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Everyone has a breaking point and Kya has reached hers. Having been fed what love was supposed to be by her parents, she chose to stay in a loveless relationship with hopes that it would one day be something more. However, when she gets hit with the reality that her relationship is nothing more than a façade to please the outside world, she feels as though she can no longer deprive herself of something deeper.

Kofi has been Kya’s best friend since the tender age of eight and he has loved her every day since. When Kofi moved back to Nashville, TN after being away for a year he decides that it’s time to finally tell her. The only problem is that he returns home to a broken Kya. He knows that he can’t be the one to fix her because that’s something she has to do on her own. His plan is to be at her side as she does it.

Will Kofi be the one to offer Kya something deeper, or will she continue to live in the superficial love that she has grown accustomed to?



“When do you think he’s going to propose?” I almost spit out my water hearing my sister, Candace, ask that question. Three weeks ago, I would’ve been happy to answer that question but now just the thought of it made me sick to my stomach.

“Kya! What is wrong with you?” My mom exclaimed.

“Nothing, I’m sorry. August and I aren’t ready for marriage.”

“Sweetie he is an affluent attorney. You better start getting ready.” Annette Tucker was relentless. Twenty minutes into dinner and I was ready to pull all my hair out of my head due to my frustration.

“The fact that he’s an attorney makes him husband material?” I asked my mother in response.

“What else could you possibly need Kya?”

“I don’t know mom, maybe support for once. What about encouragement, loyalty, consistency, and real commitment? Oh, I don’t know. How about more than what I’ve been getting these past three years?”

“You sound ridiculous!” She slammed both her hands on the wooden dinner table before standing up. She was seated across from me while my dad sat at the head of the table. My brother and his wife who were next to me staring at the food on their plates. My sister and her husband who were sitting next to her did the same. They didn’t look up, but I could feel the pity they had for me in the air. “Can any of those things put a roof over a head? Can any of those things feed you? Can any of those things take you to Paris? Answer me Kya!”

For the first time in my life, it hit me just how shallow I had been to want a love that Kofi and I shared with August. I had always loved Kofi but in that moment, I realized how much he had given to me without me asking. Every single thing I listed Kofi gave to me effortlessly. I was stuck in a relationship even though I had all the reasons to leave. Even now, I was very much aware of how traitorous August had been, but I still stayed. My parents made me believe that I needed him when I didn’t. Kofi gave me all that I would ever need.

My heart was never for August, but I was hopeful that eventually it would be. I was blindly living on a false sense of hope. The hope that August could love me. The hope that I could teach him to love me. The hope that I would miraculously gain the strength to leave a lifeless relationship. My parents had broken me long before I met August. He just spent three years trying to finish the job.

“You know what mom? I’m not doing this with you today. I can’t do this with you guys anymore.” I stood up to leave and as1 I made my way towards the door, I wished that for once, one of my siblings would stand up for me. I silently prayed that my parents would support me for the first time. But nothing came from any of them. I left there knowing exactly what I needed to do.

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