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While we wait for the release of Phoenix Ash’s new book, Soiled Sheets lets dive into a sneak peek of tomorrows release, Color Me You, from the phenomenal writing powerhouse, Aubreé Pynn!colormeyou


Jamie Drayton is a man of standards and substance. In a world full of women with none at all, he is in no rush to give his attention to anything less than the vision of the woman he envisions. More than positive that he would never find the woman of his dreams, she unexpectedly crosses his sight. With his focus shifted, he stops at nothing to emerge himself in her presence, if it’s only for a night.

Hasina Payton is all about her business and she finds herself with no business at all.  Trying to regroup her life, she takes a leap of faith that lands her in the right position for everything she never knew she needed. Giving her new life a jumpstart with the support of her friends, she finds that there is much more waiting on her than success.

Now that Jamie has seen her and she’s denied his entry into her life, the game is on and no bets are off the table. With Jamie on a mission to make Hasina his own and Hasina setting her eyes on the prize, will they find the colors they’re looking for or will the paint run dull on this canvas of love? Find out in Color Me, You.


Jamie Drayton

She had me under a spell still. I wonder if she knew. That was a question I wanted the answer to. The closer I was to her table, the more my mouth grew dry and my heart pounded against my chest. Stopping a few feet short from her table, her friend from the park looked up at me and smirked. With a nudge to the arm, she got Sisi’s attention.

“Be nice,” her friend grunted through her teeth.

At this point I lost the entire speech I went over before arriving here. “Ladies, how are y’all doing?”

“Good now,” the friend to her left grunted looking me up and down like a piece of meat. The friend to her left shot the other a warned glare.

“He ain’t here for you. He’s here for Sisi. Ain’t that right, Sisi?”

Sisi’s eyes met mine and I grunted, involuntarily. Low enough that she couldn’t hear it but loud enough to jolt me into some sense. “Sisi.”

A tiny smirk crossed her lips and her brow rose. “Sisi?”

“I remembered your friend called you that in the park. Would you mind if I talked to you for a minute?”

“She won’t mind at all. And I’m Jasmine, that’s GeeGee,” the friend from the park spoke up. “Go, go. You two enjoy yourselves.”

Jasmine and GeeGee practically picked Sisi up out her chair and handed her over to me. “He won’t do nothing to you, we’re right here watching his fine ass.”

“GeeGee,” Jasmine groaned warningly. “Mind your manners girl.”

Sisi looked over her shoulder and squinted at her friends. “I can assure you I won’t bite. I just want a do-over.”

Turning to fully face me she looked me up and down and smirked. “I’m going to entertain you because I’m feeling good. So spit your game.”

I chuckled and rolled my lips against one another and nodded my head towards an empty booth. She laughed at me. She laughed and then shook her head no. “I want to dance. So we’re going to dance. Can you dance?”

Her boldness shocked me. But I should have known from how she handled me the first time I stepped to her. “Can I dance? Girl…come on.”

I took her by the hand and led her to the dance floor. Feeling her soft hand clutch firmly around mine felt like electricity. It was coursing its way from my body and it wouldn’t let me go. The second we got to the dance floor she started to sway to the beat of the music.

“So what’s your name?” I asked in her ear as she hummed to the music. She let me step in her space and I gladly took the opportunity. 

“Hasina, but as you know already my friends call me Sisi. Your name might be important to know…”

“Jamie,” I responded as she smirked, turned around, and rocked her hips against me. As much as I was enjoying this moment I wanted to talk to her. I appreciated her ass on me but I was a mental man. I wanted to pick her brain.

I let her dance, wind, and grind her hips against me a couple of times before tightening my hand on her waist and pressing my lips against her ear. “I want to talk to you. Let’s get out of here.”

I spun her around to face me and she gave me what I assumed to be her signature look which was a raised brow and pursed lips. “Just to talk?”

“Just to talk.”


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