Happy Sunday Beauties!

It’s Sample Sunday of course, and we have three samples of the next set of releases coming your way! We’ll be closing out June with the poetic verses of Muse Me from Mycah Edwards and a beautiful finale of Angel and Saint’s story from Ivy Laika in A Love Unrefined. And as if that wasn’t enough, ASH LEY is kicking off July just right with Say He’ll Make it Real perfect for #summersizzle!



“Your brown skin imprinted on my mind, I couldn’t forget your smile even while I slept…”

This collection of poetry and prose was inspired by the novel M[USE] ME. It takes you through the emotions I felt while crafting the tragically sensual story of Cassidy and Life. Though there are some pieces of the story in here, if you haven’t had the chance to check it out in its entirety, please do. The love nestled between those pages is an experience that I feel everyone should have and of course I am not just saying this because it’s my work. I’m saying this confidently because of the conversations it will encourage you to have with your significant other whether you’re dating now or in the future when you become committed to another. You are deserving of so much and I hope that you realize this. So this, I dedicate to you. May the love be intense. May the love be real. And most importantly may it make your toes curl like never before.


Is it frustrating that I want you but don’t know how to say the words?

I want you to take control of my body the same way you’ve taken over my heart

I know what I want but when it comes time to speak, I just don’t know where to start

You make me feel emotions I’ve never encountered before

My body reacts in a way I’m not familiar with, but I know the tingles and aches are a good thing

If only I knew how to express it to you

If only I could communicate what my body needs

What my mind needs

What my heart needs…

And that’s you in every way

So baby just tell me what can we do to make this easier for us both because I crave you and I know you crave me

Just tell me what the magic words are, and I’ll scream them from the top of my lungs

Are the keywords Enter me? What about feed me?

Just what do I say to let you know that I need to feel you deeper than any soul has gone before

I’ve never been a person of many words so the command can be simple

Just tell me what I need to say to get you in my sacred space

Just tell me what I need to say…



A Love Unrefined is a spinoff of Untainted Love. It can be read as a standalone but to better understand Angel and Saint’s story, I recommend reading Untainted Love first.

Marriage was never meant to be easy. Saint and Angel Baptiste are proof of that. With ten years of being together and nine years of marriage behind them, they believe that they are the strongest they have ever been.

Angel has fought with demons from her past daily so that she could learn how to properly love the man that gave her everything. She thought she had outgrown the feeling of fear but when she must reveal a secret that she’s kept from him for over a year, she becomes unsure if Saint will continue to fight against her fear.

Saint had fought for Angel’s trust and love since the day they first met. She was stubborn, but she had finally met her match with him. He conquered what was at first the impossible task of gaining her trust. But when Angel’s secret is revealed, he realizes that he couldn’t have been more wrong.

Will the bond they built be broken because of Angel’s secret? A love unrefined has its hurdles but will the two be able to get past the new ones that they are faced with? Or will they call it quits after a decade of love?


Angel stood up and began walking around the table towards me. I pushed my seat back anticipating what was to come. Her wide hips swaying towards me had me in a hypnotic state. I couldn’t pull my eyes from them. It wasn’t until she straddled me that I looked up into her eyes. There was a mixture of emotions hidden in them. Lust. Pain. Uncertainty. Hope. Fear.

“Kiss me,” she commanded. It wasn’t a question. It was a clear demand. That’s when I realized that I had lost my ability to tell her no. No part of me wanted to deny her. It was no longer an option that I had.

I leaned into her before taking her plump bottom lip into my mouth. I savored the taste of her mouth as our kiss deepened. With one hand on her waist and the other in her thick curly hair, I drew her closer into me. I held onto her as tightly as I could hoping to feed the need that was burning inside of me. Hoping that her sweet saliva would drip down my throat and put out the fire that was threatening to burn me alive. Then she pulled away taking my breath and heart with her.

“Honesty. Can you give me that?” she asked.

Without any reluctance I answered, “Yes. Are you sure you want that?”

THIRD-7/1- SAY HE’LL MAKE IT REAL BY ASH LEY sayhe'llmakeitreal


After an unusual first encounter, two complete strangers simply trying to escape their harsh realities by vacationing on a beautiful island find themselves in a situation neither bargained for. As their short time together begins to dwindle, neither can help but wonder if them crossing paths was merely a coincidence or a twist of fate meant to pull them together. In this sizzling novella, Moira and Chance have nothing to lose, but so much to gain. Will they be able to continue on with what started as an innocent fantasy, or will reality be better than their fantasies causing them to want more?


Because I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings, I’d bumped into someone. Not only had the impact made me lose the contents of both hands, he dropped his items as well. I’m not sure what I expected aside from us gathering our things, but the small talk he tried making wasn’t it. 

“My fault, beautiful,” He said. 

“I know.” 


“It is your fault, and I am beautiful. Now, thanks for making me drop my food,” I said, snatching my phone from his hand. 

I didn’t bother looking at him or picking up the food off the ground. I was honestly glad that I hadn’t gotten any of it on me. I prepared to go on my way when I could hear him snickering. That’s when I turned around, facing him. The view quickly had me swallowing as I took in the stranger I was being unnecessarily rude to. With a tall, muscular build, chiseled and well-defined face and an intense pair of black eyes, he was something to admire. His mahogany skin was free of flaws, and he had a smile to match. Still, I didn’t soften up. Why would I?

“What’s funny?” I questioned. 

“You. I didn’t mean to bump into you, but I also wasn’t the only one not paying attention either.”

He was right, and it upset me. I was already upset, but this was certainly making it worse. I didn’t have time for this back and forth about who did this and that. Not with a stranger. When he knew that I had nothing to say back, his lips curved into a smirk. I can’t even lie and act as if I wanted to smack it off his face. How could I when the arrogance made him ten times more attractive? 

“Fucking asshole.” 

I rolled my eyes, walking off. Laughter didn’t follow behind me, and I was a bit surprised. I wish I had eyes in the back of my head so that I could see if he were trailing me or still stuck in place. When I didn’t feel his presence or hear him speak, I knew he didn’t come after me. Then again, I was probably just some crazy bitch to him.


Thanks for reading! Make sure you stay tuned for more samples and sneak peeks to come from the authors of BLP!













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