Hey, Beautiful!

Happy Sunday! We so hope you’re enjoying #BLPMayMadness! There are so many more beautiful stories to come. In fact we have three samples of the next set of releases coming to a kindle near you!

First-5/23-Be Careful What You Wish For-Monica Walters



When you’re young, that’s a time to handle business and have fun while doing it. As far as love goes, you can decide on that later. Ashahve Glasper has that figured out too. She knows what she wants out of life in all aspects of it. She’s attending the local university for her chosen career path when she discovers that she knows what she wants out of love as well. There is only one problem; he’s one of her professors. She does everything but tell him when it comes to her infatuation, making her interest in him known. Just when she thinks things are progressing the way she wants them to, yet another man crosses her path. She wonders how she can feel something for two men at once.

Love doesn’t have an age, as long as she’s legal. That’s Elijah Coleman’s standpoint. After having a tumultuous engagement to a woman that he thought was the one, he’s given up on love. That is until Ashahve graces his classroom. Although it had been years since his engagement, he’d never had the desire to move on. Ashahve does something to him, though. Just her aura captures him. Starting a relationship with his student would be against the code of conduct for the university and that is the only thing that is holding him back. Will that be enough to keep his emotions tamed?

Life is hard already, but some circumstances can make it harder. After getting a medical discharge from the military, Omari “Rich” Watson decides to go to school to make something more of his life. He has a daughter to take care of and help raise. After he’s left reeling from the death of his mother, his life seems to be at a standstill and he shuts everyone off from his love, including the mother of his daughter. The only one that can reach his heart is his little angel until he notices Ashahve. A chance encounter at school, gives him an opportunity to shoot his shot and he has no intentions of missing.


When I got to GiGi’s, I saw Ashahve at the counter looking at the variety of cupcakes. I quickly got out of my car before I could change my mind. The bell rang as the door to the pastry shop closed behind me. Ashahve turned to see who was entering, and I could see the surprise on her beautiful face when she saw me. This would be all the confirmation she needed. I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t interested in her. I actually hated cupcakes.

I walked to the counter and said, “Hello, Ms. Glasper.”

She bit her bottom lip and said seductively, “Hello, Dr. Coleman.”

I gave her a one-cheeked smile, then watched her continue to look. “Sir, do you know what you want to order, while she decides?”

“Yes ma’am. Give me four of your mini’s, the wedding cake flavor.”

“Okay,” the young girl said at the counter.

“Is the wedding cake good? I’ve never had that one.”

“I don’t eat cupcakes. I’m going to bring these to my sister. She loves GiGi’s.”

That statement alone let her know how badly I wanted to see her. She licked her lips, then ordered the same thing I did. As she boxed up our cupcake mini’s, I stared at Ashahve and let my eyes scan her body. When she turned back to me, my eyes were on her ass. I could see her in my peripheral. Once my eyes hit hers again, she smiled. If she didn’t know I was interested when I got here, she definitely knew now.

Second-5/24-Mine Forever by Skylar Nightingale

Mine Forever


Seventeen-year-old Javon Allen is in love with his best friend, Billie Rose, but she’s dating one of the most popular guys in school. Locked in the dreaded friend-zone, he begins to date someone new in hopes of curing his craving heart.

Then Billie drops a bomb that shatters his world. She’s moving cross-country.  Although devastated, he throws her a surprise going away party, but when Javon buys Billie a diamond bracelet with the help of his mother, his girlfriend throws a tantrum and Billie confides to Javon that her boyfriend broke up with her.

Despite Javon’s girlfriend’s outrage, he keeps in touch with Billie. Then, his girlfriend gives him an ultimatum. He must choose his sprouting relationship or the girl he’s always loved. He makes the obvious choice. Billie. But he discovers that she has found someone new. Now he wonders if he should let go of the girl of his dreams or fight to win to her heart?


There was a seat beside the gift table, but she stood up, initially picking a gift and reading the cards. Even Toya got her a card. It said, ‘Have a Safe Trip.’ Darius bought her diamond earrings with a card. She read it, “‘I’m gonna miss you, baby. Even though you are far away, you’ll always be close to my heart.’”

She placed her hand on her chest, then she and the crowd awed. She sniffled, and the tears began to stream down her face. Darius rushed to her side to hug her. “Maybe you should sit down to open the rest,” he suggested.

“Yeah, good idea,” Billie agreed, nodding. She pulled Des’ gift out of a bag. It was a picture of the three of us plus two other friends, Corey and Donavon when we were younger.

“Thanks, Des.” She held up the frame. Des smiled and nodded.

She opened my parent’s gift and thanked my mom. Billie stood up and hugged her. My dad was working. Billie took a seat. My gift along with a few others sat on the table. She picked up mine. I ran my hand over my hair with suspense. She pulled the box out of the bag. I felt Toya’s eyes on me. I gave her a quick glance then watched Billie. I purposefully stayed in the middle of the crowd.

She slowly opened the box and gasped. “It’s a diamond bracelet.” She flipped it over.  

Darius’ eyes searched the sea of people to find me. When he did, he nodded with wide eyes, lifted eyebrows, and pursed lips–definitely not a positive look. It was more like a look of suspicion.

I heard her sweet voice read it, “To my favorite girl.”

Third-5-26-Emancipated by Fate by Lex. C.



Two hearts. 

One Battle

Apollo Xavier is the man behind the melodies and beats of the songs he makes with his chart topping group, The Camp. Staying grounded with fame, money, and an abundance of women is something he’s prided himself on, along with trying to weather his storms alone. When the past he’s worked so hard to reconstruct begins to deconstruct, he finds himself at the mercy of his soul as the pull of force in the form of curves and a heart of gold finds herself in the middle of his world.

Khalina “Khali” Brackett is a daddy’s girl to the public eye, seemingly bred to live in Khadeem Brackett’s self-centered shadow. Khalina’s heart has been the gift that keeps on giving since the beginning of her time. Ironically, she hasn’t been privy to receiving the love she puts out ever since tragedy deeply rooted the course of her life.

When Khalina’s position to follow her heart and deviate from her father’s plan lands her with the responsibility of maintaining a beautiful building built in the place of ashes, Apollo finds himself trying to alter the fate of the only relationship he’s ever fought for in his life. Find out what happens when fate causes these two souls to collide at what seems like the worst possible time.


As I turned around, I was met by a man approaching with the familiar shiny beard hanging a couple inches from the sexiest, thick, plum kissed naturally colored lips I’d ever seen on a man. They were sucked in to be dressed in the glimmer of his pink tongue and housed by white vibrant teeth. That charming combination belonged to one man only. His hazel eyes peering through his mask confirmed that.

I hadn’t even realized I was biting down on my bottom lip until his eyes landed on the gesture. He leaned in and blessed my ear drums with his deep voice, coated in his trademark melodic rasp. At the same time he spoke, he inserted his large warm hand between my ear and shoulder commanding all of my senses to his glory.

“I owe you an apology, gorgeous.” The sound of his voice deeming me gorgeous and the feel of his skin made my panties moist, so I pulled back only to be pulled closer to him by his hand. He had no regard for boundaries and if his broad chest against mine didn’t feel so damn good, I would’ve checked him for it.

“Apollo, I get it. I already let that go,” I said as seriously as I could muster because I just wanted to moan and let him have his way with me instead. He took his mask off giving me a haven throbbing view of his full face. Those hazel eyes were low, clothed in desire and my pulse quickened.

“You’re a force. You and those rare blue eyes. You know that?”


Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of these releases coming soon.



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