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Tomorrow Shajuana McDuffy makes her BLP debut with Hidden Treasures, a beautiful nonfiction edition and we have one final sneak peek left to share with you!



Have you ever battled with low self esteem? Have you ever gone through something so deep that you couldn’t see your way out? Have you ever been told that you were something special? Well, we’re going to get into all of that. It is said that experience is the best teacher. I am a living witness to that. 

Life is full of ups, downs, and bumpy roads. You will just have to go through it with precision. Whether we know it or not, our lives have already been mapped out for us. Our paths have been laid before us. All we have to do is start walking. 

This book gives you a lot of life lessons, experiences, and advice. The intention is to help you and not hinder you. The intention is to be all up in your face and space with nothing but the truth. The intention is to show you yourself. The intention is to help you be better. When we know better we do better. The intention is to encourage you, motivate you and inspire you to change your way of thinking. We are all in this together. One can’t fall without the other. 


You are going to get enough of trying to take all of these hindering spirits with you. You are going to end up back at ground zero. Everybody is not meant to go where you are going, love. Because of your heart, you want to see everybody win. You want to see everybody eat. BUT…DO THEY WANT THE SAME FOR YOU?

Have you ever wondered why every time something good happens to you or for you, they always have something slick to say? Have you ever noticed that when you are upset about something or in your feelings, they would add fuel to the fire or insult to injury? Have you ever noticed that when things don’t go right for you, they are happy or satisfied?


So what, are you going to starve yourself? Are you going to forfeit your blessings and dim your light for them? Are you going to sabotage your own happiness so they can have theirs? Help me, make that, make sense. Then, you wonder why every time you take two steps forward, you get pulled ten steps back? Peep game, baby! People don’t want you to succeed nonetheless exceed them. They don’t want to see you go no further than them. They are opportunist. People want to always have you in a situation where they can step on you to level up, to climb that ladder.

They have that Esau and Jacob syndrome. Yeah, you know those twins. The one that pulled at the brother’s heel to be the first one to come out of the womb. You know those twins. The one that took his brother’s birthright. However, he bargained him for it because the other was in a compromising position of hunger. You know those twins. The one that stole his brother’s blessing by deceiving their father, with the help of their mother, all because he was her favorite. Now, that’s all the way messed up.

All I’m saying is BE CAREFUL, BOO! Beware of those people you are trying to take with you. They may be plotting against you. Then again, you may be partaking in your own demise. These hindering spirits are not only calling you friend, they are also calling you mom, wife, sis, daughter, dad, hubby, son, bae, brother and vice versa. STAY WOKE!

Don’t let them catch you slipping, love. Don’t sleep on those people either. Never underestimate your opponent!

Jealousy equals haters, and a jealous spirit can ruin a nation.


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