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Tomorrow Lex.C. returns with Emancipated by Fate, the highly anticipated conclusion to the Because of Her Series, and we have one final sneak peek left to share with you!



Two hearts. 

One Battle

Apollo Xavier is the man behind the melodies and beats of the songs he makes with his chart topping group, The Camp. Staying grounded with fame, money, and an abundance of women is something he’s prided himself on, along with trying to weather his storms alone. When the past he’s worked so hard to reconstruct begins to deconstruct, he finds himself at the mercy of his soul as the pull of force in the form of curves and a heart of gold finds herself in the middle of his world.

Khalina “Khali” Brackett is a daddy’s girl to the public eye, seemingly bred to live in Khadeem Brackett’s self-centered shadow. Khalina’s heart has been the gift that keeps on giving since the beginning of her time. Ironically, she hasn’t been privy to receiving the love she puts out ever since tragedy deeply rooted the course of her life.

When Khalina’s position to follow her heart and deviate from her father’s plan lands her with the responsibility of maintaining a beautiful building built in the place of ashes, Apollo finds himself trying to alter the fate of the only relationship he’s ever fought for in his life. Find out what happens when fate causes these two souls to collide at what seems like the worst possible time.


Not even I could completely miss her rapid decline. Like myself, I knew he just wanted to hope for the best, instead of fear the worst. Hope driven denial was like a side effect on the label of a pill bottle. It stuck to people who were prescribed the responsibility of loving an addict.

Stepping from the hospital room to give my mind a break from continuously playing on what was in front of me, I shut my eyes, resting my back on the wall. Slow, rhythmic footsteps bounced off my eardrums as they approached, and I tuned into their flow. A coping mechanism I’d learned after battling years of anxiety on my own. You see, there was peace in every room. You just had to zero in on it and stay in that zone.

“Thank you,” Apollo’s deep voice, coated in his uniquely melodic rasp infiltrated my peace zone. I gladly gave way to its access while his sincerity lingered on those two words. Then he spoke again, “How is she?”

After silently savoring his settling sound for a few more seconds, I slowly opened my eyes and his rounded hazel orbs pierced mine. “She’s okay. Stubborn, but I’m sure you already know that.”

“Yeah, but what can I really do, you know? That’s my mama.”

“You can be the you that you’re afraid to let her see, for starters. Being strong for those in need will not bring out their strength. It’s a myth. If she thinks you don’t need her, she’ll act like it.”

Apollo lifted his brows, narrowing the bridge of his nose and scratching at the bottom of his beard. The dark hairs looked so soft and shiny I wanted to touch them in spite of his hard glare. “How you figure I’m not exactly the me she needs to see? As a matter of fact, how the hell do you even figure you really know us to begin with? I’m not afraid of anything but losing her because I wasn’t there, but that really isn’t any of your business to begin with, Brackett.”

Apollo took a step back from me, narrowing his eyelids and I watched them grow cold. Biting down gently on the inside of my cheek, I failed to find a response to his offensiveness. His feelings were just as warranted as mine so seeing as though he obviously felt I’d overstepped, I decided to keep stepping right on out of the hospital.

Realizing I was stranded, I pulled up my Uber app. While waiting, the last person I wanted to talk to at the moment called me. I thought about letting it ring but decided it was no point. It would just keep ringing after today’s events.

“Yes, Dad?”

“Why are you still at the hospital with that woman? Your leasing agent has been blowing my phone up for hours about shit that has nothing to do with me.”

I wanted to tell him I was still here because it was basically his damn fault.

Each book in the Because of Her Series are standalones and can be read in any order. Find them here!



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