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Tomorrow Mycah Edwards returns with She’s Coming, A Grimm Brothers Tale, and we have one final sneak peek to share with you before it goes live!

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Once upon a time, a girl returned home with the desire to rekindle an old flame. She’d kept her heart in hibernation only rousing when the opportunity to offer her heart to him presented itself again. At odds they were, because though apart, the time only forced him to love her more. And he despised it. Neither are content with who the other has become making it difficult to allow love in. He doesn’t understand why she had to leave and she never fathomed he wouldn’t let her return. With no choice but to let what is be, the two are forced to navigate through the terrors of their hearts. She’s coming for him all the while he’s running from her. A chase like no other and a love that feels more special than breathing. Enter if you dare.

Disclaimer: She’s Coming is a twenty thousand something word novella. It also serves as tale one of the Grimm Brothers collection.


“I’m so sorry.”

“My bad,” we said at the same time. I tugged at my ear as her voice registered in my heart. My eyes had been locating Ismery every chance they got all night long. For the most part she seemed to be having a good time too.

“Hey,” she greeted while running her hands down the front of her shorts. “This is a nice party.”

I nodded, “Thanks. Moriah chose the theme. I just found people to make it happen.”

“Well, you did a good job.” We stared at each other unsure of what to say next. “So.”

“Look,” we spoke again at the same time.

“You first,” Ismery suggested.

“I was just going to say that it’s good to have you back. I know it’s going to take some time for shit to not be weird between us, but I promise we’re good. No hard feelings, no love lost. We both deserve to move on and be happy.”

Ismery’s face fell, “Oh,” she replied as if she weren’t expecting what I had to say.

“You good?”

She nodded, “Yeah, yeah. I’m good. Excuse me, I think I forgot my phone in the bathroom,” she stumbled over her words as she backed away to the bathroom. Even from where I stood I could see her cellphone sticking out the zipper of her fanny pack. I got ready to tell her when she rushed inside slamming the door behind her.

I stayed in place for a few more seconds before I turned to head back inside the party. I stood by the door searching for Moriah because I wanted to give her the gift I’d purchased and bring out her birthday cake, but I couldn’t find her. I walked over to my group of friends to see if any of them had seen where she’d disappeared to. “Hey, y’all seen where Moriah went?”

Everyone shook their head no except for Sade, “Last I saw her, she was going out on the patio. She was having a good time one minute and the next she was telling me that she needed a minute to herself.” I had a feeling that I knew the reason behind her change in energy. No one knew Moriah’s history except for me so I knew how important and difficult celebrating herself could be.

“Aight, I’ll be back in a minute. I’m going to go check on her.” Sade nodded in response, so I walked in the direction of the patio. However, I didn’t make it all the way because a blur of color appeared in front of me. Every time I attempted to move around the color followed. I stopped moving and focused on Ismery, “Is something wrong?”

She nodded, “Yes, I lied earlier.” I raised an eyebrow because I had no clue where she was going with her confession. “I’m not good, Jelanne. I haven’t been for a long time.”

I wanted to tell her that that sounded like a personal problem but opted for, “I’m sorry to hear that,” instead. “But I really need to go check on Moriah right quick.” I went to step around her, but she moved with me again blocking my path. I felt myself get frustrated, “What, Ismery? I really need to get to the patio. We can talk later.”

She crossed her arms over her chest defiantly, “No, we only have now, and I have some things to get off my chest.”

It was clear that Ismery wasn’t letting me by until I let her speak. “Fine, what do we need to talk about, Is?”


“Us?” I repeated because I was confused. Ismery nodded her head so I knew it was what she meant to say. “There is no us Ismery.”


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