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Tomorrow Aubreé Pynn returns with Fight For Love, the finale of Love, The series, and we have one final sneak peek left to share with you!



Kwame and Nadia can’t see eye to eye if there were standing as close together as they could. Or so they thought…

Kwame Franklin has a nagging need to be better than his father and settle down before he’s old, gray and loses count of homie broken hearts lie in his wake. While he’s unpacking his personal baggage, he’s picking up another. A bag that he hopes to unpack while never getting rid of its handler.

Nadia Garrett is on the path of healing and forgiving for no one else but herself. Faced with the demons of her past she tries her best to keep a level head and fight them head on. What she doesn’t know is that she’s always had a protector to help with the fight.

Can Kwame and Nadia finally fight for love are they going to call a truce once and for all and bow out gracefully?

Find out in Fight for Love.


Nadia Garrett

So what that Brielle and Wren both had gone behind her back, solicited help from Isabella to push her and Kwame together for three days. Wren’s worry was that one of them wouldn’t make it back from Catalina. She was sure the Kwame’s body would be floating out in the Pacific if all hell broke loose while they were away. It was taking everything in Wren not to let the cat out the bag. Instead of telling on herself she gulped down her glass and stuffed her mouth with fruit.

“You are so skeptical of everything? Why can’t I be smiling because you’re finally taking a break. Especially after working with Kwame for the last few months, I know you need a break from that shit.”

Nadia huffed and cut her eyes over at Wren. “I know he’s your brother and you love him. But that nigga gets on all the nerves that I have. Even the ones I put in reserve just in case I’m feeling patient enough to deal with it some more. Words cannot express how ready I am not to see him for three days. My phone will be off, I will be on island time. So if y’all are in crisis please figure it out until I get back.”

Wren laid out on the floor next to the perfectly folded pile of clothes. After letting a huff escape her nostrils, she looked at Nadia’s facial expression. Nadia’s brows were pinned together. Her forehead wrinkled and she bit her lip uncontrollably. She had all the mannerisms of a woman who was completely smitten and lost in the sauce.

“How does it feel?” Wren asked still studying her face. Nadia placed the rest of the clothes in the suitcase and stood to her feet.

Walking into her bathroom she looked back at Wren laying comfortably on her area rub and looked at the crown molding on the ceiling. “How does what feel?”

“To be the strong one and the one who has it all together?” Wren’s voice flowed from the bedroom to the bathroom.

“You think I have it all together?” Nadia asked her gathering her essentials from around her floating sink. “That’s not the case at all.”


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