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Yes we’re back with another one! It is #BLPMayMadness after all!

Tomorrow Aubreé Pynn returns with All To Myself and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



Who was I to deny her request after she fulfilled all of mine?

Nashaun Williams is the safety net for his family. He will go to war and back to ensure that everyone he loves is protected. With two strikes on his record, he’s trying to maneuver through the streets as carefully as he can. Known to be an enforcer, he is thrown into a weekend of responsibilities with a beautiful stranger. Attempting to deny the pull she has on him, he can’t get enough of her. With the reality of this new found haven being short lived, looming over him, Nashaun tries his best to break away from her.

Nina Jefferson is a boss in her own right. She is smart in the books and slick at the mouth. However, she cannot deny Nashaun and everything that comes along with him. Her instant infatuation with him makes her want to deny everything she knows just to have him all to herself.

Can Nashaun finally have his own safety net or will everything be taken away from him?

Find out in All to Myself: An Urban Romance Novella


Nashaun Williams

Nina was dangerous. Not because she knew the game or she moved dope. Nina was dangerous because I had no control around her. The minute I laid eyes on her my dick jumped. I tried to be standoffish and rude to her but it was to no avail. She was equipped with more comebacks than the Trump administration.

After we finished dinner, I suggested playing Uno, just to get rid of the tension between us and hopefully have a peaceful last day in this house before Rah and Giselle came back. With Uno came liquor and with liquor came paralyzed judgment. On top of the bottle of wine that she’d been working on, the Hennessy started flowing through her veins.

A shot for every draw four your opponent threw down. Needless to say, we both were feeling the liquor and her attitude had calmed down immensely. The thing about drinking Hennessy with someone you were attracted to meant that your filter disappeared.

I watched as she tried to stand to her feet and fell back on her butt. She giggled softly and sighed. “I’m done. I am over my limit. Any more shots, I’m going to end up sleeping right here.”

“Do you need help?”


“The woman who doesn’t need help has asked?” I hopped to my feet and walked over to her. She placed her soft hands in mine as I gently pulled her to her feet.

“Only because I’m damn near drunk and my will to fight is gone for the night.”

Her body was pressed against mine, she was warm and soft. Nina’s full breasts grazed my midsection and her forehead rested on my chest as she got her bearings. Once she was stable on her feet she pulled away. “Thank you, and goodnight.”


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