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Tomorrow C. Monet returns with Worth The Fight, the third and final book in the Love Under New Management Series.

In the first book, Breaking Dawn, we met Dawn Theron and Andre Cain who seemed like they but when it came down to love and business the spoke the same language. In book two, Let Love Come Through, we followed Toni Angelo and Eskovan Bayer, and lets just say Esko is most definitely bae!

In this third book we finally get to see what’s going on in the heart and mind of Belize!



In the final installment of the Love Under New Management series, we finish up with Belize – the youngest member of the crew but probably the most damaged. 

Belize Osbourne has her own struggles that make a life of love seem unreachable. They say pretty hurts and as beautiful as she may be, she has some ugly truths that catapult her into a downward spiral. Dawn offers her a job she can’t turn down.

Dooney has been in her line of sight from the very beginning, and he too has trust issues and his own story of the struggle. Dooney has baggage, and bringing Belize in to help him get to the next level of his boxing career is the last thing he wants to do.

With Belize being pushy and knowing she’s the best one for the job, she pushes and inserts herself into his life against his wishes. Eventually, he sees how special she is and lends a helping hand to fight her demons but tragedy hits and causes them to hit pause. The tables turn and both have to find themselves alone so they can be dangerous together. Find out if love will knock them down but be so strong that it also picks them back up.


“So are we done here?” he asked standing to his feet completely ignoring what I said. His body shaded mine. I couldn’t feel the sun beaming down on my back. Raising my eyes to meet his, his distant look told pieces of his story and explained why he wasn’t comfortable telling it to me. Dooney didn’t trust easy and he was embarrassed. I wondered how bad it was for him to be so guarded about it. I needed to do some digging on my own to try and understand his stance on shutting the world out.

“Yea, for the day, but Friday we change your wardrobe for functions. We are doing this whether you tell me your story or not.”

“You just don’t know how to quit huh?” he asked with a slight chuckle. Quitting was one thing my mother never taught me. I was pressing forward because that was my job. We could play this game his way for now but eventually he wouldn’t be able to shut me out. I wasn’t going to give up.

“Damn right, you don’t scare me. I have a job to do and I plan to do it whether you play nice or not. Even if that means I can’t ride you like a boogie board until after.”

“What?” he asked laughing and falling back into the door.

“You heard me. Play nice with me and I’ll play nice with you,” I winked and gathered my things. In the midst of grabbing my purse I knocked it over. All my belongings fell to the floor and as I bent down to pick them up, he spotted my small pouch of pills. I almost knocked him over to get to them before he could investigate. He stood and watched me gather my things and I couldn’t even look him in the eyes. Stepping to the door, he stopped me, lifted my chin and looked in my eyes with a knowing look. The stare was so powerful, I felt my knees buckle.

“Belize, you are probably the sexiest woman I’ve laid eyes on with those gray eyes, light freckles and damn sexy body but I’m not my niggas. You won’t have me out here weeping like a bitch. And you better make sure your hustle bigger than your habit.”

“And, Dooney, let me make something clear since we’re being honest. I don’t quit and I don’t like being told no. I don’t want you weeping, I want you screaming my name. Good day,” I responded. Side stepping and exiting the door, I turned to check if he was watching and he was. Dooney was watching all while licking his lips and stroking his full beard.

If you haven’t read book one or two of this series go grab them and get caught up before tomorrows release!




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