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It’s Sample Sunday, and we have three samples of the next set of releases coming your way! Go on and indulge yourself!

First-6/18-Worth The Fight-C. Monetworththefight


In the final installment of the Love Under New Management series, we finish up with Belize – the youngest member of the crew but probably the most damaged. 

Belize Osbourne has her own struggles that make a life of love seem unreachable. They say pretty hurts and as beautiful as she may be, she has some ugly truths that catapult her into a downward spiral. Dawn offers her a job she can’t turn down.

Dooney has been in her line of sight from the very beginning, and he too has trust issues and his own story of the struggle. Dooney has baggage, and bringing Belize in to help him get to the next level of his boxing career is the last thing he wants to do.

With Belize being pushy and knowing she’s the best one for the job, she pushes and inserts herself into his life against his wishes. Eventually, he sees how special she is and lends a helping hand to fight her demons but tragedy hits and causes them to hit pause. The tables turn and both have to find themselves alone so they can be dangerous together. Find out if love will knock them down but be so strong that it also picks them back up.


You know it’s your turn to settle down,” Toni mentioned. Instantly my nose turned up as if there was a strong stench in the room. Toni was on that good foolishness today.

“Just because y’all turned in y’all playa cards doesn’t mean the clock is ticking on me. I’m good single.” I couldn’t wrap my head around why every time we got around we were having this conversation. At one point it was me and Toni convincing Dawn and now they were teaming up against me with talks of the R word.

“We all said that now look at us,” Dawn commented. Her wedding ring twinkled and caught my eye, it was beautiful. Out of the twenty two years on this earth settling down hadn’t crossed my mind like I knew it should have. By now I should have considered it, but I really hadn’t given it much thought. The future scared me when it came to getting married. I couldn’t imagine being with the same person every day all damn day. Or dealing with someone that couldn’t keep it in the pants. I’d be in the darkest hole the penal system had if I got fucked over.

“But you two are different. Ultimately you wanted it. I can’t say that I want it. I’m not totally  against love or monogamy it’s just to much pressure for me.”

“The pressure is the best part. The ability to love someone and fully trust them is almost as good as sex. I know when I come home my person is there to be my person. There’s nothing wrong with being exclusive.”

“I’m happy for you both but being exclusive requires a lot of thinking about others and forgetting about yourself. I’m just not there yet.”

I watched my mother eat and dispose of men my entire life. There was no doubt in my mind that I wasn’t just like her. In high school, I played the boys, and now was no different. She would bring them in keep them around until she got what she needed and by morning they would be gone back home to their wives and children. It was a cycle that planted a seed of fear so deep in me it was now a budding tree of being treated the same.

“She’s still young, Dawn and I can’t blame her. Had it not been for Esko hounding me like a dog I would still be in these streets chewing men up and spitting them out like sunflower seeds,” Toni commented.

“I just fear turning out like Levitra Shante Thorne. She still hasn’t planted her roots and she going on fifty. I’m probably cursed or some shit.”

The only way I could combat the nagging feeling of being the wife was to not become a wife. Over the span of her scheming, several wives had come to our home with makeup running, tears rolling down their faces and kids in tow to address my mother about sleeping with their husbands or draining their bank account.

“You not cursed. You just need to find someone that can show you love and how it opens you to all kinds of other shit. Love is the key,” Dawn said attempting to convince me. Even at a young age I knew I wasn’t cut out for relationships. I hadn’t learned how to love properly because I wasn’t loved properly.

“You know I watched her love everything but me. If your own momma can’t love you who can?”

Second-6/21-Love Scenes-India T. NorfleetIMG_7720 2


Love Scenes: Carnal Escapes is a combination of lust and seduction right before the beautiful collision of body pounding, soul craving excitement that catapults you into the deepest sea of orgasms ever created. Nothing more perfect will compare to moments spent atop and beneath your lover, acting out the very feel and mood of this erotic poetry book you now possess.

Love Scenes will immediately have you do away with everything you think you hunger for to indulge repeatedly in pleasure you never knew you craved. So grab your lover by the hand, this book by the spine, and your wildest, most deliciously scorching fantasies by the horns and succumb to all things sinfully magnificent.

A Word from the Author:

For all my erotic poetry lovers, this particular journey is for you. These words, these moments, this dope collection is for you. Don’t shame your desires, embrace them. Let the rest of the world catch up to your level of comfort with your love for erotic visions and words. Fill your love nest walls with posters of my tempting poetry.

Third-6/30-Could This Be Love-Kay ShaneeCould This Be Love


Twenty-seven-year-old, single mother, Nia Simpson’s professional life couldn’t be better. She loves everything about her job as a Human Resources Training Manager. However, her personal life leaves a lot to be desired. Her last relationship ended horribly, over four years ago. Refusing to be burned again, she decided to focus on her career, and because she isn’t a fan of one night stands, her sex life is non-existent.

In comes Raffiel.

Thirty-two-year-old Raffiel Jeffries is every woman’s dream. Tall, dark, handsome, and beyond successful. As the CEO of Jeffries Management, Inc., he can have any woman he wants and there have been times in his life when he did just that. However, as he’s gotten older and more mature, he has a strong desire to love one and be loved by one woman. He thought he had found that in his ex but she was a fraud.

When these two meet, sparks fly and they can’t resist the pull they have on each other. However, the baggage that they both bring to the table creates some issues that neither one of them is prepared to handle. Even still, controlling the speed at which they are falling for each other is impossible as they both question if this could be love.


The door opened and the person on the other side of it could have been Nia’s twin. But Raffiel knew that she wasn’t his baby. He assumed it was her younger sister and was glad that she decided to let him in. From the looks of it, Nia was about to let him stand outside all damn night. She was standing away from the door with a .22 caliber gun in her hand.

He walked in and at first, neither Raffiel nor Nia said a word. They held each other’s gaze for what seemed like forever before Raffiel spoke up.

“The hell you gon’ do with that lil shit, Nia?” Raffiel referred to the tiny handgun Nia still held in her hand.

“Wha- what are you doing here?” she asked timidly, her eyes blinking a mile a minute.

“What did you expect? I went to your suite expecting to find you there and it was empty. I lost count of the number of times I called your phone. Did you think that I was gon’ just let you go?” He took a few more steps in her direction.

“I didn’t expect you to fly all the way to Chicago in the middle of the night. You shouldn’t be here.” She walked backward a few steps because she knew that when he touched her any argument she had would be long forgotten.

“I thought we discussed this already.” The sadness and confusion in his voice was very apparent.

“That was before I found out that you owned the damn company! You failed to share with me that important piece of information!” she yelled, swinging the gun.

“Sissy,” Nila approached her and snatched the gun from her hands. “I’ll just take this before you do something stupid.”

Nila scurried into Nia’s bedroom to put the gun back in the box and locked it. She knew that she probably should give them some privacy but she was too nosey and wanted to see how this would play out. Returning to the living room, she sat on the couch and watched the drama unfold.

“Why does that matter? Does me being the CEO change what’s happening between us and how you feel about me?”

“You’re not just the CEO, Raffiel. You own the damn company! I would say that changes a lot!”


Thanks for reading! Now get back to enjoying your Sunday!


The Authors of BLP




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