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Indigo Sims is fighting to break the curse of his environment and not be a product of the streets. Every time he pulls away, something goes array and sucks him back in. A natural born leader and peace maker, he gives himself two months to be free from the streets while saving every dollar he can to fulfill the promise he made to himself. 

Taj Ali Adams has a bright future ahead of her and an undeniable light that everyone around her wants to protect, especially her older brother. With tragedy lingering around her, the light that shined so bright goes dim. 

Taj is forced to adjust to a whole new world after her father packs them up and moves unexpectedly. In a haze, Taj questions everything. Then fate steps in and guides two souls to each other. 

But the question is, will fate play fair and bring back Taj’s light to be a guide or will it diminish forever?

Find out in Indigo Haze: Thug Love is the Best Love.


Taj Adams

Taj shook her head at the thought of Maria’s mother. There wasn’t much to say or be desired of that woman. Practically every man in town had had her and she let it be known. Taj felt for Maria. No eighteen-year-old should have to give up their lives to raise her mother’s children. She wanted more for Maria and she was sure that Maria wanted the same.

Replying back, I’ll be over later, Taj saw Bubba’s car pull up to the curb.

Pulling the passenger door open, Taj pulled the lever to the front seat and threw everything in the back seat. “About time you showed up.”

“Don’t start talking your shit, Baby,” Bubba chuckled a bit as Taj situated herself in the front seat and slipped her feet out her flip flops and propped them on the dash. “You always got to put your corn chips on my dash.”

“Bubba,” Taj exhaled and rolled her eyes. “You act like we’re riding around in a Mercedes or something.”

“Girl,” he kissed his teeth as he pulled off from the curb. “Where is Maria?”

“You already know where she is…I’m going to bring her some food.”

Bubba kissed his teeth again and looked at his baby sister. “Baby…”


“Who is paying for this food for the African village Maria got? Hm? My pockets look deep to you?”

Taj looked around Bubba’s Honda Civic and smirked as she looked at him. “Not at all.”

Bubba’s laughter rumbled from his belly. He reached over and gently grabbed her shoulder and shook it lightly. “Baby, one day you’ll be riding in my Mercedes and I will remind you of all this shit you were talking about my Honda Civic.”

“Selling dope is going to put you into a Mercedes?” Taj questioned with a raised brow. 

Bubba scratched his beard and shrugged his shoulders. This wasn’t how he saw his life when he got accepted into Duke. He saw his life as an all American and playing college ball with the goal of playing for the NFL, the Carolina Panthers to be exact. But one bad decision led to another and ended up with him being kicked out of Duke and back at home with Taj and Senior.

“Selling dope keeps the lights on and the mortgage paid. Senior can’t do all this shit alone,” he spoke up. Taj looked up at Bubba and her ears perked up.

When Bubba spoke, they normally did. She clung to his every word. It was a privilege he had with her. He had never let her down so she put her trust into him completely. “I don’t want to sell this shit but it’s fast money. Niggas don’t try me because of how big a nigga is, and it keeps you fresh and you got everything you need. Shit, how I see it, you don’t got to really want for nothing because between Senior and me you set.”

“Yeah, but you still need to be careful. These new niggas are different,” Taj mumbled. After losing her mother her greatest fear was to lose Bubba or Senior. She never wanted to feel that type of pain again. Hell, she still carried the pain of her mother dying in her spirit. She hid it well though. Buried it far enough away so no one would question if she were hurting or not. A bad habit she picked up from Senior.

Bubba laughed lightly and nodded his head. “Bottom line, Baby, I’m making it home. You think I’m going to leave you stuck with Senior?”

“I would hope not,” Taj forced a smile. “I want more for you, though.”


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