you. The intention is to be all up in your face and space with nothing but the truth. The intention is to show you yourself. The intention is to help you be better. When we know better we do better. The intention is to encourage you, motivate you and inspire you to change your way of thinking. We are all in this together. One can’t fall without the other. 


The waterfalls of life are not as beautiful and temperate as they may seem.

Stay the course, love.

We’re always looking for something new. Sit your derriere down and get you together. When you are chasing them like that, those are telling signs of unstableness.

An unstable person is not good for the culture, my love. You jumping in and out of relationships is unstable. Stop beginning new ones when you haven’t ended or closed the door to the old ones. You need to beware of the company you keep and influential people trying to detour you. Stop running behind all these men and women and sleeping with them. Stop selling your ass and your soul. That’s exactly what you’re doing every time you lay down with someone.


You never know what you’re getting from a person. Stop coveting people. Stop chasing after someone else’s dream and live out your own. Stop chasing after someone else’s spouse and get your own. Men and women lie, so what? That’s nothing new.


You don’t know what those people had to go through in order to get what they have or be where they are. Stick with what YOU’RE used to and what YOU know. If you’re regular and you know you’re regular, quit trying to be mid-grade. If you’re mid-grade and you know you’re mid-grade, quit trying to be premium. If you’re premium and you know you’re premium, stop downgrading yourself.


Second-5/10-Something Deeper by Ivy Laika



Everyone has a breaking point and Kya has reached hers. Having been fed what love was supposed to be by her parents, she chose to stay in a loveless relationship with hopes that it would one day be something more. However, when she gets hit with the reality that her relationship is nothing more than a façade to please the outside world, she feels as though she can no longer deprive herself of something deeper.

Kofi has been Kya’s best friend since the tender age of eight and he has loved her every day since. When Kofi moved back to Nashville, TN after being away for a year he decides that it’s time to finally tell her. The only problem is that he returns home to a broken Kya. He knows that he can’t be the one to fix her because that’s something she has to do on her own. His plan is to be at her side as she does it.

Will Kofi be the one to offer Kya something deeper, or will she continue to live in the superficial love that she has grown accustomed to?



He and I had been friends ever since we were eight years old when he moved from New York.

Kofi was half Nigerian and half Haitian seamlessly mixed into an amazing man. We shared twenty-one years of friendship that never wavered no matter the distance or time.

He understood me like no other person and I him.

Kofi gave me my first taste of real love and I had been yearning to taste it at least one more time ever since then. It was never what he did for me, it was always what he did to me. He did to me what I was waiting for August to do for years. He nurtured me, he motivated me, and he believed in me.

August was beautiful but Kofi was godly.

His rich chocolate skinned beamed like gold. His bushy eyebrows and nicely trimmed goatee sat perfectly on his strongly chiseled face. His low-cut fade was perfectly lined up. His dark full lips caught the attention of every woman that came near him. He was only five inches taller than me at 5’ll but the way he carried his head high while walking, would have you thinking he was a foot taller than he actually was. As he walked towards me, he was captivating.    

Third-5/13-Fight For Love by Aubreé Pynn



Kwame and Nadia can’t see eye to eye if there were standing as close together as they could. Or so they thought…

Kwame Franklin has a nagging need to be better than his father and settle down before he’s old, gray and loses count of homie broken hearts lie in his wake. While he’s unpacking his personal baggage, he’s picking up another. A bag that he hopes to unpack while never getting rid of its handler.

Nadia Garrett is on the path of healing and forgiving for no one else but herself. Faced with the demons of her past she tries her best to keep a level head and fight them head on. What she doesn’t know is that she’s always had a protector to help with the fight.

Can Kwame and Nadia finally fight for love are they going to call a truce once and for all and bow out gracefully?

Find out in Fight for Love.


Kwame Franklin

Kwame had spent the better part of the night watching her from behind his glass. He did a bit of networking, ate here and there but his main source of pleasure from the night was watching Nadia ignore his presence and do what she did best, work the room and make sure everything was running smoothly. He found himself being jealous of the yellow dress she wore with the split down the middle.

This was the first event where their friends hadn’t shown up. Brielle and Julian were headed on a family vacation and Wren and Roman were enjoying the bliss of being newly engaged. Their presence was missed but it made them keep focused on the event. Kwame was hoping to leave as early as he could. Although he was admiring her from afar, they wouldn’t exchange pleasantries when they were put side by side. And although Kwame had found feelings for Nadia it didn’t fully keep him from satisfying his needs. He was sure that whatever he was feeling for her would soon fizzle and die out because she wasn’t going to give the thought a shot.

“You look nice,” he greeted finally approaching her. Nadia placed her drink down at the bar and gave him a once over before smirking. She was relaxed with knowing tomorrow she would be in a villa on the beach and relaxing. She was willing to be nice tonight for the sake of her peace for the rest of the week.

“Thank you,” she spun around in the stool to see Isabella being nudged towards the stage where the band had been playing soft music all night. “You look well.”

“I hope you don’t have any big plans tomorrow. I’m going out of town and there’s a meeting I need you to take,” Kwame announced pulling his eyes off of her and toward the stage that Isabella now occupied.

Nadia looked over at Kwame and blinked her eyes a couple of times trying to figure out who he thought he was telling making plans for her. “Excuse me?”

In the sake of saving face and not causing a scene because Kwame had she fucked up twelve different way, she let a smile cross her face. It was painful at best but she fought to keep it on her face.


Be on the look out for more sneak peeks of these five star reads coming soon!






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