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From the moment Dana Lawrence caught glimpse of Marshall Davenport’s intoxicating smile, she was smitten. A cool guy, Marshall was in command of his space. His essence persistently tugged at Dana’s heart and even when she was sure she had put the idea of Marshall behind her, there he was calling her name. Foregoing her intuition, mother’s advice, and philandering suspicions, Dana dives into the murky sea of Marshall’s love. Even better, his anxiousness to be swept up in her currents. Together they are empowered to be free of refinement, tangled in passion, boldly dismissing objections. However, when the winds change and the dust begins to settle, passion can easily become pain with the wave of a hand.


Pam was chattier than usual. The few times I had seen her on campus we exchanged pleasantries, but this was different. “Wow, you’ve got a lot in there. It’s only going to be the two of us at my house. Well he hasn’t said yes yet, but if he does it’ll be two of us.  Daddy isn’t coming home for this one. He, this guy, he can’t cook so whatever I make will be great.” She laughed then paused as if she had a revelation. “Never thought your mom started so late.”

“Of course not. This is all me. Late and ashamed.”

 “Mrs. Lawrence is letting you cook this year? I never thought she’d let you do anything. No offense, though.”

My cheeks heated with childlike embarrassment. Then I recalled the tender love Marshall and I had been making for the past few weeks. How every touch begged for my heart, his apologies for what I had already forgiven creeping into our morning kisses, our stolen glances. Gentler, more endearing, we had both resumed our parts in our picturesque romance. “None taken. Actually, I moved out. You remember Marshall?”

Pam’s cheeks flushed. She twisted her head then scratched at her chin. “Oh, that’s right. You did meet Marshall at my party.”

“Right. But I never called him then. Wasn’t sure what might’ve been going on between the two of you. Anyway, I ran into him back in February and girl we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Still scratching. I thought she might bleed soon. “Is that so? Look at that.” She paused. “Life is full of surprises. And you guys are living together already? Look at you, Dana. All grown up I see.”

I knew it was a slight, but I didn’t care. Jealousy was for those who were scorned. Not women like me who had the adoration of the man of their fantasies. Marshall unlocked pockets of my body I didn’t know could quiver. He said words that travelled up my spine, settling in my certainty. Perhaps this was what she hoped for and I, the unlikeliest of competitors had emerged as victor. 

Leaving Pam at the opposing bus stop, I beamed on my way home. Once I made it to my block, I saw Marshall leaned out of the window. He waved and then came running down to the lobby to assist with getting my cart of groceries up the stairs. “You were gone a long time. I almost came to look for you.”

“Oh, it was crowded. Much more than I expected. And I chatted a little with Pam.”

He stumbled over the back wheel of the cart. It took him a few seconds to defeat the cart from sliding back down the last flight of stairs, but he managed well. “It’s been a while since you’ve seen her, no?”

“Well actually, I’ve seen her a few times recently. I didn’t tell you she’s been attending school at the same college, now? I thought I did. Well anyway, it wasn’t important. I must’ve forgot.” I waited for Marshall to let me in the apartment. 

Inside, a gust of wind blew the door shut behind me.


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