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Tomorrow Chelsea Maria returns with More Than A Crush and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!




He asked me to tutor him in the eleventh grade. That was the first time my young heart fell out of rhythm. By senior year, we were best friends, and my unconditional love for him had awakened. By the time we finished college, I experienced my first heartbreak. 

He’d chosen another. Someone that wasn’t me.

He’s still my best friend. I love him. All I need is for him to love me the way I’ve always loved him, but now I’ve embarked upon another problem…

I’m falling in love with someone else.

Is it too late for us? Why can’t he see me? See that I’m the only woman who can love him efficiently. 


The first time I laid eyes on her; time stopped. I vowed to never let her go and accepted the tormenting role of being her best-friend. I wanted to be her lover. 

I courted others unwillingly, because she sought men that weren’t me.

She’s the air that I breathe. No one else compares to her.

Am I invisible? Why can’t she see me? See that I’m the only man who can fill her hollow places.



Gripping the end of my jersey that she wore, I pulled her into me. “I’ve missed you so much, Gia. I don’t like it when we’re at odds.”

“Me either,” she mumbled, holding onto me with a tight grip.

The silence that passed between us was needed. It gave us time to get reacquainted with one another. For my body to relax and heart to smile. I missed smelling her oatmeal and honey fragrance. Missed her blonde pixie cut. Missed feeling her hands hold onto me like she was afraid of letting me go.

All I wanted was my heartbeat to get back in sync with hers so I could breathe without feeling like it was my last. Our connection was too powerful to break over something like this. We were stronger than this.

“I know…”

“We can’t…”

We shared a laugh. Our minds were working in overload and wanted to speak at the same time.

Glancing at her front door, knowing who stood behind it waiting, I chose my words carefully. “Before you fix your mouth to say that what happened between us was a mistake or I wasn’t thinking clearly, I was. I meant everything, and I’ll say it again, so you know that I didn’t speak out my ass. I want you as mine, Gianni.”

Already her head was shaking. “Chauncey, I-I…”

“Gianni, we need to finish our talk.” I hated how she felt like she had to move out of my arms because her lame ass dude came back out.

“Yo, you don’t see that she’s talking.” I moved her to the side and stepped towards him.  He didn’t know how much of a death wish he had over his head.

“I’m coming, Terrance. Give me a few minutes.” Seeing her hand on his chest, infuriated me.

“No, Gianni. Come inside.” He kept whining like a little bitch.

Closing her eyes, she sighed and cleared her throat. Right when I thought she was about to let him have it for frustrating her, she surprised me by what she said. “Chauncey, my answer is still the same. Nothing will change. Go back to camp before they find out that you left.” Watching her close the door in my face, my heart broke.

But still, that wasn’t enough.

Resting my head on the door, I held the knob in my hand. Call it weird or crazy, but I felt like she was on the other side of the door doing the same. Our connection hadn’t been cut off. The door separating us didn’t stop it.

“I promise I won’t stop fighting for you, Gianni.” Knowing that I needed to get going, I reluctantly walked away.


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