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Happy BBQ Day!

Tomorrow Shajuana McDuffy returns with the highly anticipated part two of Hidden Treasures! The gems sprinkled throughout this novel…honey! You don’t want to miss it. Keep scrolling for a sneak peek of what’s in store!



Is your heart a little hardened? Do you have a smart mouth? Do you go off on anyone, at any time, and don’t think twice about it? I did. I would overtalk everyone, fighting to be heard and to get my point across; only for it to fall on deaf ears. That sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? Isn’t it something how life will teach you how to talk to people, so that whatever you’re saying will be received by someone else?
In Book One, I gave you short, sweet, blunt, straight to the point Shajuana, and she packed a few punches. I was nervous about how well it would be received. I didn’t want to give you anything long, drawn out, and boring. You all surprised and humbled me. You received it with open arms, which ignited a fire in me to begin working on this book. I listened to your feedback. Now, we are here.
Book Two is more raw, up close, and personal. Not only am I still encouraging you and giving you parts of me, but I’m sharing more of my experiences with you, in detail. People will always tell you the what, but will rarely tell you the why. Not Me! Not I! No Way! I say what others are thinking, but are too afraid to say. I will speak on subjects and topics that will not be discussed by some people. You want to know if there are any real people left in this world. You want to know if there is somebody near who has really lived what they talk or write about. You want to know if they’ve gone through or is really going through what you are going through. Yes, beloved, I have been through it. I have gone through more stuff in my few years, than someone twice my senior has gone through in a lifetime.
So, I feel you, babe. I got you on that, boo. In the words of Michael Jackson, “You are not alone. I am here with you!” I pray that you get something out of this book like you did with the last one. I pray that it blesses your heart as well as your mind and spirit. Understand that I don’t take exposing myself too lightly. I ask that you accept these pieces of me, as a token of my appreciation, for granting me this opportunity to speak to the real you. This is my journey. These are my truths, my stories, my obstacles, my pains, my hurts, in my words. These are Juandom Thoughts!


Let me tell you something about me.

I am real, big on loyalty.

It is second nature to me because I give what I want to receive. If I give you loyalty, I expect loyalty in return. However, what people have taught me, out here in these streets, is that a third of you do not have a loyal bone in your body. You are some disrespectful and disloyal human beings.

I came to find out that the ones I loved the most and was the most loyal to were the ones that did me the worst.

I mentioned this in the first book that most of you out here are opportunists.

You get all you can get from one person, then move right on to the next one, just to climb the ladder. Therefore, what you all have taught me is to be loyal to myself.

My loyalty will only go as far as yours go. I must do what I have to do to protect my peace and serenity. I’ve learned to put friends and associates in three categories: Constituents, Comrades and Confidants.

Constituents are all for themselves.

Comrades are for anybody with the same common goal as them.

Confidants are your ride or dies.

Bishop T.D. Jakes preached a sermon on it years ago. Listen to it. It will bless your life.

So, I no longer get angry when those people switch up on me. I just move right on around them. I don’t have to deal with you to be cordial. I will speak, and keep it pushing.

With that being said, I had a friend who had been hospitalized and was bedridden for a minute. This man had many, many friends. When this man was at his worst and couldn’t help himself, those friends were nowhere to be found. During the times that I was with him, I can count on one hand who all came to see him.

It was always the faithful few.

While he’s laying on his sick bed, tell me why people were calling his phone asking him for money? This man was laying on his sick bed and these people were asking for the hook up. They didn’t care that this man was sick. They wanted the plug to get back to work. I’m surprised that he even made any money with all the discounts he was giving out.




If you haven’t read book one, grab your copy today there is so much timeless wisdom found in between these pages!



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