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Tomorrow Ivy Laika returns with A Love Unrefined, and we have one final sneak peek to share with you.  A Love Unrefined, which features Angel and Saint is a spinoff from Untainted Love with Ladi and Ace Baptiste.  If you haven’t read Untainted Love we’ll make sure to link it at the bottom.



A Love Unrefined is a spinoff of Untainted Love. It can be read as a standalone but to better understand Angel and Saint’s story, I recommend reading Untainted Love first.

Marriage was never meant to be easy. Saint and Angel Baptiste are proof of that. With ten years of being together and nine years of marriage behind them, they believe that they are the strongest they have ever been. 

Angel has fought with demons from her past daily so that she could learn how to properly love the man that gave her everything. She thought she had outgrown the feeling of fear but when she must reveal a secret that she’s kept from him for over a year, she becomes unsure if Saint will continue to fight against her fear.

Saint had fought for Angel’s trust and love since the day they first met. She was stubborn, but she had finally met her match with him. He conquered what was at first the impossible task of gaining her trust. But when Angel’s secret is revealed, he realizes that he couldn’t have been more wrong.

Will the bond they built be broken because of Angel’s secret? A love unrefined has its hurdles but will the two be able to get past the new ones that they are faced with? Or will they call it quits after a decade of love?


I blacked out as I busted through the door. Startled, they both turned around to see me standing at the doorway. “What did you say Monica?”

Monica looked between Angel and I but didn’t answer the question. “Baby,” Angel whispered taking a step towards me. I took one back. As much as her love healed any pain I had ever gone through, I was too afraid it wouldn’t be able to heal this one.

“Repeat what you said right now!” I barked causing the two of them to jump back. Tears formed in Angel’s eyes slowly rolling down her pecan colored cheeks. The last time I had seen those tears was after Miracle’s birth. The irony of it tormented my soul. Ten years, I put my all into gaining and keeping her trust. I took down every single brick of the wall that she barricaded her heart with. My heart had its own scars from the barbed wire she had surrounding hers to keep love from coming in. I had literally killed for her. A woman that after three encounters, I knew would be my wife. All of that, only for her to go back on her word of giving me honesty and trust.

“Please baby, let me explain,” she pleaded with her words and tears, but they didn’t faze me. I didn’t want her to beg. No pleading. None of it. All I wanted was honesty and trust.

“I did it for us baby. Please let me explain. I didn’t want us hurting anymore. I regret it baby. I swear I do. I’m going to reverse it baby. I didn’t tell you because I was trying to protect you.” With each word she spoke, she took a small step towards me. With each step she took, I took one back.

I didn’t like that she did it but a part of me, the important part, understood why she did it. She wanted to protect us from pain, I got that. She was afraid of another loss, I understood that too. My heart didn’t understand but logic did. For the first time when it came to Angel, I was going to side with logic instead of my emotions.

 “When did you do it Angel?” 

Angel began chewing on the inside of her right cheek and I became numb all over. Her tale. Whatever she was about to tell me, I could already feel the effects of the devastation that was going to rain down on me. My chested tighten as I awaited her answer.

“Right after Miracle was delivered.” 

A year and half. She kept it from me for a year in a half. My already boiling blood grew hotter. Turning away from her, I used every ounce of strength I had left in me to punch a hole in the wall that was next to the doorway. Monica stood there frozen. Angel. My Miss Pecan. The woman that changed my life for the better brought it crashing down with five words. Right after Miracle was delivered.

If you haven’t read Untainted Love, download it today that way you’ll be all caught up for tomorrow!



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