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Tomorrow Desiree Franices returns with What God Has Joined and we have one final sneak peek to share with you.



She’s learned the lesson the hard way, now what?

Mary was finally able to admit she handles her anger in the worst way possible. And she was finally able to admit to being in love with Darold too. I watched her along with you and enjoyed Myself immensely chuckling at her tremulous road to this discovery. While the scariest part of her journey, admitting there was a problem, is over, the longest part of her journey is just beginning.

Now, she has to implement the lesson.

Tests and obstacles are given, persons from the past decide to make themselves known, and surprises shock not only her but the people around her. We all remember how Mary enjoys those surprises, don’t we? But can she handle them?

Where’s My popcorn? We were just getting to the good part! I can only remember one time My side hurt this much, and I’m pretty sure you remember it too.

Who am I?

Well, let’s just say there was a ram in the bush…

(This is a continuation of Desiree Francies’ debut novel, God’s Hand in Us)


Can we be done with this part already?” Des sighs next to me at the head table. “I’m bored, and this trail mix is terrible.” She frowns at her bowl digging through it. “These raisins look like a nigga’s stretched out nipples, they’re so big.”

What?” Char chokes on her soda.

“I said they look like…”

“I know what you said.” Char covers her eyes with her hands. “Ugh, I can’t un-see it. Lord, take the image out of my brain, please!” She shakes her head back and forth.

“And on that note, I am done with the snack bar.” I push my bowl away. Aunt Vickie brings her own bowl back to our table and sits across from me.

“What’s with the faces?” She asks chomping on peanuts.

“Not even gonna repeat it, Auntie.” I shake my head with a frown. Des rolls her eyes like I’m being dramatic.

“Look, all I’m saying is I can’t take much more of this bougie tea party crap. When do we get to the fun part?” Des asks the table. “I wanna grind on some random stranger and reminisce about the times when I was single and didn’t have a man at home trying me like I’m some kinda sample.”

“Uh oh. What’s going on with you and Jay?” Char asks.

“He acts like I’m supposed to play housewife before I get the wedding. I get it, we’ve already got kids and we’ve been together forever.” She rolls her eyes. “But we’re not married, and he doesn’t get husband perks without being the husband.” She huffs before lifting her cup. “Where’s the liquor?!”

“This is a dry bridal shower, unless you want sparkling apple juice,” I tell her before going back to the subject at hand. “Now just calm down and try to talk to Jay about how you feel.”

“Yeah, dry shower is right,” Des ignores my advice and raises an eyebrow. “Whose idea was that?”

“Chris,” I tell her. “I’m too busy planning a lit wedding reception. I just let her take the reins on all of this. You can tell, the room is covered in pink.” I gesture around me.

“Don’t worry, Des,” Char winks. “I was in charge of the after party.” She grins.

“Which means it’s bout to get real ratchet,” Des grins back offering her plastic cup for a toast.

Indeed it is, I think with a conniving smirk.


If you haven’t read book one God’s Hand In Us download a copy today so you’ll be all ready for tomorrows release!




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