Happy Sunday Beauties!

We have quite a few releases lined up for the month of July. Here’s a sweet look into the next four!

First-July 9th-Indigo Haze-Aubreé PynnIndigoHaze


Indigo Sims is fighting to break the curse of his environment and not be a product of the streets. Every time he pulls away, something goes array and sucks him back in. A natural born leader and peace maker, he gives himself two months to be free from the streets while saving every dollar he can to fulfill the promise he made to himself. 

Taj Ali Adams has a bright future ahead of her and an undeniable light that everyone around her wants to protect, especially her older brother. With tragedy lingering around her, the light that shined so bright goes dim. 

Taj is forced to adjust to a whole new world after her father packs them up and moves unexpectedly. In a haze, Taj questions everything. Then fate steps in and guides two souls to each other. 

But the question is, will fate play fair and bring back Taj’s light to be a guide or will it diminish forever?

Find out in Indigo Haze: Thug Love is the Best Love.


Indigo “Indie” Sims

Indigo’s heart beat against his chest while he pressed his hands against the trunk of the car. Ricky stared into the space around them with his jaws clenched so tight that his teeth might’ve broken. The anxiety between them was high and their senses were heightened. 

Indie saw his life flash before his eyes. Bullets buzzed, tires screeched against the pavement and everyone got in their cars and fled from the scene. He couldn’t even make sense of why it even happened. One minute, Ricky was exchanging words with a nigga from a different part of the hood and then bullets were buzzing. Ricky emptied a clip. Ricky’s thoughtless move made Indie do the same. 

Once his breathing settled, Indie looked over at Ricky and growled lowly. “What the fuck was you thinkin’ nigga!”

“Indie don’t fuckin’ start,” Ricky huffed breaking out of his daze and digging in his pocket for a blunt. “That nigga was talkin’ shit like he wanted smoke. So, I gave it to him. Fuck you mean? Ain’t a nigga ever going to come for me.”

Indie twisted his face at Ricky’s rationalizing and sucked his teeth, “Nigga…you think we need any more heat on us?”

“Nah, nigga,” Ricky shook his head and placed the blunt between his lips. “You got heat on you. I’m good.”

Indigo’s eyes twitched with agitation before he lunged forward to push Ricky in the chest. Ricky stumbled backward and grunted. Indie’s nostrils flared and his light skin burned red. “Nigga you got the same blue flag hanging out your pocket just like I do! That’s heat off top. You don’t think these crooked ass cops ain’t lookin’ for a fuckin’ reason to put us in a damn cage? You might like the county, but I am never goin’ back to that shit.”

Ricky chuckled. “Calm your ass down, Indie.”

“Nah, you need to get a hold of your damn self. Some shit ain’t worth goin’ to war over. And that shit is one of them.”

“Everything is worth goin’ to war for…you knew that when you got down with the set.”

Second-July 11th-Tainted Fruit by Courtney Irving


Thuy Campbell is young and trying to flee the pain that consumes her, however, she is pushed into a world that she is neither prepared nor ready for. Instead of finding the solace she seeks, Thuy lands into the bed of Lucifer himself. She finds herself surrounded by dangerous powerful men, fast cash, and the only gateway out seems to end up in death. Ready to do anything in order to survive this new world, she is willing to sacrifice herself, yet, something changes when she meets him. 

Rashad Turner is the man that women dream and pray to the heavens for. His good looks, charm, laid back personality, street and book smarts, and humble character seem to have any woman in his path fall at his feet. After returning home, Rashad finds himself at a crossroad to take advantage of his second chance at life. When she waltzes into his life, he is captivated by the danger like a moth to a flame, but will she be the one who burns him?

Two people from two different worlds constantly find themselves crossing into one another’s path. Fate or coincidence? Only time will tell. Will taking a bite of this forbidden fruit land the two into a world wind of trouble much like it did Adam and Eve, or a blossoming chance at real love and redemption?



My long legs power walked through the busy airport LAX as I ignored other patrons staring at me with wide eyes and agape mouths. I’m sure it had to do with me looking exactly how I felt, a hot mess. My big, thick, afro was wild and bouncing with each stride I made, my lips dry and chapped, dark skin ashy from crying, and clothes stained with blood. Her blood. I was on a short time frame and didn’t bother to change. Each time I tried closing my eyes all I could see was her lying there on the floor in a pool of her own blood. Tonight, on my mind, like a constant replay. My phone chanted the latest Drake single in the pocket of my PINK sweatshirt before I silenced it. They had realized that I was gone, but what they didn’t know was that I wouldn’t be returning. How could I? I was tired of feeling the pain that resided within that house and with her dead, I saw no reason to. Seventeen and a half years had passed for me to leave just like my older sisters had done, but compared to them, my time was much later. The constant vibration in my pocket redirected my attention as I jumped into the least longest line of the crowded airport. My home screen covered in missed calls and texts. 

Gio: Where you at baby girl? This isn’t the way you leave. 

I bit back the tears as a smile grazed my face. Giovanni was much older beyond his twenty-five years. Only because he had spent years raising me as if I was own, forcing him to grow up more than most. 

Goldie: We’ll get through this together as a family. I’m here for you. All of you. 

Goldie texting me made the sarcastic chuckle release from my lips. For as long as I could remember he had never been there. Always had been too selfish to care or be there for anyone other than himself. His actions and decades of neglect were the reason we had lost her. Goldie was to blame for how screwed up we all were. He was the man, the father, and the sole reason why we all were familiar with pain. 

Goldie: Be here in 30 mins or I will cut everything off. You can’t go anywhere without money and you don’t have any without me. Where else can you go? You’re still a minor and a Campbell. 

Toni: Boo, please tell me where you’re at. I’m worried sick, sis. You don’t have to run off. You know you can move in with me. Or, do campus living for all the college options you have if that’s not what you want to do. 

Toni: Can you at least answer my calls? Please? 

Gia: Quit making everything about you. Just get home. NOW!

Gang Banging Lloyd: Aye, you sister, G said you were missing. If you need I can slide through and get you. Drop the addy and I got you. No questions asked. 

My Fav Haitian: Pick up the phone. I’m about to pull up. Drop the pin. 

My Fav Haitian : Toni called me crying looking for you. I know what happened, but you got me if you don’t want to come home. I been told you that. Drop the pin, ma. 

I placed my phone on airplane mode before sliding it back in my pocket. A lump formed in my throat, but I was tired of crying. Tired of hurting. Tired of feeling. As bad as I didn’t want to leave the people I loved the most, this was something I needed to do for myself. This was my chance to be selfish for once and gain happiness.

Third-July 12th-Soiled Sheets by Phoenix Ash


From the moment Dana Lawrence caught glimpse of Marshall Davenport’s intoxicating smile, she was smitten. A cool guy, Marshall was in command of his space. His essence persistently tugged at Dana’s heart and even when she was sure she had put the idea of Marshall behind her, there he was calling her name. Foregoing her intuition, mother’s advice, and philandering suspicions, Dana dives into the murky sea of Marshall’s love. Even better, his anxiousness to be swept up in her currents. Together they are empowered to be free of refinement, tangled in passion, boldly dismissing objections. However, when the winds change and the dust begins to settle, passion can easily become pain with the wave of a hand.


As if he were the man of the house, he emerged from the swarm and reached for my hand. “Pleasure to meet you.” 

Eyes so intoxicatingly dark, I stumbled, though I hadn’t moved. His skin, browner than mine, begged me to touch, but I was too rattled to respond. He had to have a good five years on us. His goatee was clean. His swagger too easy. Not quite a full-on afro, his hair was auburn and thick, sideburns shaped with precision. His cigarette poked from behind his ear. I watched him as I held my breath, bottled around the rim of my stomach.

“Really Marshall? Can you be less obvious? Gazing into her eyes right in front of me?” Pam sighed. “Let’s not create more drama. It was only seconds ago that we agreed.” 

But I too was entranced, my eyes refusing to look away. 

Pam tugged at my arm, guiding me into the action. Someone called her name, waving her over to the kitchen card table. “Oh, I got next. Listen, have a seat or not. Make yourself at home. Maybe try to have a good time.” 

I found an open spot on the burgundy loveseat. Nothing in the house was just red. Anything resembling the color, the base of the table lamp, the frame around the oversized mirror facing the fireplace, the psychedelic swirls throughout the wallpaper, all exotic shades of red. Either Pamela’s father was a fan of hearts, or blood, or he fancied himself a lady’s man as my mother had often said, red was a seducer’s color. 

My fear had dissipated. To be left alone was a relief as it would leave me to observe Marshall. He floated through conversations, blessing each interaction with his smile and candor. Mingling amongst the graduates as though it was him who called the party into attendance. Every move of his limbs beckoning my attention.  

“This seat taken?”

Fourth-July 13th-Color Me You by Aubreé Pynn


Jamie Drayton is a man of standards and substance. In a world full of women with none at all, he is in no rush to give his attention to anything less than the vision of the woman he envisions. More than positive that he would never find the woman of his dreams, she unexpectedly crosses his sight. With his focus shifted, he stops at nothing to emerge himself in her presence, if it’s only for a night.

Hasina Payton is all about her business and she finds herself with no business at all.  Trying to regroup her life, she takes a leap of faith that lands her in the right position for everything she never knew she needed. Giving her new life a jumpstart with the support of her friends, she finds that there is much more waiting on her than success.

Now that Jamie has seen her and she’s denied his entry into her life, the game is on and no bets are off the table. With Jamie on a mission to make Hasina his own and Hasina setting her eyes on the prize, will they find the colors they’re looking for or will the paint run dull on this canvas of love? Find out in Color Me, You.


Hasina Payton

The space between us was closed, his hands molded themselves to my waist. “I think you lived your entire life planning everything out and being strategic about every move you make that this seems like it’s too good to be true. You should let that go for a while and see how everything turns out for you.”

“I did that once,” I admitted placing my hands on his chest. “And my heart was broken. I don’t know you and I am sure this cloud I’m floating on is going to drift away.”

He kissed me. Probably to get me and my doubts to halt for a minute. “I don’t waste my time on things that hold no value to me. I don’t waste my time playing either. That’s what little boys do and I am grown ass man, Hasina. I want to know everything about you. I want to fill that emptiness, color in your lines. So let me…I won’t let you down.”

There hadn’t been a man in years that had the nerve to step to me like this. Not with his shit together. Not one who wasn’t hollering about what I brought to the table and what I could do for him. Jamie’s attention was on me.

My breath hitched as he pulled me closer into his body. Again, he kissed me. It was intoxicating and I forgot what words were. My arms locked themselves around his neck and my tongue collided against his. Jamie’s hands roamed my body freely.

Lunch could wait, I wanted him. Right here, right now. I’ve been feigning for him for a day. I felt like a junkie coming down off a high.


Be on the look out for sneak peeks of these five star reads!




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