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Tomorrow Aubreé Pynn returns with the conclusion to All to Myself, and we have one final sneak peek left to share with you!

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“Blessed be the Lord that teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight.”

I’m riding – that’s the promise Nina Jefferson made to Shaun that she will never regret. Not taking this promise lightly, Nina has broken down every door associated with him to let everyone know that she is in charge. While taking over the business, she experiences hurdles and an unexpected surprise that changes the course of everything.

While Shaun is away, his biggest worry is Nina’s safety. Doing everything in his power to refuse Nina from taking over the business, he realizes there is no way to stop her. Instead, Shaun beckons the help of Raheem and his lawyers to get him out, somehow, someway. That is the only way he can protect his family.

What Shaun doesn’t know is that he has a ram in the bush. But will it show up too late or right on time? Find out in All to Myself: Love, Power, and Respect.


Nina Jefferson

After a day of sightseeing with Giselle, I sat in the middle of my hotel room and typed out a few more businesses to acquire on my laptop. The goal for the next few months was to get enough so I could quickly flip all this money around as fast as I could. The faint buzz of my phone was distracting me from my task. Without looking at the screen, I ignored the call and zoned back in on my notes. Not even two minutes later the buzzing started again. Groaning to myself, I looked down at the screen to see a number I didn’t know.

Answering it, I was eager to get off the phone and go back to my task of the night. “Who’s this?”

“That’s how you answer the phone for me?” the voice that flooded into my eardrum caused me to freeze. “Nina are you at a loss for words?”

Pulling the phone away from my ear I hung up and tossed it across the bed. Shaun hadn’t bothered calling after ordering me to never come back to see him. Of course, I didn’t listen to him at first so I found myself going back to see him a week later only to find out he blocked my visits. On top of that, he sent all my letters back. I was happy to hear his voice but I was so frustrated with him, I just couldn’t give in and let him flood back. And I couldn’t tell on myself either.

The buzzing started again. I knew that he wasn’t going to stop until I talked to him. Staring at the phone, I grabbed it and answered. “What do you want?”

“Before you start, I know,” he attempted to smooth this over before it started but I wasn’t with the shits tonight.

“You know what Shaun? You blocked me from visiting. You sent my shit back, unopened. What don’t you want me to start? It’s very clear to me that you don’t want shit…so there’s nothing to start,” I fussed swinging my legs off the bed and standing up.

I heard him sigh and I could picture his face tightening up. “That’s not the case, baby. You know that.”

“I don’t. I know what you tell me. And for almost three months you have shut me out.”

“I don’t want you seeing me like this. You don’t deserve any nigga who can’t even protect you. I can’t do shit from behind these walls,” he grunted. “You’re out there running around these streets like El Chapo. I don’t like that shit. It makes me uneasy.”

“I know what I’m doing Shaun,” I defended placing my hand on the small pudge that sat above my waist.

“It is not about whether or not you know what you’re doing. It’s about my job. What I’m supposed to be doing and I can’t do it.”

I shook my head and closed my eyes before releasing a sigh. “I see you weren’t listening to me when I told you that I was going to ride. I meant that shit and that’s what I’m doing. Shaun, you can figure out if you want to take it or leave it. What I won’t be doing is being dismissed by you because you can’t swallow your pride for a few months and let someone else handle shit for you.”

Silence fell between us and I pressed my back against the wall wishing that he was here. “Nina… I want nothing more than to be with you. I mean that shit.”

If you haven’t part one of  All to Myself  download it today!




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