Hey, beauty!

Tomorrow Monica Walters returns with, You Just Might Get it, book 2 of the Behind Closed Doors Series, and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



They say experience is the best teacher, but apparently, Ashahve still has more to learn. After falling for who she believes is the man of her dreams, familiar patterns and habits start to rear their ugly heads. Determined not to take any chances, she chooses to do something about it early on. However, she wonders if she made the right decision. Her heart won’t let her move on, and it tends to care about past acquaintances far more than it should. 

Struggling his entire life to cope with traumatic events, Omari has yet to see so many things go wrong at once. Before he can fully recover from one thing, he’s hit with the next. Life unexpectedly hands out blow after blow. Revealing his true emotions has always been a problem for him, so he does what he knows to do regarding them. It doesn’t help that he still doesn’t know how to handle past disappointments. When new issues arise, they only compound on top of old ones, threatening to make a lethal combination. 

Finding peace and learning from past decisions has Elijah living a renewed life. He’s been able to come to grips with his choices and their consequences. There’s only one problem; he still loves the woman he was forced to leave in the past. Despite the advice of others and trying to move on with someone new, he can’t seem to leave her where she belongs. Unfortunately, she doesn’t make this decision easy for him to make. While his attachment to this woman nearly caused his ruin once before, he’s willing to take that risk once again. 

Three totally different personalities find themselves weaved into an ugly web, that they never fully made it out of, one of them barely escaping by the skin of their teeth. Unable to control their desires, they find themselves in compromising situations that threaten to take them captive. Who will overcome and come out on top this time?


I ripped her silk and lace thong right off her, and dove tongue-first into her. Shavi flinched at my roughness and let a moan escape her lips. She was so sweet and was her own flavor of Kool-Aid. I loved Kool-Aid. Swirling my tongue around her trigger, she grabbed my head and pulled me closer, practically drowning me in that mango squeeze. Once I began sucking her clit, I slid two fingers inside of her and held her in place with my other arm.

She was squirming all over the bed, moaning softly, while her hands held my head in pace. I hit that G-spot in the come-hither motion as I sucked her clit. She removed her hands from my head, then grabbed a pillow and screamed into it as she came all over my face. I literally had to stop before she drowned me. She was squirting everywhere, and I loved every minute of it. I couldn’t wait for her to stop.

I wanted her to squirt on me where it counted most. Swiftly removing my pants, I dove into her pussy as she continued to release her juices. Staying on my knees as I lifted her hips and stroked her slowly, I watched that thang juice all over my dick. That shit had me trembling. I was so damned turned on and turned out, I could feel my nut rising already.

It was too soon for that shit. My lil baby deserved an all-night worship of her body. That body was just as blessed as her heart. It was what first attracted me to her. That coke bottle ain’t had shit on Shavi. Her ass was like two fluffy pillows that made a nigga weak and she had the thighs to match that shit.

She removed the pillow from her face as I released her hips and leaned over her, tongue kissing those Hershey kisses on her chest. I swore her nipples had chocolate coming from them. Everything about her body had me addicted… craving her daily. Shit, if I could have her every hour, I would. Her soft moans were like music to my ears, serenading me through this amazing workout. Not to mention the accompaniment her pussy was giving. That made it a masterpiece that I should be recording.

Those gushy noises were like balm to an open wound… healing me in every way imaginable. My lips made their way to hers and I kissed her like my life depended on it. She was the nourishment to my heart… my soul… my mind, and this was the only way I felt completely comfortable saying that to her. I said it through my actions, and by the sounds she was making, I had no choice but to assume she was pleased.

If you haven’t read book one of this series, Be Careful What You Wish For, download it today so you’ll be all caught up tomorrow!


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