Hey, reader! Tomorrow Courtney Irving makes her BLP debut with Tainted Fruit and we have one more sneak peek to share with you before it goes live tomorrow.



Thuy Campbell is young and trying to flee the pain that consumes her, however, she is pushed into a world that she is neither prepared nor ready for. Instead of finding the solace she seeks, Thuy lands into the bed of Lucifer himself. She finds herself surrounded by dangerous powerful men, fast cash, and the only gateway out seems to end up in death. Ready to do anything in order to survive this new world, she is willing to sacrifice herself, yet, something changes when she meets him. 

Rashad Turner is the man that women dream and pray to the heavens for. His good looks, charm, laid back personality, street and book smarts, and humble character seem to have any woman in his path fall at his feet. After returning home, Rashad finds himself at a crossroad to take advantage of his second chance at life. When she waltzes into his life, he is captivated by the danger like a moth to a flame, but will she be the one who burns him?

Two people from two different worlds constantly find themselves crossing into one another’s path. Fate or coincidence? Only time will tell. Will taking a bite of this forbidden fruit land the two into a world wind of trouble much like it did Adam and Eve, or a blossoming chance at real love and redemption?


“I can help whoever is next,” The clerk announced as I rushed to the desk with my bags. 

“I need a ticket,” I rushed out as her eyes connected to my own. Dark eyes peering at my clothes and bags, but I ignored the stares. “Doesn’t matter where to. Could be to Kansas for all I care. I just need to get out of here, tonight.” 

“All of our flights are booked.” 

“Look,” my eyes scanned her airport uniform for some badge or name tag. “Reese, I need this. I have money and I’m more than willing to pay whatever ridiculous high fee as long as I’m on the next flight out before morning hits.” 

Reese stared at me with boredom dancing in her eyes, before the same dismissive tone slipped from her brown, big lips. 

“As I have stated before all of our flights are booked. If it is meant for you to leave you can try again tomorrow.” Her eyes turned to slits before looking behind me. “I can help whoever is next in line.” 

“You can fly with me, beautiful.” The silky voice behind me interjected. He was now beside me. I looked at him as if he was crazy enough to buy a complete stranger a ticket. 

“What?” Reese and I asked in unison, both equally surprised at his gesture. 

“I couldn’t help but to hear the conversation. You sound as if you need to leave and I’m feeling more than generous to make that happen. You’re in luck. I always purchase the seat beside me to avoid sharing a long flight sitting beside anyone, but for you, I will make an exception.” He smiled before turning to Reese. “Can you get her the ticket in the seat beside me?” 

“Are you-” She started to say before closing her mouth and placing them on the computer in front of her. “Sure thing.” 

I didn’t even bother asking or thinking about what she might have wanted to ask. Nor, did I care much about Goldie or my brothers warning me not to accept anything from a man outside of them. 

“Men always have ulterior motives, baby girl. Don’t let these niggas sweet talk you out of your panties. Or, purchase anything for you. As soon as you say no to sex, they won’t hesitate to mention what all they bought or have done for you. You let your husband do that, but even don’t depend on that nigga. We’re raising you not to go out like that,” Giovanni schooled.

Yet, I saw no issue with agreeing to take the extra ticket offered by a stranger. As I peeked over at the pale man, I didn’t take him as shady. If anything, he was kind. My brothers would have been livid if they saw me now. 

“Looks are always deceiving. The most good-looking nigga could be the devil in disguise. Take Goldie for example. He knows he looks good, we all know it too, ‘cause we’re products of him. Women flock to him, our mama was no different, and now look at her. Pay attention to who a nigga really is, not what he looks like.” Silas sniffed as he pushed his glasses up on his slim nose. 

Ten minutes later I had a first-class ticket waiting to board a flight to New York and was following after the stranger to gate C8. I watched as his bright blue eyes focused more on the latest iPhone in his hands. He was slightly taller than I was, but not by much. Whereas I stood at 5’8, he was only 5’10. Pale complexion slightly tanned and sticking out in a fitted gray Armani suit, designer black loafers on his feet, a silver Michael Kors watch covered in diamonds graced his wrist along with three encrusted diamond rings covered his left hand, and his blonde hair was slicked back into a ponytail. I thought about what Toni would say if she saw him. 

“Oh, he got money, sissy, probably a trust fund baby. He’s fine for a vanilla bean though, but you gotta be careful with white boys.” 

I smiled thinking about my favorite sister, but quickly pushed her in the back of my mind. Clearing my throat and pinching the bridge of my nose to keep the tears from falling again, I shifted my focus towards the man in front of me. 

“How much was the ticket? I can pay you back.” I broke the silence as I reached for my bag to retrieve my wallet but paused when he opened his mouth. 

“No need, it’s fine.” 

“You’re usually nice to every girl you meet at the airport?” He shook his head no as a smirk danced on his thin lips. “Then why exactly are you being so generous and nice to someone you don’t even know? First class tickets to New York sounds hella expensive if you ask me.” 

“I could hear the need to leave in your voice and I see the potential in young girls like you.” He smiled, except this one reached his eyes.  “Michael.” He extended his hand out for me to shake, which I reluctantly took. 

I wasn’t sure what he meant by seeing potential and didn’t care to ask. Instead I chucked it up as him being friendly and gave a smile, before releasing my hand from his loose grip. 


“Interesting name.” He said as his eyes finally met mine again. “So, Thuy, what are your plans for New York?” 

“To be honest, I have no clue. I’m really just figuring it out as I go and decided to leave as a spur of the moment thing.” 

“Well, if you plan on staying for good, you’ll need somewhere to stay. The city is expensive and without a plan you’ll burn through whatever money you have in no time. If you need somewhere to stay until you land on your feet or figure your plan out, I can offer some assistance.” He offered as I threw him a sideways look causing his head to fly back and laugh. “I swear I’m not a creep. It’s just that my friend Shannon has been looking for a roommate to help out with rent. Her apartment is too big for just her, and so are the bills. She’s accustomed to a certain lifestyle and can’t afford it on her own.” 

“I’m really trying not to live with someone I don’t even know, but if I choose to, I’ll let you know.” I lied because I had no intention of living with one of his friends or keeping up with Michael outside of this flight. 

“Okay.” He smiled.


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