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Tomorrow Jess Words returns with Not Another Sad Love Song, and we have one last sneak peek to share with you before it goes live!



No one wins when no one loses.

There is no living without bruises.

It’s about choosing what to do

with the scars.

Truth hurts.

A confirmation of the ability to feel.

A journey through, to the inevitable

Truth heals.


Excerpt from Truth’s Serum

“This can’t be happening, must be a bad dream..” K. Michelle

“Who are you right now? Why are you talking to me like this?” My voice trembled as my lips quivered. I was trying my best to ignore the tears at the brim of my eyes. If anything, I was fighting to hold on to the last of my pride as the only man I’d ever loved hurriedly stuffed the clothes he kept at my place into his military duffle bag. “Truth I told you I can’t do this shit with you no more. When we met you were different. You’re not the woman I fell for anymore.” He avoided my eyes as he moved to the walk in closet on the other side of my bedroom. He pulled the hoodies and sneakers he left here for his morning runs, and shoved them roughly into the bag. Locked in the chokehold of anxiety, I followed him. There had to be something I could say, something I could do. We’d made love last night. The kind of love that warped your mind, robbed you of your senses, and left you pleading for more. “Please Tre. Just tell me what I did? What I can do to fix this? Tre! Stop fucking ignoring me.” There was no more hiding the tears as they fell freely. My heart was cracking so loudly I was sure he could hear it breaking. “There’s nothing you can do Truth. There’s nothing to fix. This just ain’t what I want no more. I’m bored with this. With you.”  

He had me fucked up in more ways than one. “What the fuck do you mean you’re bored?” I grabbed his arm forcing him to look in my direction. Forcing him to see my tears, to feel my pain. If he was leaving, it would not be with clean hands. “This weak shit not even you ma. Tighten up Truie.” Our gazes locked. The pain in my eyes reflected in his, even as he shrugged from my grasp and continued to fill his bag. After a year of giving Tremaine the best pieces of me, he was leaving. Leaving me to fend for myself. It was a strange irony, me begging him to tell me what I’d done. How I could make it better? It felt much too much like de ja vu, propelling me into memories of watching my mother on her knees begging her flavor of the month to stay. “Every night I’m up with you strategizing, imagining your menus, pulling listings to help start up your real estate firm, sending more and more of your money through the laundry. Every fucking day I listened to your dreams, your fears, helped you unload those bags you came with. I fucking hate you Tremaine Jordyn! I wish you nothin-” It was hard to get the words out as I choked on my tears. Swallowing them down, I poked my finger into his chest as he moved past me. “Nothing but misery and pain. I hope you never have another happy day in your life.” I shouted to his back as he made his way through my apartment to the front door.


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