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Tomorrow Shenaé Hailey returns with His Loyal Wife!



In part one of Logan and Atarah’s story, Her Unfaithful Husband, you were warned to expect the unexpected. Did you heed that warning, or were you caught by surprise at the end?

Hang on to your seats because things are just getting started, and part two will take you on an even crazier ride!

His Loyal Wife follows Logan and Atarah after damaging secrets are revealed. Secrets that have the potential to destroy their marriage before it begins. Fully aware of Logan’s infidelity, Atarah is stuck with the choice of allowing the past to be the past and moving forward with their future… or making an example out of the only man she ever trusted with the gift of her love in the present with no regard for the future.



A little over three years later

Logan stared at his front door until his eyes dried. Blinking them snapped him out of his trance. Lifting his key, Logan inhaled a deep breath and held it – because death felt better than facing his wife after his betrayal. Even though things between Logan and Malaysia weren’t the best, that didn’t justify his infidelity.

What felt good to him in the moment had Logan’s stomach twisting as he slid his key into the front door. Entering his home, his head shook at the lack of warmth from love. From the lack of a scent of food lingering throughout the halls. From the lack of his wife’s voice or presence. Making his way into their room, Logan looked around for a trace of Malaysia, but it didn’t look as if she’d been home since she got off work hours ago.

If she would have stopped by, there would have been clothes, shoes, and beauty necessities tossed all around, but it was just as spotless as it was when Logan cleaned this morning before leaving for work.

Because that was their routine – he did the cooking, cleaning, and serving while Malaysia ran the streets doing whatever the hell she wanted to do.

But still, that was no excuse for what Logan had done, no matter how much he wanted it to be.

Releasing a sigh, Logan licked his lips as he loosened his tie. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he scratched the top of his head, Bianca’s scent was lingering on his clothes. He’d need to get them in the washer now before Malaysia showed up.

For the past six months, she’d been coming home to shower and sleep and leaving first thing in the morning. For the past six months, Logan had been praying every day would be different. That she would one day wake up and realize how she was jeopardizing everything they had by taking him for granted. That he would wake up and realize it was better to divorce a woman he’d fallen out of love with than to suffer in silence for the sake of avoiding public embarrassment.

Unbuttoning his shirt, Logan stood, avoiding his eyes in the mirror on the dresser directly across from him. He pulled the shirt down his arms then lifted his v-neck shirt over his head. His eyes avoided the pictures of him and Malaysia that lined the walls as he made his way to the laundry room.

Once there, Logan removed the rest of his clothing and washed everything together, not bothering to separate the whites from the blacks. If the cold water didn’t keep the black from staining the white, that would be the perfect excuse to throw it all away. At this point, his only concern was removing the remnants of Bianca from his clothing and body before Malaysia arrived.






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