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Tomorrow Ivy Laika returns with Feign For Me, and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!

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*Be warned, Ivy is bringing all the spice with this book*

Now you may continue!


Christela Cherilus is overworked, overtired, and under loved.⠀

When circumstances force her to reevaluate her personal life, her younger sister, Dada, suggests that she goes to Boston to have a weekend to herself. It’s Christela’s first chance to be selfish and put herself first.⠀

What she was not expecting was to meet Mac. Mac Pierre vows to love her for a weekend. To be selfless so that for once in her life she can be selfish. As a result, they form a bond that seems unbreakable.⠀

After a weekend full of lust and love will the two stay together or leave the other feigning for what they shared?⠀


“You asked for me to love you for the weekend and that’s what I plan to do sweetheart. Mind, soul, spirit…” he paused to bite down on his bottom lip, “And body.”

“I just have one request,” I said with my eyes closed hoping I wouldn’t regret what I was going to say.

“Anything for you.”

“No penetration.” As badly as I wanted him, it just wouldn’t be right. Silus and I were on a break, but we weren’t broken up. Then there was this connection I felt with Mac. I couldn’t deny it, nor did I want to. It scared me so the possibility of tying myself to him wouldn’t have helped us part ways when it was time to. He gave me a sense of freedom and I wasn’t going to throw that away. Even if it was until Monday morning, I was going to enjoy everything that he had to offer. 

“As long as that doesn’t include my tongue or fingers, we have a deal sweetheart.” 

Before I could protest, he slipped one of his fingers in between my folds and found the source of my wetness. He used his thumb to rub the most sensitive part of my body while using his finger to guide himself inside of me. I closed my eyes as he took my body on a journey to ecstasy. The music in the background faded. The sound of his finger entering my warm canal and being met with my nectar were the only sound that I was able to hear. The sweet smell of whisky mixed with mint from his warm breath invaded my nose as I felt his lips all over my face. Mac’s kisses were so gentle, so sweet, so loving. The complete opposite of how his fingers were punishing me for thinking I could limit myself to them. The honey from my comb drizzled over his finger as his fingers worked overtime to take me to my peak. I saw mountains, I saw clouds, and then I saw he and I together as one.

“Come back to me sweetheart.” His deep voice brought me back into the bar, in his lap, and the music returned once I was able to come down from my high.


Anybody else swoon over the sweetheart?! Ughhh! Hope you’re ready to 1-click this baby tomorrow!



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