Happy Sunday Beauty!

First and foremost thank you for rocking with us and making #BLPMayMadness such a success! June has already kicked off and just like May it’s going to be dope!  Maybe we should call it #summerdopeness.


We’ll hold off on that for now, but new month does mean new books. Throughout the entire month of June we’ll be sharing samples of all the dope (there it is again) reads that we have lined up.


Coming 6/15-Chelsea Maria-More Than A CrushIMG_0751



He asked me to tutor him in the eleventh grade. That was the first time my young heart fell out of rhythm. By senior year, we were best friends, and my unconditional love for him had awakened. By the time we finished college, I experienced my first heartbreak. 

He’d chosen another. Someone that wasn’t me.

He’s still my best friend. I love him. All I need is for him to love me the way I’ve always loved him, but now I’ve embarked upon another problem…

I’m falling in love with someone else.

Is it too late for us? Why can’t he see me? See that I’m the only woman who can love him efficiently. 


The first time I laid eyes on her; time stopped. I vowed to never let her go and accepted the tormenting role of being her best-friend. I wanted to be her lover. 

I courted others unwillingly, because she sought men that weren’t me.

She’s the air that I breathe. No one else compares to her.

Am I invisible? Why can’t she see me? See that I’m the only man who can fill her hollow places.


“Give me your phone.” Here we go. Chauncey was selfish and stingy. He hated his time being disturbed, and when he wanted you, he wanted all of you. No interruptions. No distractions. Nothing but you giving him your attention.

“Haven’t you grown out of being so demanding and spoiled?” I had no problem handing over my phone. I loved when he demanded my attention without caring if someone else suffered. He wanted what he wanted.



His eyes slanted in the corners. He tried to break me down with his signature pensive unwavering stare, but I stood my ground. “Ol’ boy had his time,” he held his hand out. “Now, I want mine.”

Everyone on planet Earth knew how much Terrance and Chauncey disliked each other. Terrance hated how close he and I were, how I wouldn’t compromise when it came to Chauncey. And Chauncey thought I could do better.

Huffing, I gave in. I knew who I was dealing with and he wouldn’t stop until he had my phone. Ironically, right as I placed it in his hands, Terrance was calling. I tried to pry it out of his hand but that was an epic fail on my part.

Smirking, he answered my phone. “Gianni isn’t available and won’t be until I feel like letting her go. Don’t worry. She’s in good hands.” He hung up and powered off my phone, placing it in his pocket.

“Fix your face,” he scowled.

“Why must you act so childish?”

“Why must you keep giving what is mine to a dude that doesn’t deserve you?”

Chauncey one. Gianni zero.

Okay, he won that round.


Coming 6/17-Monica Walters-You Just Might Get It



They say experience is the best teacher, but apparently, Ashahve still has more to learn. After falling for who she believes is the man of her dreams, familiar patterns and habits start to rear their ugly heads. Determined not to take any chances, she chooses to do something about it early on. However, she wonders if she made the right decision. Her heart won’t let her move on, and it tends to care about past acquaintances far more than it should. 

Struggling his entire life to cope with traumatic events, Omari has yet to see so many things go wrong at once. Before he can fully recover from one thing, he’s hit with the next. Life unexpectedly hands out blow after blow. Revealing his true emotions has always been a problem for him, so he does what he knows to do regarding them. It doesn’t help that he still doesn’t know how to handle past disappointments. When new issues arise, they only compound on top of old ones, threatening to make a lethal combination. 

Finding peace and learning from past decisions has Elijah living a renewed life. He’s been able to come to grips with his choices and their consequences. There’s only one problem; he still loves the woman he was forced to leave in the past. Despite the advice of others and trying to move on with someone new, he can’t seem to leave her where she belongs. Unfortunately, she doesn’t make this decision easy for him to make. While his attachment to this woman nearly caused his ruin once before, he’s willing to take that risk once again. 

Three totally different personalities find themselves weaved into an ugly web, that they never fully made it out of, one of them barely escaping by the skin of their teeth. Unable to control their desires, they find themselves in compromising situations that threaten to take them captive. Who will overcome and come out on top this time?


Once we got to Floyd’s, Omari seemed extremely quiet. We’d talked briefly about how he told Jordynn that he and Piper needed to talk before she could see her again. He said Jordynn seemed to understand. As long as she would get to eventually see Piper, she was okay. Hopefully, they worked this out soon for her sake. He walked around and opened my door, then Jordynn’s.

“Thank you, Da-dy.”

“Yeah. Thank you, Daddy.”

Jordynn giggled as Omari looked at me with a one-cheeked smile on his face. Instead of allowing Jordynn to walk between us, he walked in the middle, holding me at my waist. He kissed my shoulder. “Damn, shawty. You look so good. I can’t wait to hear you call me daddy later,” he mumbled close to my ear.

“I bet you can’t.”

He chuckled as we walked inside. Being that it was a weekday, we were seated right away. You couldn’t get within a mile of this place on the weekends. Their food was that good. They sold a variety of seafood and American cuisine, that kept people in southeast Texas feeling right at home. The atmosphere was light, and it was just an all-around comfortable setting.

“Ooooh, I want some alligator,” I said as I salivated merely at the thought.

“Alligator?” Jordynn asked with her face scrunched up.

Omari chuckled. “Yeah, baby girl. They cut the tail up in pieces and fry it.”


We both laughed at Jordynn’s facial expression. The waitress came to take our drink and appetizer orders, and we were practically quiet until she returned. I was known to lack conversation at times, but lately, I’d feed off Omari. But he was quiet. Before we could dig into the alligator, Omari grabbed my hand. My eyes lifted to his and he grabbed Jordynn’s as well. I could feel the slight tremble in his hand, and it made me somewhat nervous.

Omari didn’t seem to have a fearful bone in his body, but here he was trembling like he was scared. He bowed his head and he began to pray. That was odd as well, because we always said our own grace. I listened to him thank the Lord for the food and for us being able to dine together. Then he said, “I also wanna thank you for bringing Ashahve into our lives. She’s the woman I’ve always wanted. I hope she can feel how much I love her, because I suck at this emotional thing.”

My eyes popped open and I stared at him as he continued. “Lord, she’s perfect for me. Help me to give her everything she desires emotionally… everything she needs. In Jesus name, Amen.”

The tears were falling down my cheeks as Omari opened his eyes and looked right at me. “I love you, Ashahve.”

I felt like I was hyperventilating. I always thought I would be the one to say it first without knowing for sure if I’d get a response. “I love you too, Shavi!” Jordynn added.

I swallowed hard and stood to my feet as he watched. After walking over to him, he stood from his seat and I pulled his face to mine and laid a huge kiss on him. “Omari, I love you too.”

The tears really sprang from my eyes, just from saying those words to him. He pulled me in his arms and held me close as Jordynn asked, “What’s wrong?”

Pulling away from him, I turned to her and said, “I love you too, baby. And for once, nothing’s wrong. Everything is right.”


Coming 6/19-Ash Ley-Atonement: When It All Falls Downatonement


After her mother’s untimely passing, Juniper Tate left the only home she’d ever known. As the years pass, Juniper realizes the only way to truly move forward with her life is if she returns to the place that still holds so many painful memories. Being welcomed back with open arms makes Juniper think the rash decision is going to be the best she’s made yet. Her desire to feel wanted and shake the loneliness that’s plagued her for so long results in her making one too many mistakes. When it’s all said and done, she finds herself struggling for redemption and being left to pay the price for all of her wrong doing. 


It was sad too because I easily could’ve felt differently had he taken a little bit of time to make sure my needs were met as well. But that’s a risk I knew about when I decided to sleep with a stranger.

When I made it to the elevator, I was surprised that I was having to wait for it to reach me. I imagined there’d be no one in this sleazy hotel and if there was, they’d still be sleeping. Hearing the woman behind me clearing her throat made me face her. She had her nose pointed to the ceiling as she took in my slightly disheveled appearance, acknowledging that she knew what I’d done last night. My untidy hair, the wrinkled and slightly torn dress and the underwear that were balled up in my hand. I’ll admit, me being barefoot while my heels were in my other hand didn’t help. Still, she didn’t know me so who was she to even look my way as if she were disappointed? 

“Can I help you with something?”

Her eyes widened as she quickly shook her head from side to side. As if on que the elevator arrived. While I stepped on, she stayed behind waiting on the next one. She was smarter than she let on because I was seconds away from lighting into her judgmental ass. I already wasn’t the proudest of being caught doing the walk of shame and didn’t need her, a complete stranger, making it worse. I was young and just wanted to enjoy my life.

For years, I’d lived my life in one way and one way only. By the books. I was a good girl in every sense of the word. I went to school and worked most of my life. Now that I had graduated and was in a position to take care of myself, I was being wilder. More carefree. I no longer knew limits and because of it there seemed to be a fine line on what I would and wouldn’t do. Of course this wasn’t going to be long term. I had plans on settling down, falling in love and all of that good stuff. Just no time soon. There was money to make and fun to be had. Everything else could honestly wait.


Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of these releases coming soon!



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