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Tomorrow Ash Ley returns with Atonement: When It All Falls Down the very first book in our new Bittersweet line!



After her mother’s untimely passing, Juniper Tate left the only home she’d ever known. As the years pass, Juniper realizes the only way to truly move forward with her life is if she returns to the place that still holds so many painful memories. Being welcomed back with open arms makes Juniper think the rash decision is going to be the best she’s made yet. Her desire to feel wanted and shake the loneliness that’s plagued her for so long results in her making one too many mistakes. When it’s all said and done, she finds herself struggling for redemption and being left to pay the price for all of her wrong doing. 


From the beginning, I’d told him I wanted to have sex. I’d even told him it was okay if he expected nothing from me aside from that because I wasn’t interested in shit else. The thing with Laith was, he wasn’t feeling that. He was feeling me. He didn’t just want to have sex. He actually wanted to take the time and get to know me. You didn’t meet too many men who were genuinely like that.

No matter how many times I tried reassuring him it was okay if we did just keep things physical, he in turn reiterated that he wanted something deeper. He was so damn nice and patient. Despite how he tried not to open up, it came effortlessly when I was with him. Crazy enough, it made me want him more, but all we were doing was kissing and hugging. I was lucky if I could get a back rub from this man and I knew I should’ve been grateful, compared to who I could’ve had, but I was bored.

It was ironic, because me and Laith both wanted more, but two completely different versions of what that was. It was like dating a priest or something. Was it going to kill him to give me a little tongue? A little finger action? Did I have to lay in the bed butt ass naked with a sign that read “take advantage of me.” I mean, what the hell was a girl supposed to do to get some play?

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you now, would it?”

“In my defense, you haven’t told me a single thing. Not even that it was a surprise. Can I at least get a hint?”


I blew out a breath from his shortness. I wasn’t upset with him, but the suspense was killing me. Sensing how antsy I’d grown; he placed a hand on my knee. This was a prefect example of what I was talking about. My thigh was not even five inches away, yet he chose to play it safe. To play it friendly. I placed my hand on his, slowly moving it to where it should’ve gone in the first place. He didn’t pull away as I expected. He instead smirked, shaking his head.

“You just can’t help yourself, can you?”

“Nope.” I giggled.

He was driving and paying attention to the road. While I knew how important it was to let him keep his focus, I figured this would be a good time at getting some of the sexual tension relieved. Laith might have been good about not touching me, but I knew that it wasn’t easy. The tent in his pants, even now, was always a dead giveaway. I continued moving his hand, spreading my legs in the process.

My heart began to pound in my chest from how bold I was being. It was teetering desperation, but I didn’t even care. Laith had never let me go this far so I was hopeful he was feeling frisky just like I was. He squeezed the inside of my thigh before his hand -of its own free will might I add- located the treasure between my legs. I held my breath, anticipating his touch. He took his bottom lip inside of his mouth and just as he allowed his middle finger to lazily toy between my legs, he was pulling his hand away.

“You are nothing but a tease.”

“And you’re nothing but trouble,” he muttered.

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