Hey, beauty!

Tomorrow, Nai L. makes her BLP debut with Foundations, and we have one final sneak peek left to share to get you ready!



Sam is your average every day girl. She’s smart, beautiful, and funny, but somehow ends up with the wrong men. She finds herself in a very awkward position when she is being claimed like property.

Alex on the other hand is not your average man. He is from the streets but changes everything about himself to live a better life. After meeting Sam and learning a new way to love, will he divert back to his old ways or will this keep them together?

Join them on this journey of love, fear, friendship, happiness, and growth. Sam and Alex are two young, educated, and well put together adults that pass-through life on different paths headed in the same direction. They meet in a traditional way and have some of the same traditional values but were not looking for the love they found. With a few bumps along the road, watch Sam and Alex live to set the Foundation of passion, love, and pure joy.


We have been on four dates since our little breakfast outing last week. Felder was a wonderful gentleman, he was sweet, humble, and a Doctor. A damn doctor. I finally told the girls about him, Dallas told me just to be careful and remember he is only for the summer. I didn’t think anything of it, but she might be right. I am going back to Baltimore at the end of the summer and I don’t want to be tied down to one person. 

Lost in my thoughts my phone buzzed. Hey Sam, let’s do dinner at my place. – Felder

Oh, dinner at his place, this should be fun. Hey Felder, I would love to. What would be a good time? – Sam

Well beautiful, can you make it at 6pm? I would like to enjoy as much of your time as possible before I go away for the week. – Felder 

Wait, he’s going away for the weekend. Where is he going? And with who? Okay, I can make it at 6. See you tonight. – Sam

I heard my door, it had to be Dallas or Amber, they had a key. I walked out of my room and there all three of them were. “Hey guys, to what do I owe this pleasant surprise?” 

Dallas just looked at me. “Why aren’t you dressed yet? Did you forget we have a mani pedi date today?” 

Damn I forgot. “No, I remembered, let me throw my pants on.” 

I quickly got dressed while they raided my fridge. They act like I have a bunch of food here. My mom left me the apartment while she is away on her summer voyage overseas with stepdad. Which meant she left me with an allowance for groceries since I wasn’t working all summer long. I told the girls we could all stay together, but Dallas is staying with her brother Ben, and Amber and Bailey are staying together in Bailey’s parent’s rental home. I am guessing that was for the best since we will be living together when we get back to Baltimore. 

“Okay ladies let’s go get cute.” I screamed from the back of the apartment. We headed out the building and walked to our favorite spot. As we walked, I told them about Felder, and about our date for tonight. “Girl you need to get a wax, your lashes done, and you need a ‘you can fuck me, if you want’ dress.” Dallas said with happiness in her heart. 

“Oh, and you need a matching set of panties, because we know you don’t own any.” Amber said with a grin. 

“Well damn, what makes you think I don’t have cute underwear,” I said with a slight attitude even though I knew she was right. “Because you don’t. You were with CJ for three years and you never brought yourself anything cute,” Bailey chimed in. 

“Alright damn, we can go to Vicky’s after we get pampered. Amber can you do my makeup please?” I whined. 

“Yeah girl I got you, I feel like this will be the night you finally get laid… properly.” Everyone started laughing.


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