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Tomorrow India T. Norfleet returns with Weekend Lust Binge and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



When what starts out as a weekend getaway to spend with her bestie turns into a full on lust binge, Penelope “Penny” Duncan isn’t surprised to be spinning uncontrollably in sexual turmoil over a man who literally showed her how the right stroke could leave her  in a constant state of uncontrollable euphoric arousal. With her focus now on nothing but the immeasurable pleasure she’d been blessed with, Penelope returns home only to realize that not everything is as it appears and not everyone finds her newfound happiness acceptable…

 From the minute Zamir Majors first caught sight of Penelope, he wanted her and was ready to do whatever was necessary to get her.  It was only a matter of time until he pulled the perfect move to secure her in his arms and his bed. As far as Zamir was concerned, Penelope is already his. It’s not until reality reminds him that not only is his plan dangerously flawed, but Penelope is a once in a lifetime catch, that Zamir is ready to make his move. Unfortunately, unthinkable accusations, seemingly tainted trust, and unforeseen mayhem just might cost Zamir the only the woman who’d ever showed him an untroubled enough view to binge on something much deeper than lust…


“You keep looking me up and down like that though and you gone have a problem on your hands Penny.”
“I highly doubt it. But in the event, I’m mistaken, I know how to handle all my problems extremely well.”
“You ain’t never had a problem like me before Penelope.”
“Maybe you’re right Zamir, but I bet I can still handle you accordingly and with no hands.”
“You should show me sometime.”
“I don’t know Zamir, what if you can’t handle it? After all, I’d hate for you to react prematurely.”
“Penelope, I don’t know what type of man you’re used to but nothing about me or attached to me operates prematurely.”
“Well, until you can prove it Zamir, I’ll keep my suspicions. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m quite famished.”  She smiled as she ran her hand across his arm seductively before easing out of his grasp and catching up to the oblivious hostess.
Their drinks and orders were placed immediately once they were seated.
“You’re a bold woman Penny, among other things.” Zamir observed Penelope in fascinating appreciation. She had his undivided attention and, in more ways, than one.
“You have issues with bold women Zamir? And explain those other things.” Penelope asked with amusement sparkling in her eyes before she severed their heated eye contact between them to take a sip of her ice water.
“Not at all. I’m intrigued by your boldness especially. And stunning, seductive, intriguing, a tease are those other things I was speaking of.” A grin played on Zamir’s lips as flashes of him making Penelope scream his name made his dick jump as if in an attempt to give her a strip tease.
“What makes you think I’m a tease?”
“The way you respond to me Penelope. You’re walking seduction, poetry in human form and all with a level of sexual self-comfort that mirrors my own.”
Penelope was speechless. She hid her shock well but deep down; she was in awe of this handsome stranger. No one had never read her so accurately. The realization made her clit pulsate and pound in her wetness.  Penelope not only had a feeling that this man was sexually dominating in bed, but he could teach her things in and out the bedroom.
 Zamir massaged his goatee with a smirk. He was tickled to the fullest by her speechlessness.
Zamir is something else! Just wait and see! If you’d like to be notified when this book goes live, join our mailing list here!

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