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Tomorrow Monica Walters returns with Be Careful What You Wish For, and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



When you’re young, that’s a time to handle business and have fun while doing it. As far as love goes, you can decide on that later. Ashahve Glasper has that figured out too. She knows what she wants out of life in all aspects of it. She’s attending the local university for her chosen career path when she discovers that she knows what she wants out of love as well. There is only one problem; he’s one of her professors. She does everything but tell him when it comes to her infatuation, making her interest in him known. Just when she thinks things are progressing the way she wants them to, yet another man crosses her path. She wonders how she can feel something for two men at once.

Love doesn’t have an age, as long as she’s legal. That’s Elijah Coleman’s standpoint. After having a tumultuous engagement to a woman that he thought was the one, he’s given up on love. That is until Ashahve graces his classroom. Although it had been years since his engagement, he’d never had the desire to move on. Ashahve does something to him, though. Just her aura captures him. Starting a relationship with his student would be against the code of conduct for the university and that is the only thing that is holding him back. Will that be enough to keep his emotions tamed?

Life is hard already, but some circumstances can make it harder. After getting a medical discharge from the military, Omari “Rich” Watson decides to go to school to make something more of his life. He has a daughter to take care of and help raise. After he’s left reeling from the death of his mother, his life seems to be at a standstill and he shuts everyone off from his love, including the mother of his daughter. The only one that can reach his heart is his little angel until he notices Ashahve. A chance encounter at school, gives him an opportunity to shoot his shot and he has no intentions of missing.

So many decisions to be made. This triangle is going to leave someone hurt, but who will it be? Or, will all of them lose?



I began slowly thrusting into her mouth and let my head drop backwards. My nut was rising, having a hard time resisting the urge to paint the walls of her throat in a disorderly fashion. “Oh fuck, Shavi. I’m ‘bout to nut.”

I had to throw that warning out there, just in case she wasn’t a swallower. Judging by the way she kept sucking, like she was thirsty for it, my assumption was that she wanted to swallow every drop. My seed shot from my dick which was firing at all cylinders, diving into her throat. She slowly released it as I watched her, then laid back in my bed, spreading her legs. Looking at the juices coming from her pussy, had me ready for some serious action. I grabbed a condom from my nightstand drawer and strapped up, then leaned over her and kissed her lips. Slowly, I slid my dick inside of her, and her tight wetness put my shit in a choke hold like I’d never felt. “Ahh, fuck!” I yelled.

I couldn’t help but let that shit out. My whole body shivered at how good her shit felt. As I filled her, she arched her back, taking all my shit. “Omariiii… oh God!”

I pulled out and had to do that shit all over again. It felt like that thang gushed all over me. Shit, she was gon’ have my ass sprung. That’s why that nigga was tripping. This was that pure, uncut, expensive shit, that left niggas strung out. I slammed into her and she screamed and scratched my back as I gave her that heavy-weight bout. Lifting her hips from the bed, I watched her damn near pull her hair out.

The way her pussy was swallowing my dick and holding it tight was taking me down quicker than a fresh helium-filled balloon that had been popped. Her moans, screams and scratches were causing me to reciprocate. I was never as vocal as I had been today. Usually, I talked shit, but she had me in here sounding like a bitch. Hovering over her, I slowed my pace and stared into her eyes as I stroked her deep.

She rubbed her hands down the sides of my face and bit her bottom lip. “Damn, your pussy feels good, girl.”

She wrapped her legs around my waist as she said, “And I want ownership of this dick.”

My pace quickened again, and I quit fighting the urge after she screamed and came all over my dick. “Shavi, fuuuuuck!”

I nutted so hard, that shit gave me headache. Lowering my head to her neck, I shivered once again at how good that shit felt. Yeah, hopefully this wouldn’t end here, because she had me… locked and loaded. She kissed my neck and I rolled off her, then watched her ease the condom off my dick. She went into my nightstand drawer and got another one, then sucked me ready. Maaan, listen. I thought she wasn’t ready, but fuck… I was the one that wasn’t ready.

After she strapped me up, she mounted me and rode my shit like a freedom rider whose life was on the line. I held onto her hips and enjoyed ever minute of it, while lifting my hips to match her with my thrusts. Watching her titties bounce and her pulling her hair was the sexiest thing I’d seen in a while. Keeping her eyes closed, she started to squirt, wetting up me and the bed, causing me to nut too soon.


Hope you’re ready to 1-click tomorrow!




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