Hey, gorgeous! Tomorrow Kay Shanee returns with Could This Be Love, and we have one final sneak peek to share with you before it goes live!

Could This Be Love


Twenty-seven-year-old, single mother, Nia Simpson’s professional life couldn’t be better. She loves everything about her job as a Human Resources Training Manager. However, her personal life leaves a lot to be desired. Her last relationship ended horribly, over four years ago. Refusing to be burned again, she decided to focus on her career, and because she isn’t a fan of one night stands, her sex life is non-existent.

In comes Raffiel.

Thirty-two-year-old Raffiel Jeffries is every woman’s dream. Tall, dark, handsome, and beyond successful. As the CEO of Jeffries Management, Inc., he can have any woman he wants and there have been times in his life when he did just that. However, as he’s gotten older and more mature, he has a strong desire to love one and be loved by one woman. He thought he had found that in his ex but she was a fraud.

When these two meet, sparks fly and they can’t resist the pull they have on each other. However, the baggage that they both bring to the table creates some issues that neither one of them is prepared to handle. Even still, controlling the speed at which they are falling for each other is impossible as they both question if this could be love.


Nia rolled over to the other side of the bed where her suitcase was located on the floor and retrieved her vibrator. Once she had it in her hands, she got comfortable and turned the volume up on the television. Your Majesty might not be the real thing but he treats her pussy right.

She closed her eyes and turned Your Majesty on the lowest setting and stimulated her clit briefly before pushing him inside her already slippery walls. Her mind went back to her and Raffiel in the conference room. The thickness of his dick and the way it curved to the left…or maybe it was the right. She couldn’t remember but she knew that upon its entrance into her honeypot, it felt like he was made for her.

The lowest setting wasn’t doing it for Nia so she pressed the button twice and kicked him up a couple of notches.

“Oh shit!” Nia said louder than she meant to as she pushed and pulled Your Majesty in and out of her pussy.

Unbeknownst to her, Raffiel had been standing just outside her hotel suite door for the past few minutes. When left Nia earlier that night, he had a feeling that she wouldn’t do as he told her and call him when she finished working. After Raffiel arrived at his condo, he couldn’t get Nia off his mind. He tried to do some work but failed to stay focused. Then he decided that a workout is what he needed and had an intense session in his home gym. Although that did distract him for a while, his mind  kept going back to Nia.

After he showered, where he stroked out a good nut with thoughts of Nia, it was only nine o’clock. At that point, being away from her felt like complete torture. He picked up his phone to call her a few times but thought against it. After another hour or so battling with himself, he said fuck it. That’s how he ended up back at the hotel.

More times than not, being who he was, bothered him. Being from one of the wealthiest families in Atlanta, his last name rang bells around the city. It was common knowledge that Raffiel had recently taken over his father’s company. His circle of friends was mostly family and a few people that he’s known all his life. He rarely let outsiders in.

However, tonight, using his name and a few bills got him the key card to Nia’s suite. Raffiel inserted the key card, hoping that Nia couldn’t hear the beep. Once he saw the green light, he turned the knob and slowly pushed the door open and crept inside, closing the door softly behind him.

The entrance to the suite was behind a wall and narrow hallway. He began to remove his clothing as he walked inside. As he got closer, he heard moaning coming from the area where the bed was located. He stilled his movements so that he could hear clearly and realized that the moans were definitely Nia’s.

His first thought made him angry. She wouldn’t dare be fucking another man after giving herself to him just hours earlier. What kinda fuck shit is that?


As always, thanks for the support, and we hope you enjoy!


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