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Tomorrow Monica Walters returns with a #summersizzle you don’t want to miss! Don’t believe us, check out the final sneak peek of Don’t Tell Me No below!



Having her priorities in order is something Tangela Maxwell prides herself on. She works tirelessly to advance her career and make moves to set up the future she’d desired for her entire adult life. While on this trek, there’s no time to have too much fun and risk losing focus. A love life is surely out of the cards. Once her life was where she wanted it to be, she would worry about all of that then. That’s what she continuously tells herself while her heart silently yearns for more. After leaving a dishonest relationship, she promises herself she wouldn’t trust another man so easily. So instead of completely moving on, she keeps him around to satisfy her sexual desires, until that one night she would never forget.

Taking care of his family is the reason Hiram Stevens does everything in life. Pursuing a career in rap and creating a different persona named Yolo, he begins the hustle of making his name big. Coming from a broken family, leaves all the responsibilities on him. Having an incarcerated father and an alcoholic for a mother, also leaves him responsible for his twin siblings. Yolo learns to keep his emotions hidden and maintain this gritty persona that would get him higher on the hip-hop charts. His air of mystery keeps people speculating about him and along with his music, keeps him relevant. That plan seems to be going well until that one night he would never forget.

When Tangela and Yolo meet, there’s an immediate attraction that can’t be denied. Passion ensues and consumes them for that one unforgettable night. Can they resume their every day lives and consider it a summer fling as suggested? Or will their bodies overtake their stubborn minds and go for what they both want?


When I walked out of the bathroom, he nearly scared the shit out of me. Hiram was standing in the doorway, waiting for me, dick hard as a rock. That present was already wrapped for me, waiting to please me beyond my wildest desires. He gently pushed me back in the bathroom, then lifted me to the counter. My body was trembling, waiting to feel that monster within my folds but I was thoroughly pleased when he went to his knees. Pushing my legs up, he ate my pussy like it was his last meal, savoring every drop that flowed from it. “Yoloooo! Fuck!”

His tongue swirled around my trigger, then he sucked the nut right out of me. I was sure I’d suffocated his ass as tightly as I was holding him to my shit. When he stood, he wiped his hand down his mouth and chin, then snatched me up from the counter and landed me right where I needed to be. Wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, I slid down that stick that brought me so much joy as my eyes rolled to the back of my head.

He was extremely quiet as he roughly backed me into the wall, murdering my kitty in every thrust. He was right. Hiram was gone. There didn’t seem to be an ounce of emotion coming from him until I grabbed his face. He looked at me and I laid my lips on his, kissing Yolo until he faded to the background and gave me Hiram back. As passionate as his words had been, when we were fucking, it seemed he had a difficult time showing that same passion.

His assault slowed and he squeezed my ass as he slowly fed me the D. Separating my lips from his, I moaned out, “Oh yeah… shit. That’s it, baby.”

I didn’t mind being fucked, but I needed some type of emotion behind that shit, even if it wasn’t real. My body wasn’t here just for him to get a nut. It was here to receive the pleasure he gave it when he was all the way invested. When he bared it all for me to see and feel, it turned me on significantly. He buried his head in my neck and gave me the dick just how I craved it as I scratched his back up. His thrusts became more animalistic as he grunted. “Damn, Tangi… This pussy… shit!”

The groans and moans coming from us joined the sloshing noises coming from below. I couldn’t take this shit anymore. My body was jerking, trying to release the orgasm of the damn year. When it finally bust free, I couldn’t contain the scream that left me. That only fueled Yolo to pump harder and wilder, taking my body places it didn’t want to come back from until he spilled in the latex, growling loudly.

He stumbled, then allowed me to slide down the wall. My legs weren’t fit to stand on, so I permitted my body to continue to the floor. “Fuck!”

He picked me up and brought me to the bed, then grabbed a condom from the nightstand. Yolo hovered over me and said, “I hope you ain’t tired.”


Yolo, Hiram, either one for one hundred Alex! Geesh! Don’t Tell Me No is coming for the pearls honey!  Hope you’re ready to 1-click tomorrow!




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