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Tomorrow Mycah Edwards blesses our kindles with the most beautiful, heart stirring and passion filled poetic collection. To prepare you for what she has in store we have one more final sneak peek to share with you.



“Your brown skin imprinted on my mind, I couldn’t forget your smile even while I slept…”

This collection of poetry and prose was inspired by the novel M[USE] ME. It takes you through the emotions I felt while crafting the tragically sensual story of Cassidy and Life. Though there are some pieces of the story in here, if you haven’t had the chance to check it out in its entirety, please do. The love nestled between those pages is an experience that I feel everyone should have and of course I am not just saying this because it’s my work. I’m saying this confidently because of the conversations it will encourage you to have with your significant other whether you’re dating now or in the future when you become committed to another. You are deserving of so much and I hope that you realize this. So this, I dedicate to you. May the love be intense. May the love be real. And most importantly may it make your toes curl like never before.



I am the sun and the moon

The bright light, the terrifying dark

The puddle of tears, the bag of giggles

The serenade of shallow breaths that you fall asleep to

The thump of a beating heart

The tar on the roads

The child that cannot read in the back of the class

The baby left on the doorsteps of a stranger’s home

The addict drowning in bliss

The innocent criminal serving a life sentence

The drug dealer

The crack in the sidewalks you stumble over every time liquor allows you to freely speak your mind

I am the period at the end of this line.

The rainbow that appears during the roughest of an hour causing a smile to appear between your lips

The shadow that follows you around

I am the arch in your back from the strokes of pleasure




I am the shoulder on which you lean

The fist that knows this isn’t right but blacks your eye

I am the tear that rolls down your face

I am the books in your underprivileged school

The educator

The motivator

The deserter

The one who has so much potential but no purpose

I am the debater with no just cause

The scream that just escaped from your mouth

The door that closed in your face

The music that sends you into oblivion

The words on this page

The storm and the calm

The shiver that slides down your spine when our lips touch

I am the good and the bad

I am the chaos from which you have no escape

I am King

I am Queen

The hands on the clock that reminds you when to wake and when to fall asleep

I am the juices that roll off of your lips as you bite into a piece of fruit

I am everything

Yet I am nothing

So hope you’re ready to 1-click this beautiful poetic collection tomorrow!


The Authors of BLP





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