Happy Sunday Beautiful!

It’s Sample Sunday of course, and we have four samples of the next set of BLP releases coming your way!

First up we have Unleashed By Fate by Lex. C.! Now this is the fourth and final book in Lex’s Because of Her Series so if you haven’t read the other three go do that!

Second we have Feign For Me by Ivy Laika. Ivy is stepping out the box and serving all kinds of spice with this steamy novella!

Third we have Monica Walters bringing us the explosive finale to the love triangle of Omari, Ashahve and Elijah in Show Me You Still Want It. This is the last book in the Behind Closed Door series. Take the next few days to get caught up if you haven’t read book one or two of this series. And last but certainly not least we have Kay Shanee delivering the highly anticipated part two of Could This Be Love! Part one of this story was everything so make sure you go download that if you haven’t read it already. You don’t want to miss how Nia and Raffiel’s story is wrapped up!


First-July 17th-Unleashed by Fate by Lex. C.tmh5csqk0tzqcx7uygwufl_apng


One Fire.

Their Fate.

Reckless, stubborn, and guarded. Those three words might as well be Harlow Knox’s first, middle, and last name. It’s who he’s been at the surface, and down to his core since the building burned down that he and his groupmates, that are more like brothers, lived in. When the woman whose existence seemed to stem from that fire returned to their lives, a fated domino effect ensued that Harlow thought he’d have a choice in when it came for him. 

Siarrah “Ari” Lewis is a woman who can put up a hell of a fight for the lives of people she’s never even known when those scrubs of hers are on. Caring for others is all she really knows and that’s how it’s always been. It’s ingrained in her, but it developed at the cost of her losing herself, piece by piece. Tragedy after tragedy.

When fate threatens to shake Harlow so hard it may prove to be his downfall, Siarrah finds herself not only on the outskirts but connected to it all. Fate holds no time restraints, nor does it leave a voicemail if you aren’t ready to receive it. Find out what happens when these two lives are bonded by fate’s call, it just might change it all.


“You’re afraid to touch me now, Siarrah?”

“I’ve never touched you in a situation like this. It’s sending off all types of reminders that how close we are becoming is a conflict of interest.”

“You sure that’s what’s happening right now?”

Harlow’s grey eyes struck me, and I felt stripped for a moment. I squinted my eyes in complete confusion regarding where the hell my mental defenses had just went. He wet his lips with his pink tongue and ran his hands down my arms until my hands were in his. 

As he took a step even closer to me, I remained defenseless. I was so enraptured by his gaze that I felt my chin intuitively lift to accommodate this lucid connection. This moment between us was different than any other we’d shared. He’d almost always respect my wishes even if I could tell he was analyzing me, knowing my words weren’t aligning with my actions. He never truly called my bluff, but I felt him silently screaming it at me now.

He was weeding out my truth from my opinion and I was caught. At his mercy. Spellbound. Tongue glued to the roof my mouth. That was the only defense mechanism that seemed to be a functioning part of my self-preservation system. 

Since the moment he’d made those juicy lips glisten I wanted to feel them. To taste them. I was slipping, falling for him quickly and I wasn’t sure how to prevent it from happening. I took a step backward and he stepped forward at the same time as if we were in sync. I felt the door against my back, without a clue as to how it had become almost closed. There was no escaping this moment with him. 

“You can touch me. Remember…”

Second- July 18th– Feign For Me by Ivy Laikanm25ljdloopubef2ixcb 2


Christela Cherilus is overworked, overtired, and under loved.⠀

When circumstances force her to reevaluate her personal life, her younger sister, Dada, suggests that she goes to Boston to have a weekend to herself. It’s Christela’s first chance to be selfish and put herself first.⠀

What she was not expecting was to meet Mac. Mac Pierre vows to love her for a weekend. To be selfless so that for once in her life she can be selfish. As a result, they form a bond that seems unbreakable.⠀

After a weekend full of lust and love will the two stay together or leave the other feigning for what they shared?⠀


The moment she sat on my lap, the sweetest moan fled from her lips and traveled to my ears. Just like that, my goal went from conquering her lips to seeing how many moans I could pull from her by the end of our night together. Her soft round ass planted on my hard rod caused my heartrate to increase again. I was so damn close to releasing a moan of my own when she started moving rhythmically back and forward. Then Chrissi began moving her waist in a circular motion and again, she forced me into practicing self-control. I grabbed both her thighs signaling for her to stop. 

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and released it. “Don’t do that sweetheart.” 

“Why? You can’t handle it?” she asked, her voice laced with desire.

“No, I can’t.” That was the truth. If she was going to tease me the way she was, she had to understand that I would want more. To have her on top of me grinding while making eye contact was too much for me to handle. She went to get up, but I grabbed her waist so that she wouldn’t be able to. I was finally able to open my eyes only to be met with her closed ones.

“You said you can’t handle this, and I need this,” she confessed.

“Tell me exactly what you need, and I’ll do everything within my power to give it to you sweetheart.”

“I’d be asking too much of someone I didn’t know.”

“I’m your husband,” I corrected her. She smiled, gifting me my first glance of peace in human form. Whatever she was envisioning, she was at peace which led a calmness to sweep over me.

 “I’m only in town for the weekend.”

Third-July 19th-Show Me You Still Want It by Monica Waltersshowme


Life and the results of bad decisions has thrown Ashahve Glasper a curve ball. She’s pregnant and doesn’t know which man has fathered it. There’s Dr. Elijah Coleman, her professor with whom she’s had an on again off again affair with and Omari Watson, the love of her life, but also the one who hurt her the most. Depression is threatening to take her down, because it seems she’s in this thing alone until God shines a little light on her. While having company through the process makes it easier to deal with, the fact still remains that she doesn’t know which man is the father of her child. While Omari is the man she wants to be the father, she also knows that Elijah would be a good father. The paternity results will reveal who the father is, but will Ashahve be able to handle the results?

Finally in a good place in life, Omari Watson knows what he wants… what he needs. Ashahve Glasper is at the top of that list. While they had an extremely difficult break-up, he accepts responsibility for it and wants to make amends. He feels that he can now be the man she needs now that he’s gotten his anger issues in check. Therapy has also taught him how to emotionally express himself as well. He knows he can be a great man to her, but will she give him a second chance?

Elijah Coleman just wants to know when life will treat him like his is worth living. From one issue to the next, he struggles to get past them. However, his tenacity won’t allow him to give up and wallow in regret. With his career and reputation on the line, Elijah does his best to get through the ordeal. While all of these problems stem from his involvement with his student, Ashahve Glasper, he still wants to be in her life, especially since he knows she could possibly be having his baby.

These three lives once again intertwine. A pregnancy could connect two of them forever, but which two? Ashahve is a nervous wreck, begging God to let one of them in particular be the father. They all know of the possibilities and they are prepared to deal with the outcomes, but can they hold it together until those results are bestowed upon them? Will the results be favorable for all parties involved?


I sat on the swing next to my love and kissed her lips. She kissed me back, then said, “Tomorrow, I’m gon’ kick that bitch in her mouth.”

“Yooo! Naw, shawty. I don’t even know who you talkin’ ‘bout, but you ain’t kicking nobody in the mouth with my baby in your belly.” She wouldn’t even look at me. I roughly grabbed her chin to get her attention. “Now who the fuck done pissed my baby off? Let me handle that shit, ‘cause you ain’t doing shit to risk your health or the baby’s health.”

Even though we still didn’t know if I was the dad or not, I repeatedly called it my baby. I was speaking that thang into existence, because I didn’t know how I would handle it if it wasn’t my baby. 

“That stupid bitch that keep putting her nose in my business.”

I closed my eyes. She had to be talking about Mali. My anger was rising. I was tired of her antics too. “What happened, baby?” I asked in a low deep voice.

“She’s the one that told Nyera about me and Elijah. I’m sick of her meddling in my fucking business. How in the fuck she know about that?”

“I don’t know how she know, but don’t worry, baby. I got’chu. She wanna be childish and shit, I’m finna step down to her level.”

“What are you gonna do? You can’t put your hands on a woman, Omari.”

“I’m not gon’ physically touch her but what I’m gon’ do, gon’ knock the fuck out of her ass. But somebody feeding her information.”

I saw her eyes search for answers, as were mine. She turned to me and I took the opportunity to kiss her lips again as my hand slid up her thigh. “I love you, girl. I always got yo’ back.”

She leaned against me and I draped my arm around her. After kissing her forehead, I said, “How you feeling? I hate that this shit is stressing you out.”

I rubbed her belly, trying to calm her down. “I’m okay, baby. I got a lil short-winded when I was talking to Nyera, but I’m okay.”

“It sounds like you having anxiety attacks, baby. That’s not good for your blood pressure or the baby.” I nuzzled my nose in her neck and inhaled her scent. “Come stay with us tonight,” I said low in her ear.

She giggled, then said, “Omari! I don’t live there!”

“But you ‘bout to though,” I said as my phone vibrated in my pocket.

When I looked at it, I sat straight up. I couldn’t speak for a minute. I had an email from the DNA facility. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

I turned my phone to her, and I could see her anxiety kick up. “Calm down, shawty. I’m gonna open it and see what it says. You just be thinking about where you want to go for dinner.”

Fourth-July 21st-Could This Be Love (Part Two) by Kay Shanee



In part one of “Could This Be Love” Nia Simpson and Raffiel Jeffries fall for each other, hard and fast. Although Nia was initially cautious about the pace at which their relationship was moving, she finally opened up her heart to love. Then she’s hit with what seems like the ultimate betrayal. 

Raffiel is certain that Nia was made for him. At every turn, he receives confirmation that she is the one. But there is something that he doesn’t know about Nia that could change how he feels about her.  

Is the omission of information the same as lying? If so, Nia and Raffiel are both guilty. In the finale, secrets are uncovered that will rock their world. Is this newfound love strong enough to see them through the hard times?

People are going out of their way to ensure that these two don’t get their happily ever after. This couple will be tested and find themselves questioning if this could be love.


“Oh my God! You scared the shit outta me. Why are you here?” she yelled when she got her bearings.

“What did you expect? You blocked my number after sending that damn text. I had to talk to you…to see you so that I could explain.”

“You had plenty of time to explain. I don’t wanna hear shit you gotta say. Now can you let me go and leave!”

They were sitting in the middle of her bed and she tried to get up and out of his grasp but it didn’t work.

“Let me go, Raffiel,” she said calmly.

“I’m not letting you go until you promise to hear me out and not swing on me.”

They sat there, in the dark, for a few minutes and neither of them spoke. Nia was trying to decide if she wanted to hear him out and Raffiel was praying that she would.

“Fine. I’ll hear you out but I don’t want you touching me. Now let me go!” she demanded again.

Raffiel unwillingly released her and she jumped off the bed to turn on the light. Immediate confusion covered her face when her eyes landed on him.

“Why are you undressed?” she asked him, trying not to take notice of how good he looked in his black wife beater and boxer briefs.

“Because you don’t like outside clothes on your bed,” he replied simply.

She shook her head that he even thought about that at a time like this. “Talk.”

“C’mere.” He patted the bed next to where he was seated.

“I’m good over here.” 

She folded her arms across her chest which pushed her breasts up making them more noticeable. Raffiel’s eyes went directly to her nipples which you could see through the thin white tank top that she was wearing. His eyes traveled down to the exposed skin between the bottom of her tank top and the top of the boy shorts that she was wearing then froze on the gap between her mound.

He licked his lips as his mind flashbacked to the last time he tasted her, which wasn’t even twenty-four hours ago. His dick got hard with the memory.

“I like your hair,” he commented. 

It was his first time seeing her without braids and with her natural hair. The silk headwrap she normally wore had come off during their struggle and her wild hair fell to the middle of her back.

“Are you gonna talk or not?” Nia replied impatiently, ignoring his compliment.

“I need you close. C’mere,” he repeated. “Please,” he pleaded when she didn’t move.

“Raffiel, I don’t want to do this with you. I’m weak for you and if I come over there, you’re going to use your magical powers to convince me to believe whatever bullshit you’re about to say. I’m good right here. Now explain…please.”

He took a deep breath before he began. “Victoria is not my girlfriend but she is…”


Thanks for reading! Make sure you stay tuned for more sneak peeks of these upcoming releases!


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